What happens to my credit rating after the debt is cancelled?

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As discussed above, why would you continue to use credit, once you know that it is a fraud? Most of the people who have gone down this path of canceling their debts have learned to live without credit, and use debit cards instead. However, the good news is, actually, users of this system usually do NOT have any blemish on their credit rating . . . for the simple reason that we’ve been having them send a Cc copy of the letters to the heads of the credit reporting agencies. In other words, whatever you are sending to the pretender lender(s), you are also sending copies of to the three main credit reporting agencies. That shows them that you are not in default . . . but rather, the debt is in dispute. As long as it is in dispute, it cannot be considered to be in default. So blemishes on credit ratings are much more rare now, and even when they occur, they are erroneous and can be corrected.


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