I was sued for not paying my credit card debt. I had to go into court and got a judgment against me. Will the Debt Elimination Program still work for me with this judgment against me? RELATED: What happens if for some reason one does get a judgment against them, is there help for them then?

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Yes. Previously we used to say that this is an administrative process only, and that we don’t assist with litigation, because it was so rarely ever needed, and we are not lawyers. However, in recent years we have had an unusually powerful and successful legal team to assist with such matters, and we have only wins and victories with no failures or losses – – on the condition that the client fully cooperates, follows the lawyer’s instructions without deviation, and does not give up. There may be any additional fees for litigation, depending upon how simple the matter is, but typically we’re talking only a few hundred dollars – – very small. Suffice it to say, we do make available formidable additional resources as backup support for anyone who gets sued or who may like to commence a suit as plaintiff. For more information on this, see https://brillianceincommerce.com/la-verite-legal-team.

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