I wanted to create a natural law trust that I shall use to form a foundation. Trying to research online how a foundation can be registered in my country, I got this article stating the process: Establishment of charity foundations in Kenya: Under Kenyan law a charitable foundation can be established either as: A company limited by guarantee, or A charitable trust. For registration of a charitable trust in Kenya you have to follow a few steps. They include: [etc. etc. etc. – – the statute goes on to describe the requirements.] So my question is, will following this process convert my natural law trust into a statutory law trust?

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Yes. Therefore, please understand that there is a brotherhood of sovereign trust users around the world – – some of whom are the super rich elite, but many of whom are now average people like us. A sovereign trust honors the divine right that all human beings have from their Creator to voluntarily enter into private contracts with each other, without requesting permission from the government and without registering the trust with the government.

Because of this perspective, you can understand that this is a transnational, global, planetary consciousness. It does not matter what country someone is in. The universal right of three or four human beings to go into private contract with each other without interference from “big brother” is ancient and eternal. It is not under any manmade jurisdiction.

The only time when law enforcement becomes necessary is if the parties to that contract actually commit harm against others – – the type of harm that constitutes a crime under worldwide common law – – the kind of crime that any human being in history, from ancient times to the present, would agree is a crime. It would have to be a violation of that other person’s rights that actually creates a victim. But then the prosecution of that crime would have nothing to do with the trust contract. It would only have to do with the actions of the individuals who went into the contract. So being, the trust itself remains aloof, transcendent, and irrelevant to the statutes.

Depending on your philosophy and persuasion, this gives you the choice of whether to use the registration procedures of the statutory system or use instead the sovereign approach which honors your privacy and frees you from the obligations of registration, taxation, licensing, regulations, compliance, fees, and bureaucracy.

Some people are more comfortable with the statutory system. We wish them well. Others feel much more at home with the Natural Law Trust approach. That is what we specialize in. If that is what interests you, we are happy to help.

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