Taansen Fairmont

World's Leading Expert in Debt Elimination 

and Sovereign Natural Law Trusts

Informing People

Taansen informs people about the real truth of how debt and borrowing money works, as well as how the elite class protect their assets from litigation and excessive taxes

Educating Others

Taansen educates about the specific evidence, court cases, laws and rights that back up these insights on debt and asset protection.  You'll be amazed by what you learn.

Providing Solutions

More than information and education, Taansen offers real solutions that have been proven to work over decades by 1,000s of people in many different situations.

Happy Debt Elimination Clients

I had about $43,000 in credit card debts. I had maxed my credit cards after my husband died, and I was being hounded by the so-called “creditors”. Then from friends and family, I learned that they are not creditors at all. I used this polite and professional dispute letter and affidavit, and I have not heard from the money lenders or their collection agents since…       This was in early 2010 and since then I have had no further contact from any of them.  I know now, for a fact, that this is because they have been caught in their scam and they would rather let it quietly go away than to litigate it and publicize it.

-M.F., Washington, D.C.

I used to conduct all my business through traditional means, thinking this was the only way.  Then I learned about the House of Freedom Trust, and how I have the full right to use the same asset protection structure the elite class have been using for centuries.  I got my trust all set up and made a full transition to managing all my business through this private, secure entity.       “That was back in 1998 and I’ve never had any issues of any

kind.  I know I’ll use my trust for the rest of my life.  And what’s even better: I’ll pass on my assets to my beneficiaries to build the wealth of future generations.”

-D.F., Tacoma, WA

LDES, the program that actually works

Is There Really a Financial and Legal Instrument That Allows Me to Protect My Assets and Operate in My Country Without the Usual Requirements of Statutory Entities?


Statute Law or Statutory Law

Natural Law is universal and is based on what’s accepted by everybody around the world and throughout history. Be honest, have integrity, be kind, be peaceful, respect the rights and property of others, do good for yourself and others, etc.

Our trusts are based purely on natural law, so they;

1. Are not required to file taxes, or file any activities of any kind to any government or other regulatory organization2. Are protected from; litigation, creditors, liability suits, excessive divorce settlements, personal bankruptcy, and more3. Avoid probate, inheritance tax, estate taxes, court action, attorney fees, executor’s fees and income taxes4. Are simple, easy to maintain, control and adapt to any ethical, lawful, and noble purpose5. Can be passed on to heirs in complete privacy, and heirs cannot change, challenge, or contest the wishes of the creator

1,000’s of these Trusts have enjoyed no known penetration or invalidation

Click here to listen to Taansen Fairmont introducing the Natural Law Trust on the Hollow Earth Network conference on September 6, 2018

Once, only available to the elite class, now affordable and within the grasp of us all.  To learn more, click here to see our full page on Trusts


Are Your Unsecured Debts Like Credit Cards and Student Loans Legitimate Loans, Like They Appear?

The unfortunate truth: They’re actually completely fraudulent

These debts were created out of thin air as numbers on a screen.  The digital money was paid to the seller of the goods and services and the debts are now owed by you to the bank with interest, but the bank who lent the money never removed any money from any account.  They fabricated it from nothing.

Is this a conspiracy theory or is it a proven fact?

This is a completely proven fact and backed up by numerous financial experts, insiders and top politicians. Click here to see our proof page.

Ok, so it’s a fact.  But what can we do about it?

Taansen instructs people in debt to write simple, polite, yet powerful, proven letters to the heads of the bank who made each loan and the credit reporting agencies who track these things, challenging them to prove that money actually left their account, making it a legitimate loan.  And to this day, not a single bank has provided this evidence.  Instead, they avoid the subject and never admit to fraud, preferring to write off the loan as a loss, cancel the debt and close your account.

Will banks really cancel these loans?

Yes!  It’s much less expensive and risky for them to simply write off the loan and let you go than it is to fight it, publicize it, and risk letting the whole world know about the profitable and fraudulent racket they’ve been running for decades and are counting on running forever

Over 14 years and 1,000s of debt cancellations prove it.

To learn more, click here to see our full page on Liberty Debt Elimination


Get in Touch Today and Schedule Taansen to Speak

Taansen is open to the opportunity to speak on new radio stations or podcasts, or at new conferences or seminars.  Please contact him to set up a time to talk and discuss the details. His office number is 360-200-7521.  If you’d prefer to email first, you can click support on the side or top of the page and create a new ticket.  It will be forwarded to him and he or someone from the company will get back to you.

What Topics Does Taansen Speak On?

For radio show and podcast interviews he usually:

1. Focuses on the history and current state of the monetary system, the “Mandrake Mechanism” and Liberty Debt Elimination2. Focuses on the legal and tax systems, how the elite have managed their wealth for centuries and House of Freedom Trusts 3. Speaks on both of the above topics in separate segments of the show or back to back, OR;4. Speaks for 70-80% of the time on any one of a number of fascinating topics such as ” A Vision of Heaven on Earth”, “Evidence of the Golden Age Dawning”, “The Wonder of Deep Meditation”, or “Golden Threads Running through All Major Religions” and then covers either Liberty Debt Elimination, House of Freedom Trusts or both for the last 20-30%. This way the audience is entertained and interested for most of the show, then informed and empowered for the last part.

A Short Show Description Focused on Debt Elimination and Trusts:

Taansen Fairmont will show you how to stop making payments your credit card debt! Did you know there is a legal loophole in the United States that allows you to completely erase your unsecured debt without bankruptcy or paying it off? This is America’s number one debt elimination system. It has enjoyed a 100% success rate since 2002. You would actually help the economy if you do this. Thousands have stopped paying their credit card and even student loan debt. It’s likely you qualify for complete debt elimination.

Likewise, are you ready for the Global Currency Reset? Would you like to achieve non-filing status in your commercial affairs, and be protected from liabilities? Those of the Light may now use the same state-of-the-art sovereign trust that the super-rich use, at a very small affordable price. Peaceful people can bank, pay bills with it, enjoy freedom and privacy, and exempt status. These trusts work in all countries and have quietly given thousands of people peace of mind for over three decades.

A Short Show Description Focused on Spiritual Topics:

Taansen Fairmont will disclose how certain effortless deep meditation techniques give one the experience of the fourth state of consciousness. He will share the time travel experience he had in 1976, in which he stepped into the completed Golden Age that is now in Earth’s very near future . . . and in fact, is already now forming. He saw the enlightenment, the prosperity, the beauty, and the glory of it in grand detail, and saw how it is being achieved without any “doomsday” happening first. He will talk about the topic of his 1997 book “Sovereignty Consciousness” . . . how each of us is a “sovereign without subjects”, according to US Supreme Court cases, and he will talk about the topic of his now forthcoming new book “Cosmic Renaissance – Enlightenment in the Arts” . . . revealing the metamorphosis of music, art, education, entertainment, and the media from the cocoon of the dark age to the butterfly of the Age of Enlightenment.


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