Liberty Debt Elimination Package


Liberty Debt Elimination System – This product is a set of documents which includes a letter that the customer can personalize to send to certain types of lenders, for debt validation. This process has a perfect track record lasting over a decade and counting.

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Liberty Debt Elimination System – The Amazing Secret of an Overlooked “Loophole” in U.S. Law that Lets You LEGALLY ERASE ALL Your Credit Card Debt! There is a LAW on the books that says you can ERASE all your credit card debt as long as you do it the RIGHT WAY!

This  FEDERAL law that has already had a MAJOR COURT CASE confirming that if you use this very “hush-hush” information, you can quickly and simply ERASE your unsecured debt (such as credit cards or any other ‘signature’ loans) – that you got from banks in the United States.

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Equipment Requirements

You have to have Microsoft Word and a PDF reader on your device.  Usually this is best done on a computer, not a phone. 

You need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, which comes automatically with most computers, to open the Instructions; and you need Microsoft Word (or an app that can edit Word docs such as Open Office) to open the letters that you will customize according to the Instructions.

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