House of Freedom Natural Law Trust – Installment Plan

$250 / month for 10 months

House of Freedom Natural Law Pure Trust – This product is one of the best asset protection instruments in the world. It is used to support humanitarian causes, it reduces liabilities, and it provides greater protection. This state-of-the-art trust design provides exceptional freedom for peaceful people.

No need to remember to make subsequent payments! This first-payment transaction constitutes your authorization to have your card automatically charged the same amount on the same day each month for ten months, or until the $2500 is paid.


If your payment goes through successfully, immediately two email receipts will be generated to the email address you have given. Therefore please make absolutely sure the email address you have given is correctly spelled. One email will be from the merchant account company confirming the amount charged, and the other is from Brilliance in Commerce delivering your product.

Delivery of your product means: You will click within the receipt where it says "Downloads", and it will download a pdf document to your computer. That pdf is your "Welcome Pages", giving you the next procedures. On the last page of the Welcome Pages is a link to the Trust Client Information Form. That is the form you must complete online and submit before work on your trust can begin. The form asks you for your name, your contact info, the name you want on the trust, and whom you are appointing for the various trust roles.

If you are paying by credit card or debit card, your email receipt with the Welcome Pages download link will be generated IMMEDIATELY after completion of checkout. If you are paying by bank wire, check, money order, or bitcoin, then your order will be placed on hold until verification of payment is received. Then we will mark your order complete, and THEN AT THAT TIME, the email receipt with the Welcome Pages download link will be generated to you.

Hence this process is entirely dependent upon your successfully receiving your automatic email receipt from Brilliance in Commerce. Therefore if you don't find it in your In box within a few minutes after completing your purchase (if paid by credit or debit card), you must find it in your spam, junk, promotions, etc. If you still don't find it, then Contact Us and we will generate it manually for you. Please click the box below to proceed.

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House of Freedom Natural Law Pure Trust -- the most rare trust design in the world, which concentrates the best asset protection secrets of the super rich into the fewest words, and simplifies the language so as to minimize legalese and maximizes common politeness and understandability.  These trusts can be operated in all countries anywhere in the world.  Trust clients may become either trustees or creators, beneficiaries, and managers.  These pure natural law sovereign irrevocable trusts enjoy exemption from filing income tax returns or paying income tax.   They are infinitely flexible, and can be adapted to any ethical, lawful, and noble purpose.





    • Easy-to-follow trust manual to help you administer your trust
    • Access to our online workshops to ask any question that may come up
    • Instructions for obtaining ID number for bank account
    • A complete set of ready-to-use documents to exchange your assets into your trust
    • Partial trust delivered within 2 business days of down payment and all client form data received
    • Email consultation privileges with trust writer [1/2 hr]
    • Trust is "almost" ready to go and will be fully activated when balance of $2250 USD is paid
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 $2250 USD
  • Everything listed in NOT YET ACTIVATED status, plus:
  • Full trust documents delivered within 5 business days of upgrade payment received
  • Full email AND telephone consultation support
  • Miscellaneous other documents and information as needed for customized individual situations
  • Bank account opening instructions and consultation
  • Trust is fully activated and ready to use

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