Brilliance In Commerce Newsletter

Praise for the BIC Newsletter

I say thank you in 33 languages and I send you thanks in all of them. Your BIC newsletter is brilliant, deep in wisdom and truth, with a great sense of humor. You give me hope on the uphill climb to expose and overcome the evil that besieges us and our planet.

I appreciate brothers and sisters that are intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, creative and courageous. You are all of these traits and so much more. You truly are a gift from God/Goddess. Thank You for walking on Earth at this point in time and space. The time and space I have chosen to walk this journey. You are the only person I have met that I Spiritually look up to. There are other leaders that I look up to, but have not had the opportunity to meet.

You are the most enlightened individual I have encountered. Thank YOU for setting a great example for your youngers and elders. It is a breath of fresh air to know that you try as hard or harder than I to make the world a better place to inhabit. Shukria Enlightened Master!

In Purpose and Solidarity
--Christopher Calkins