Mortgage Refund Program Update

Warning to MRP Clients, Affiliates, Your Referrals, and Future Applicants

You may have noticed that the Mortgage Refund Program (MRP) has been removed from the website. The mortgage refund program has gone private. This is for everyone’s safety to ensure that the program can continue without the problems which are caused by being public. It was available until April 28, and should be available again soon. It has been put on hold because someone abused it by bypassing and circumventing us. This person somehow obtained the name and contact information for one of our CPAs who quietly works in the background with us and does not interact with clients or the public. This person apparently posted our CPA’s information on a network and he suddenly started getting all kinds of calls.

Due to some sneaky underhanded woman, along with a few who fail to follow the directions of not making this public, the program was nearly lost. We are taking steps to ensure this does not happen again. This was a very stupid action on the violator’s part, because now she and her entire network will never be allowed to participate. The CPA gave us an ultimatum — that we remove the program immediately from our website or he would discontinue even finishing the processing of the applications that have already come in. So we had no choice. We have temporarily removed the program.

If you have already completed your application process, your case is being processed and you are fine. Also, if you still need to upload different or additional documents, you can still do so. It’s just that if you have friends or family you wish to refer, who haven’t applied, or if you are an affiliate and are referring people, you need to know that the program’s doors are temporarily closed.

What we are doing now is working on a security upgrade so that it will be available For Members Only, who will be required to sign, and comply with, an NDA. That section of the website will be password protected. These and other security enhancements will be in place to hopefully reduce or eliminate the possibility of circumvention, improper exposure, and violation of confidence.

One might ask, WHY does it need to be kept low key? Isn’t there enough money to go around for everyone? The answer is yes . . . there IS enough to go around for everyone . . . but world consciousness is still too unevolved collectively to recognize this, and the parasitic monopolists still have not awakened to the insight that it is in their own best interests to reveal this to the masses. American society in particular, despite being one of the richest countries in the world, still suffers from an insufficiency mentality, mostly stemming from the ending dark ages and having been propagandized by the spiritually ignorant but intellectually clever lords of darkness. The priests, bankers, and politicians created an illusion of scarcity, and so public policy has not yet ascended to the superior intelligence of universal prosperity that is common on more advanced worlds.

This means that when good people with innocent and harmless intentions discover a previously unknown resource such as the mortgage refund, which theoretically every homeowner who ever had a mortgage should be entitled to, it cannot be given to the entire population, for the simple reason that the still-prevailing primitive mental scarcity paradigm would attack it and shut it down.

Anyone who thinks “Well, it’s perfectly legal, so how could they shut it down?” is suffering from an extreme case of naiveté. Perfectly legal, ethical, beneficial, and life-supporting programs get shut down or stopped or interfered with every day, because collective consciousness still hasn’t evolved out of the Neanderthal dark ages. It is as simple as that. That is why even in the field of economics, the greatest, most fundamental, and most urgent need is for the awakening of higher states of consciousness by a much larger percentage of the population.

Therefore, if anyone contacts Jacqueline or her other partners from the forms again, the group program will be shut down for La Vérité. Jacqueline said, “I think they need to feel a little fear to realize the importance of keeping this quiet. Most will abide, while maybe one or two will attempt new authorization forms. We will omit our personal names from the forms, and later at our end will be revealed at the right moment, under high security. Believe me, the violators will be banned.

“It will carry a one million dollar fine and also they will need to sign a judgment document. This way, no court action will be needed for us to enforce it. It’s an affidavit of judgment if they violate. It’s sad to think we have to make people follow rules and be honest, but it’s just like in everything else out there – the few spoil it for the many. Hence to protect the MRP from the few, we have to install contracts and fear. This is not a place I like to come from, but these protocols are clearly needed to protect it for the many. We should govern ourselves, but with so many big brother rules in place, unfortunately many have forgotten how to govern themselves.

In light of what has happened — this woman attempting to back door your group as well as me — we will be changing our forms as well as having everyone that wants to get this done sign a NON disclosure agreement. It’s imperative that we keep the forms and their information private as well as any information about my associates. This has created chaos and this woman’s actions caused a lot of harm and upset. As stated when we first got started, it’s important to keep things LOW key and private. Public websites have brought about parasites looking ONLY to make a dollar without regard to the point that this remains in place because we do NOT allow others to know the process or the secret sauce so to speak.

We are revising our forms and contracts and NO one will see our forms until they sign the disclosures. Clearly someone thought it was ok to share our forms with someone who thought it was ok to call our CPA directly. I have had a few calls myself in the past week, and I questioned how they got my info. I know they could have Googled my name from the Talk Shoe program. This is another reason to keep the Talk Shoe private as well, or we do NOT record the calls.

Some of your affiliates are in fact advertising. I caught one guy on YouTube with 3 of my Talk Shoes posted under debt elimination, and also Galactic Friends. Clearly they are not getting the point that this is not allowed. I have barely enough time to eat, let alone peruse the Internet in search of these things, but now I spent my weekend looking for these violations, taking time away from family events, in order to send notice to all of these sites and people to remove this immediately!”

Further, no one can honestly claim we didn’t warn them that the MRP needs to be kept confidential and low key, because we had published this in the MRP introduction right on the website from the beginning of our sharing of it earlier this year:

Jacqueline emphasized that regardless of the perfect legality and thus-far perfect success rate of the mortgage refund process, it must be kept limited to a relatively tiny percentage of our general population.  It is not being advertised, because the number of people who take advantage of it must grow slowly.  If it were to spread too fast, it might liquidate the banking cartel’s old paradigm infrastructure too quickly and cause undue chaos (more than is already happening anyway).  There needs to be an orderly and smooth transition, as much as possible.

There is a new and more benevolent global financial system forming behind the scenes, and remedies such as these will someday become more commonplace.  But for now, consider your hearing about this to be privileged.  It is not a secret, but at the same time it should not be shouted from the rooftops.  As long as its dissemination is kept low key and conservative, it will be allowed to benefit the few that use it in a relatively smooth manner.

Now, since a minority of people are irresponsible and will not discipline themselves, we have had no choice but to establish governing controls to keep them out. Everyone else, the majority, fortunately, who clearly understand the need for protecting a good thing, will follow the protocols and will be rewarded accordingly. To this majority who have demonstrated maturity and wisdom, we express our sincere thankfulness.

So in conclusion, friends, if you are already enrolled and completed your application process, you are fine. As stated earlier, if you still need to upload different or additional documents, you can still do so. For everyone else, we will provide further news in a future newsletter when the program is reopened.

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  1. Any update on opening up the MRP again? Really could use it!!!


  2. It is so ‘sick’ when a few greedy people screw up a good thing for the many ! I for

    one hope you open up your mortgage program ASAP for I am in desperate need of it

  3. My prayer is that the program open up soon.

  4. Michael Edwards

    I am intrested in joining the affiliated programs to make some money ,and save people money as well !!! All i am asking is some Help in becoming involved and making this opportunity work!!! Anyone care to mentor a veteran to success ??

  5. I have a lot of current information and would love to be contacted as to what I could contribute when the MRP is reconstituted. I was fortunate to get a lot of help to prepare

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