House of Freedom international Natural Law Trust

The Best Asset Protection Instrument for Peaceful People

The Best Asset Protection Instrument for Peaceful People


  • Now you may use the same trusts the super rich use.
  • Be prepared for the Global Currency Reset
  • Shift your affairs into a state-of-the-art trust and bank with freedom and privacy.
  • Your trust will work for you, worldwide, and protect yourself from unnecessary liabilities.
  • Enjoy one of the best asset protection designs, in the world.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
to Protect Your Assets

Let us give you the mountaintop view that we have. Time and again, we see people postponing setting up their Natural Law Trusts, and then getting into trouble and wishing they had set it up sooner. 
Case in point: A woman came to us with millions of dollars in debt due to a failed business, and was trying to salvage what she had left before giving it all away to bankruptcy proceedings.

After she is already in BK proceedings and the attorney sharks are circling her, to set up the trust then and transfer her assets into it could be challenged by the court as “fraudulent conveyance”. It could be possible that the court could try to get the assets back out of the trust, even though it is irrevocable - - or file criminal charges against the woman for hiding assets when monies are due to creditors. But if she had transferred her assets into the trust years ago, before any of the problems arose, then no court could challenge it and she would be safe.

A Natural Law Trust is like insurance - - it is a prevention of problems. If you wait until your house burns down to buy fire insurance, it is too late. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Procrastinating, putting it off, and postponing assembling one’s state-of-the-art asset protection is an invitation to disaster. Most everyone we know who has begun to enjoy the benefits of an NLT has wished they had started it sooner. May this be a word to the wise. 

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Could you have imagined that greater invincibility and far more benefits to clients could have been achieved with trusts that are simple and easy to understand?

Brilliance in Commerce House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust

Summary of Benefits

The Benefit of Being Your Own Trustee

If you appoint someone else as the managing trustee, you would need to give that person letters of wishes whenever you want any transactions performed. 

That is why we recommend for most clients that you yourself be the managing trustee.  We are one of the only trust writing organizations in the world that offers that.  It makes it far more convenient for you to be the controller of the bank account and movement of assets into and out of the trust if you are the managing trustee

So if you wish to be your own trustee, then the next thing you need to know is whom to appoint as trust officers.  You will need a grantor, and if you are going to be the managing trustee, you cannot be the grantor.  So, we can appoint one for you for $100, or you can find a friend or family member to do it.  Because these are irrevocable trusts, the grantor signs on and signs off right at the beginning.  He or she has no responsibilities and gets no compensation.  (“Grantor” is also called “Settlor”).

For $100, we provide what is called a “Nominee Grantor”.  “Nominee” means “in name only”.  It means that person doesn’t actually have to put his or her assets into the trust.  You as trustee can put assets into the trust and take assets out.  You have full control. 

Then you will need an inactive co-trustee to sit in the background, or a successor trustee to take over when you are no longer available to continue the managing trustee duties.  Last, you will need at least one beneficiary.  You can appoint these people after you purchase the trust.  If you need help in deciding on these roles, our trust writer can assist you once you are a paid trust client. 

The Benefit of Simplicity

Most people like things simple, so you will be pleased to know that ours is one of the simplest trusts in the world.  We deliberately write the trusts in plain high school English.  We use no legalese.  It only consists of 30 to 35 pages.  This is one of the reasons that it is one of the strongest trusts in the world. 

Even other common law trusts can often be 100 pages or more of complicated legalese.  The reason other companies write them that way is to confuse their clients on purpose, so that you have to pay their fees for interpretation.  Those dazzling looking legalese phrases can be deceptive.  They can make it appear to be strong and sophisticated, and thus impenetrable, but the exact opposite is actually the case. 

This is especially the case with statutory trusts.  You have to pay the attorneys and the accountants to interpret everything for you.  It keeps them in their professions.  The disadvantage to you in that situation, besides the extra expenses, is that it disempowers you.  It gives your power away to the professional who is interpreting for you.  That actually weakens the asset protection, because what if they take advantage of the assets in your trust without your understanding what is going on? 

Our NLT, by contrast, puts you in the power position because you can easily understand it.  You don’t need to hire any professionals to interpret it for you.  And whatever you aren’t clear on, our trust writer will clarify for you in 1-on-1 consultations - - included in the price of the trust. 

The Benefit of a Perfect Track Record

Brilliance in Commerce’s House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust has never been penetrated and has never been invalidated, for any of thousands of clients, going back at least five decades in the experience of our clients, our company personnel, and our mentors.  That constitutes a 100% success rate in world class state-of-the-art asset protection. 

The Superiority of “Exception” over “Exempt”

No government and no tax authority anywhere in the world has the right to tax the NLT or to require that it file tax returns or income reports.  Indeed, this has been proven to be true in the experience of thousands of clients over at least five decades. 

Most countries have government-authorized statutory entities that are exempt, but the price of being exempt is high.  This price is not just in money for fees, but is also in the loss of privacy, the abundance of bureaucratic paperwork required, and the requirement to continue submitted reports each year about the income of the entity.  If the government doesn’t approve of the details in such reports, it can remove the exemption. 

The NLT, by contrast, is non-statutory.  It operates on contract law, which is affirmed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which is global.  But such affirmation does not make the NLT subject to any jurisdiction.  Being non-statutory, it is an exception to the filing and taxing requirements.  Since this status of exception was not granted by any government, that means no government can remove it.  That is an infinitely stronger position to be in. 

It is like comparing cars to airplanes.  Cars driving down on the ground are subject to road rules and obstacles in the highways, including traffic jams.  Airplanes, by contrast, are exceptions to the road rules, because airplanes don’t travel on the roads.  They travel in the far less restrictive skies above.  The NLT is like the airplane in that it operates in a far higher echelon of freedom and privilege. 

Unsurpassed Concentration of Beneficial Clauses

Legal experts who have analyzed the NLT have concluded that it has by far the greatest collection of clauses in it that maximize asset protection, maximize the freedom of the trustees to operate, maximize the convenience of the trustees, and minimize the possibility of trouble of any kind. 

Vast Flexibility

The NLT can operate as a personal trust, a family holding vehicle, a holding company for a business, a land trust, a holder of real estate, a holder of bank accounts, a holder of securities and brokerage accounts, and a holder of really any asset of monetary value. 

The NLT can operate as a private membership association, a foundation, a spiritual center, a scientific institute, an educational organization, an organizer of humanitarian projects, or a charity.  There is really no noble purpose to which that NLT cannot be easily adapted. 

What Freedom Do I Have for the Use of Trust Assets?

Most NLT users find over time that they have no further need for statutory entities.  Clients who are self employed can have contract consultant clients can pay the trust, and businesses that sell products or services can have their customers pay the trust . . . just like customers pay our BIC trust for BIC’s products.  BIC operates directly from the trust, and most NLT clients find over time that they can operate their businesses directly from their NLTs.

If you are the trustee and you want to know how to cover your personal expenses, the NLT doesn’t need to pay you; rather it can pay for goods and services directly that you would have spent your own money on.  There is a minute that comes with the trust called the Housing Resolution, which authorizes the trust to cover the managing trustee’s housing expenses, and there is one called the Spiritual Resolution, which authorizes the trust to cover other types of expenses for the managing trustee.  So being, it isn’t even necessary to have bank accounts in one's personal name.

If you wish to continue banking in your personal name and have the trust pay you a salary, that is your prerogative; but to have your affairs taken care of, having a bank account in your personal name isn’t necessary.

Benefits to Heirs

This is the preference for estate planning, because heirs can be endowed with successorship seamlessly with no time delay, no probate, and no death taxes.

Endless Longevity

Unlike most trusts, the NLT is not under the jurisdiction of a government which can be taken over next year by new rulers who change the laws.  This is the risk many tax havens in smaller countries around the world face.  Today they may give you an offshore trust with favorable tax and asset protection laws, but next year that small country may get taken over by new rulers who change everything.  There goes all your offshore trust’s protection.  This has actually happened in many countries. 

Being non-statutory, the NLT can be renewed for centuries into the future . . . and will continue to enjoy longevity regardless of what happens to governments and their statutes.  It is based on law which is eternal and can never be overturned or changed by any individual or group. 

The NLT itself is not perpetual, because that is not lawful and would be considered a sham in the trust community.  To hold assets on behalf of beneficiaries forever without ever distributing those assets would destroy the integrity of the trust.  But the NLT adopts the duration most agreed upon in the international community of trust law books - - 21 years.  Then at the end of the 21 years, if all the trustees agree, it can be renewed for another 21 years.  There is no limit to how many times that renewal can occur. 

The main benefit for longevity is that no state and no outside authority can invalidate or terminate the trust.  It can only be terminated by the trustees themselves. 

Lawfulness Supported by Court Cases and Universities Internationally

On this page, see the sections:

Long List of Additional Benefits


We are very happy for you that you found us and that you are gaining an understanding of the best asset protection vehicle in the world.

U.S. Court Precedents Validate the Rights of a Private Contract Trust Organization

A House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust from Brilliance in Commerce is considered to be one of the best-designed examples of a Private Contract Trust Organization.


The authority and Creator and the principal to create a contract of indenture in the form of an irrevocable business Trust is protected under Article 1 section 10; Article 4§2; Article 6§2; Amendments 4, 7, 9, 10 and 14 of the United States Constitution /common-law, the supreme law of the land, protecting (guaranteeing) the unlimited Right of Contract wherein "no State shall pass any law impairing the obligations of contracts". SEE Hale v. Henkel 210 U.S. 43 at 74 (1905); contract of indenture is free of control of the stock certificate holder and therefore meets the test of a pure Trust Organization in pursuant to; Shuman Heink v. Folsom 159, N.E.250. If a Trust is "...Free of control of the certificate holders, then it is a PURE (EQUITY) TRUST", Johnson v. Hychyk 517 P 2nd 1079; Berry v. McCourt, 204 N.E. 2nd.


The Creator of a Business Trust Organization may mold and give it any shape he chooses, and he or the Trustee(s) may provide for the appointment of successors to the Trustee(s), upon such terms as may choose to impose. The Trustee(s) of a Trust have all the power necessary to carry out the obligations that they assume. Their consulting services and records are not subject to review or subpoena. The court will support the Trustee(s) in carrying out the terms of their Trust contract and agreement. SEE: Harwood v. Tracy, 118 MO. 631, 24 SVV 214.;Boyd v. U.S., 116 U.S. 618; Silverthome Lumber Co v. U.S., 251 U.S. 385; 7:4 U.S. Constitution: Clews v. Jamison 182 U.S 461, 21 S. Ct. 845.


The Creator of Business Trust Organization is established by legal precedent that business Trust organizations are valid business organizations, and that the Trust is not limited to any given state in conduction of business. The Business Trust can engage in any kind of lawful business that individuals, partnerships, or corporations might engage in. Only the income that is distributed to the beneficiaries may taxable to them. This Federal Business Organization is not an association, and thus not taxable as an association. SEE: Guitar Family Trust Estate v. Commissioner. 72 F 2d.


The Contract Business Trust i.e. Federal Business Organization, is created outside the federal domain, including the District of Columbia and any other territory within the "United States", which entity has its origin and jurisdiction from & Article 4:3:2 of the US constitution, and is not established under the laws of the United States or any state of the United States or of any republic of the United States of America, as such Is deemed as a TAX-EXEMPT foreign Trust. SEE: 26 USC 770 1(a)(31).

International Recognition of this Trust's Right to Exist

This trust is a separate lawful and legal entity, formed by private contract and comprehensively defined as a private, irrevocable, personal trust. It is not a business trust (even though it can own a business), nor any other entity of statutory nature. Its existence, validity, and authority are from the unalienable right to contract, under the common law and contract law as it exists internationally, and needs no permission or franchise from any country to exist or function.

This trust, through the collective Board of Trustees, holds full lawful and legal title to all property of the trust estate, in trust, in fee simple, for the benefit of the Beneficiaries. The board of trustees has all the rights of a full legal owner, but is bound by the trust to use these rights for the benefit of the Beneficiary.

When the trust is functioning internationally, its existence, validity, and authority are recognized as a private, irrevocable trust, under the Hague Convention of 1 July 1985 on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition ("the Convention"), and needs no permission or franchise from the Hague Convention to exist or function.

The trust assets constitute a separate fund and are not part of the board of trustees' own personal estates. Therefore, as adopted by the Hague Trust Convention, trust assets are a separate patrimony, and the creditors of the board of trustees have no claim on it.

When the trust is functioning internationally, this trust exists as a split ownership of trust assets, the trustees' legal title, and the Beneficiaries' equitable title. According to the preamble to the Hague Convention of 1 July 1985 on the Law applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition, "the trust, as developed in courts of equity in common law jurisdictions and adopted with some modifications in other jurisdictions, is a unique legal institution." Therefore, split ownership can be substituted by split patrimony, with the trust estate treated as special patrimony held by the board of trustees.

128 Court Case Cites Supporting the Pure Contract Trust

For lawyers, legal eagles, and court-minded people, the PDF linked below provides a rich resource of supporting cases showing the tradition of court recognition of the legitimacy of the pure irrevocable private contract trust.  For parties who believe that court cases are the ultimate authority on whether they can safely use an irrevocable pure contract trust, this 18-page document provides 128 case cites.

Simply please understand that our irrevocable pure contract trust doesn't derive its right to exist or its authority to operate from any law, court case, or jurisdiction.  The only real usefulness of these cases is to show that we have the unalienable right to enter into these contracts without government interference and without the need for government approval.

Further Confirmation of the Pass-through Nature of the Natural Law Trust

Article from Yale Law Review

“The Secret Life of the Trust: The Trust as an Instrument of Commerce”

Here are some highlights from the article:

P 175 -        “Congress has designed the transfer tax system to make use of the so-called "bypass" or "credit shelter" trust all but irresistible in estate planning for spouses with sufficient means.”

Page 179 -  “I shall point to four key attributes of the trust device that entice the transaction planner:

“(1) the protection of beneficial interests in the event that the trustee becomes insolvent;

“(2) the ease with which the trust lends itself to favorable, conduit-type taxation; (3) the protective regime of trust fiduciary law; and

“(4) the trust's flexibility of design in matters of governance and in the structuring of beneficial interests.”

P 180 -        “B. Conduit Taxation. The trust form invites pass-through or conduit taxation. The corporation as a juridical entity has attracted entity-level taxation in the American system of income taxation, resulting in double taxation when the corporation's shareholders are taxed again on income they derive from corporate distributions. Because we treat the trustee's ownership of trust property as merely nominal, with real ownership remaining in the beneficiary, we have tended to tax trust proceeds at the beneficiary level only. This ability to use the trust form to avoid entity-level taxation has been a driving force in the growth of commercial uses of the trust.”

Page 189 -  “Although the trust resembles the corporation in supplying for the particular venture a highly adaptable, contract-like regime of rights, of fiduciary duties, and of internal governance, the trust offers investors an insolvency regime superior to that of corporate law, packaged in a way that facilitates pass-through taxation.”

So . . . we have plenty of confirmation that trusts are pass-through entities.

To read the entire article, click HERE.

The conceptual content in these trusts is elegant, simple, straightforward, and effective.  Very simply, they work.
Click here for a letter from the IRS showing how such trusts have no filing requirements. Although the letter is from 1997, it is still true today. They're not likely to change it any time soon, because the elite themselves use such instruments. The IRS is from the USA, but the same tax exception exists with most countries.

World Class State-of-the-Art Trustee Technology

With the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust from Brilliance in Commerce, you as the trust client can have your choice of one of these options for trustee:


  1. 2 friends as trustees; client is grantor and beneficiary.
  2. Any non-related third party as nominee grantor; client is trustee; and a professional co-trustee. 
  3. Any non-related third party as nominee grantor; client is trustee; and a professional successor trustee.
This is further explained in detail in the eBook downloadable on this web page. 
BIC is the only company in the world, to our knowledge, that gives this many choices and this much flexibility in choosing a trustee, while at the same time giving unsurpassed expert guidance in how to make sure proper arrangements are made in each case to ensure that the trust remains bullet-proof invincible, and your assets in the trust are absolutely 100% protected in all cases. 
In addition, BIC provides optional referral, if desired, to a professional for nominee grantor, co-trustee, or successor trustee services.  This person is rich in credentials, experience, knowledge, virtues, accomplishments, integrity, and training in Natural Law Trust technology as well as other forms of asset protection law.  
Most clients are encouraged to consider being their own trustee, in which case they will need a third party to serve as nominee grantor.  Even then, clients are encouraged to find their own nominee grantor among their friends and associates.  But for those who don’t know anyone suitable, BIC can provide that person. Likewise, some clients don’t desire the hands-on trustee responsibility, so that too can be performed by our professional referral if desired. 

What is natural law? Why is it relevant? How does it apply to trusts?

It is only a man or a woman who can rise in consciousness sufficiently to align with universal natural law far more consciously and intelligently than any other species.

Our reason for staying with the term Natural Law is very simple. For a sovereign trust to be not subject to the jurisdiction of any one geographic location or any one limited body of manmade laws, and yet for it to stay out of trouble, it needs to adhere to what is essential and universal to all types of laws. Have you read the eBook? This is clearly explained in the section on types of law. What is essential to all types of laws can only be called natural law.

It is not common law, because common law has never been perfect. For example, in the 1800s and early 1900s, under common law, women couldn't vote, blacks couldn't vote. Common law has been man's best attempt to emulate natural law. We call our trust Natural Law because after collecting the world's best clauses and fine tuning them ever since the 1970s, it has resulted in an instrument which has a very high degree of perfection. It is unsurpassed, to our knowledge. The concepts and principles in it would stand up in any fair court of manmade law.

If you can spare 18 minutes, watch this rare and insightful video by John Peterson, Penny Kelly, and Kingsley Dennis:

YouTube player


Here is a summary of uses and benefits regarding the private contract trust. The House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust (NLT) offered by Brilliance in Commerce is the most advanced and state-of-the-art private contract trust. It is not officially “exempt” to our knowledge in any country in the world. However, it is most certainly an exception to the filing requirements - - acknowledged as the "otherwise" described in Title 26 USC (IRS Code). This same status is true just about anywhere on the planet, and has been for many generations.

1. Operate in complete privacy.

Since the NLT is not incorporated, it is a private, separate lawful and unique legal institution, that is the "exception" rather than being "exempt" from regulation regarding entities controlled by the government, when trustees operate NLT as a "pass-through entity". Therefore, you operate in complete privacy.

2. You can choose your trustee or be the trustee.

Brilliance in Commerce is the only organization to our knowledge that provides this kind of advanced state-of-the-art trust which allows the client to be his or her own trustee - - or - - to appoint a friend as trustee - - or - - use a professional trustee that we can recommend. In all cases, you, the client, call the shots and stay in control of what happens to your assets.

3. No government fees.

The NLT is outside the scope and oversight of any federal, state or local government, or any agency thereof, anywhere in the world. Hence there are no government taxes applicable to any properly structured NLT, except possibly property taxes (for real estate) or excise taxes (for factories, exporters, etc.)

4. No attorney.

The NLT is a contract between the trust creator(Settlor/Grantor) and the trustee(s) for the benefit of the Beneficiaries and is written in English rather than "legalese" by Randall Hillner who is not an attorney. The NLT's existence, validity, and authority are from the unalienable right to contract, under the common law/contract law as it exists in various countries, and protected by the 1789 Constitution of the United States of America, Article 1, Section 10, and needs no permission or franchise from the state to exist or function.

5. Receive lawful protection from many taxes.

There are numerous tax benefits for directors of this kind of trust.

6. Remove assets from other taxation.

All gifts (donations), to your NLT are removed from Estate, Gift and Capital Gains tax exposure.

7. Receive donations or gifts of all kinds of assets.

Your NLT may accept donations or exchanges of all kinds of assets, such as real property, fine art, gold, jewels, stocks, bonds, clothing, furniture, money, foreign currencies, businesses - - virtually any valuable asset that has minimum liability.)

8. Receive funds from deferred gifts.

Your NLT may receive donations from wills, trusts, life insurance or any other deferred gift.

9. Immune from liability of lawsuits.

By placing all of your assets into a NLT, attorneys will have a hard time trying to collect any judgments against you personally. (If they can collect anything at all.) As the saying goes, "You can't get blood from a turnip". The trust itself can be sued, but we have never heard of this happening to any NLT.  The reason is that most NLTs with large assets use statutory entities such as corporations as the public interface, and the trust is hidden in the background as the true owner of the majority of the assets.  Its information is kept private, so it would be extremely difficult for any attacker to mount an intelligent lawsuit.  Its existence is usually not even known to outsiders.

10. Reduce your own personal tax liability.

By having your NLT be the owner of various businesses, your NLT can receive business profits, as a pass-through entity, and use those profits to care for the trust and beneficiaries. Frequently trustees operate various businesses within the NLT, with the understanding that the NLT's main intention is to care for assets for the benefit of the Beneficiaries. The goal is to have a the NLT accumulate assets that generate income that is not dependent on the Grantor or Trustees. This legacy can be passed on to multiple generations, with trustees renewing through trust minutes, the intention to carry on the administration work of the NLT.

11. Reduce your business's tax liability.

By making the NLT the lawful owner of most of the stock or ownership in an existing business, your business's tax liability will decrease. (or splitting between several)

12. Open bank accounts all over the world.

There is no need to have an "offshore" trust or corporation since a NLT is allowed to exist all over the globe. However, one may have to physically open the account in another country and give the bank a local address for your NLT.

13. Gifting to other Countries.

Taxpayers in most countries cannot deduct from their taxes gifts to overseas charitable projects unless they do so through another non-reportable entity such as the NLT. Trustee powers include the ability to receive "gifts" of additional assets into the NLT and trustees have the power to make the donations to charitable project worldwide.

14. Personal compensation for the work you do.

A NLT is allowed to provide for the payment of anyone that works for it. This can be done by creating special minutes, templates for which come with the NLT.

15. Allow your NLT to make the payment for all expenses Related to the Care of Trust Assets.

All expenses that are required for the operation and growth of the NLT are allowed based on the Trustees caring for NLT assets for the benefit of the Beneficiaries. And if you choose take the role of a Trustee, you can receive a monthly trustee fee to then pay for your personal expenses. Trustees must keep their personal funds separate from NLT assets they are "charged" to care for, putting the interest of the Beneficiaries above their personal interest.

16. Bank accounts are private.

The checking account set up for the NLT does not have any social security number associated with it. It will have its own identification number. However, the bank may want to check the executive trustee’s own social security number, for personal identification only.

17. Convenience Banking.

The NLT is entitled to an employer identification number (EIN), in the USA, FOR BANKING PURPOSES ONLY, and the EIN and can be used to open said bank accounts and receive a debit card. In other countries, it is entitled to a similar number from the government.

18. You are in control.

Since there is no "CEO" or "office of the president" involved in the NLT, you can be directly involved with all of the legal transactions regarding the NLT.

19. The NLT can be endlessly renewed if desired.

The NLT’s duration is 21 years plus lives in being. At the end of that period, it can be renewed. At the end of that second period, it can be renewed again. There is no ending date for any reporting because there is nothing to report.

20. Not taxable.

Property taxes on real estate and excise taxes on factories, exporters, various trust owned business so on, may still need to file paying taxes, as mentioned in #3 above; but if the NLT is operated as a pass-through entity, the trustees make sure income taxing issues have already been handled before assets come into the trust; and then when Beneficiaries receive their benefits, they are responsible for whatever tax liabilities they may have.

21. Non-political.

The NLT is not political in any manner even though it may be "created" by contract somewhere within a geographic boundary. However, the NLT may write or verbally "report" to others regarding the truth or opinion of any matter going on worldwide.

22. May be funded or supported by other businesses.

Since the NLT is a vehicle for protecting assets, it must be supported/financed by activities that place assets and cash flows into it. This may be done by having some or all of your "supporting business" profits go directly into the account of the NLT. In fact, the NLT itself can, and should have activities that support itself.

23. Not regulated by the government for corporations.

Remember the Amish? They can build what they want on their property without "code enforcement" from the government. They do not need licenses to operate. They are left alone by the government. The NLT should be operated just like they operate their "work". If they can do "it", then the NLT can do "it".

24. Improve Your self-esteem.

When you look to common law, common ethics, natural law, and universal spiritual principles for guidance in your affairs, instead of thinking you have to be beholden to the way the crowd does everything, you experience a freedom and a sovereignty never before imagined. This builds self-esteem and helps to fulfill all the noblest purposes ever cherished by mankind.

25. Lead by Example.

Many who have an NLT enjoy the opportunity to impact their families by "leading by example" not only in the home, but also in their church and community. You can now add "significance" to your lifetime of work.

26. Other considerations.

Perhaps the worst things for older people to have, are assets in their own name. Many older people have had all of their hard earned assets levied on and actually had them taken (stolen) by the government by being admitted to a health care facility. If one is wealthy, the wealth can actually be "used up” quite fast and nothing will be left for their heirs. By placing all of their assets, ahead of time, into a NLT, they can now lawfully, and truthfully, state that they do not "own" anything and can now be fully covered by federal and/or state coverage. (Medicare) If they are in need of anything, the NLT can take care of them. The NLT can be managed by them until their designated successor takes over. The NLT can go on generation after generation if desired.

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