Are you qualified to be defined as an American National and send a Revocation of Election to the IRS?

If you meet the following criteria, you can truly be FREE from ALL federal income tax liability.

Here are the criteria:

  • You must be a Citizen of the United States of America (either free-born or naturalized) or a natural-born state Citizen / American National. In other words, you are NEITHER a resident alien, with a "green card," nor an illegal alien, without one.
  • You must RESIDE somewhere OTHER THAN in a District or Territory of the “federal” government. In other words, you do NOT reside in (or on) any federal District, Territory, Reservation, Enclave, Fort, Magazine, Arsenal, dockyard, or other needful Building, etc., which is under the jurisdiction of the Congress of the United States. (See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution of the United States of America).
  • None of your income is derived from the federal government AND coming to you directly from the Treasury of the United States. (Social Security income or benefits are NOT a factor here and are not affected in any way).
  • You have NO income connected with a trade or business UNDER the jurisdiction of the “federal” government.
  • You are NOT a direct employee of the federal government itself. Tax law applies ONLY to "federal" government employees, not to any other kind of government employee (state, county, city, local, etc.). As another example, the ONLY U.S. Postal employee who fits this criteria is the Postmaster General; all other postal employees are not employed DIRECTLY by the federal government, although some postal employees may RESIDE in a federal district or territory (like, Washington, District of Columbia), and not qualify because they are “federal” citizens by “residence.”
  • In order to be an eligible candidate for the Revocation of Election, you must:
  • not be a federal employee/official in any capacity or be on welfare.
  • not have a residence or domicile in the District of Columbia, or any of the U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. or be an “asylum” seeker.
  • not have derived any income as an American National that is effectively connected with the conduct of a statutory “trade or business” (functions of a public office) within the District of Columbia or U.S. territories.
  • have been born in one of the 50 states of the Union, or have at least one parent who was born in one of the 50 states of the Union, or have been naturalized as a citizen of the republic of the United States.
  • have made a previous “ELECTION” (key word), meaning you filed in the past an Income Tax return (form 1040) thus “ELECTING” to be “treated like” a taxpayer.
  • understand these ROE documents are copyrighted and not to be shared on the Internet or any other social media or distributed to your mailing list.
  • understand that the statutes of 26 USC §6013(g)(4)(A) relate to American Nationals (Non-Resident Aliens as defined by Title 26) as one of the authorities for the effective exercise of one's right to revoke their election and that you can never file another Federal Individual Income Tax return (1040) again.
  • understand that the Revocation of Election removes you from the U.S. Tax System for the present tax year and ALL future years — but NOT prior tax years.


We take your privacy rights seriously and we do not at any time talk or write to the IRS or any other government agency during your ROE process, or sell or share your information with anyone ever.

If you have an employer that is withholding W-4 type deductions (income taxes) from your paychecks, in almost all cases, we can get these deductions stopped.

This separate W-4 and State withholding “stoppage” process can be discussed with an associate by phone and can be done as a separate process before doing a Revocation of Election. Getting your W-4 and state withholding amounts immediately stopped is more important to get accomplished first as doing so will effectively result in an immediate monthly “pay raise” to you, equalling the amounts presently being withheld.

Employers / payroll departments may hesitate initially with our request to stop withholding from your paychecks. Assistance on this subject will be provided on a fee basis to be paid after your withholding deductions have been stopped. After you receive a paycheck with no W-4 type withholdings deducted from your gross paycheck amount, then the fee for this service will be due.

To take the next step and to see if you qualify to do a ROE:

  1. If interested, fill out the above form to the best of your abilities.
  2. There is no cost to you to have us determine if you are qualified to do the ROE and if it's in your best interest. We will review your answers to the qualifying questions (above) that we would also use to draft your customized ROE documents should you decide to do so.

There are three (3) separate copyrighted ROE documents which we will prepare and email to you for you to send to the IRS, consisting of about forty-three (43) total pages. A cover letter, an AFFIDAVIT, and a supplemental document in support of your AFFIDAVIT entitled: 100 REASONS WHY CERTAIN AMERICAN NATIONALS AND STATE CITIZENS ARE NOT LIABLE FOR PAYING A FEDERAL INCOME TAX are all part of the 3 document ROE package.

A few phone consultations (up to two hours total) concerning your ROE documents, should they be needed, are included in the ROE document preparation and processing cost. Any additional legal consultation time requested by you will be billed at an hourly rate of $250.

We would prefer that you limit your legal questions to the ROE and W-4 subject matters only.

Regarding the cost of preparing your personalized ROE documents and getting your W-4 withholding deductions stopped (if applicable):

  1. Our services are not FREE.
  2. The fee for Revocation of Election document preparation work varies and will depend on each person's individual tax situation and the time required to complete the document filing process with the IRS. A fee / cost quote from us for our services will be provided only after you have answered our questions above and sent your answers to us so we can get a better idea of the scope and nature of work we will have to provide to you.

In general, it is best for both husband and wife to each do a ROE (not mandatory) as each have a separate social security tax identification number with the IRS. Whether both spouses need to file a ROE depends on the income of each spouse.

After completing and submitted your ROE, you should never hear from the IRS again, related to not filing tax returns in the future.

Please be aware that the ROE doesn't affect past year disputes or tax returns not filed for past years.

None of our ROE clients has ever had their ROE documents denied by the IRS.

Your ROE documents will be prepared based on the receipt of the information and answers to the questions above and your payment received in advance.

As privacy advocates, the questionnaire above will be all the personal information we would require and need from you. Your information will be kept confidential. You alone will add your social security number to your final customized ROE documents.

Everything can be accomplished and finalized by phone and email. You will be emailed your documents, you will print out your finalized ROE documents, then send them to certain Officers within the IRS, as per our mailing instructions. Mailing instructions will be provided to you when your ROE is ready to send.

For questions and assistance, contact: