Guaranteed Capital Funding for Your Projects

For Individuals and Businesses in the USA

Fortunate Wealth Creator,
Are you seeking capital in the USA from $100,000 to $100,000,000 for real estate purchases, business expansion, or investment?
The top concern of most small business owners is access to capital. At BIC we are launching collaboration with ICS, an organization rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. ICS has received grant funding to provide a minimum of $100,000 to each small business owner (regardless of credit scores or time in business).
We now have one of the best sources for capital at low interest rates we have ever seen. This company, ICS, is not a lender or even merely a loan broker. Instead, it is something even better: it is a one-stop shop for the entire process of searching, identifying, packaging, qualifying, and accessing capital with the very best terms.
Guaranteed: They guarantee each business applicant will get at least $100,000, regardless of credit scores or time in business.
No tax returns okay: Nontaxpayer? No problem. They can help anyway.
Low interest rates: We previously sent a newsletter about a consultant who has private money investors for real estate who don’t require tax returns. However, it turned out that the interest rates and fees were too high. In contrast, ICS provides loans with no tax return with reasonable interest rates and low or no fees. Further, the capital to which they guide clients is not just for real estate, but for any reasonable purpose.
SBA and Score Loans are among their specialties.
The no-payback program - the Opportunity Fund. There are three sources of capital that a small business can access - - (1) debt-based, (2) equity-based; and (3) earned income. Only ICS offers small businesses up to $10,000 per month of funding that doesn't have to be paid back through the innovative Opportunity Fund.
Reputation - They are Accredited AAA+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Why shop around? Hire THEM to do that!

ICS charges $300 up front as a processing fee for your file, but they guarantee you will be funded. The $300 is nonrefundable, but they still use the word "guarantee", because they make their real money on the back end. Their incentive is to get as much funding as possible for you, because they make their success fees on the back end, contingent only upon your getting funded. Therefore they insist that failing to get any of their clients funded is unthinkable. If you don't give up, they won't. They'll keep working with you until you get funded, one way or the other.
Included in that $300 is enrolling you in Total Credit Rebuild (TCR), if necessary, to remove negative items from your credit report, AND to put positive tradelines on your credit to raise your score QUICKLY towards 800. So in reality, for $300, you're getting a bargain that would normally cost thousands of dollars in credit repair and loan packaging.
Note: It is much easier for them to get larger funding for a business entity than for an individual. The individual applying still needs to have a high credit score, because even corporate credit applications are much more successful if the individual signatory has a high credit score. So they will help you raise your individual score if necessary. But ideally, you will have a business entity with an EIN to apply for the $100K+ funding.
If you already have an LLC or corporation, that will work just fine. The best entity is the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust from Brilliance in Commerce, because it offers so many benefits and advantages not available with statutory entities. Please note that one time, an ICS employee erroneously told one of our clients that ICS cannot arrange funding for trusts. This was incorrect.
We spoke with Thomas Montgomery, one of the founders of ICS, and he gave the authoritative answer: "We can raise capital for business owners operating trusts. However, not all sources of capital will be available to that structure. It just might take a little longer to find the right lender." The wait is WORTH IT - - to be able to get the Natural Law Trust funded.
That proposal is a better one for those seeking capital funding than the other options out there. We have several other associates who are loan brokers and who have expertise in getting all kinds of financing for people, but invariably when we have referred people to them, one obstacle or another arose which prevented the applicants from getting their funding.
In addition, most seekers of capital do a lot of trial and error themselves. They apply here, apply there, and pretty soon their application file is in the hands of a dozen different lenders and brokers. By shopping around, they may find better rates and better terms. On the other hand, shopping around gets tiring and exhausting. After a while, one feels like giving up.
By contrast, ICS helps clients identify the right source of capital for their mitigating circumstances and, secondly, helps them meet the underwriting requirements, i.e., improving business and personal credit, building the loan package, etc. it is more than just finding the right capital for clients. It is helping them meet the underwriting criteria, which may include improving business and/or personal credit scores, loan packaging, etc. So in that way, they’re a one-stop shop to optimize the chances of achieving the ultimate goal. It eliminates the trial and error and maximizes the likelihood of getting the best result.


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Optional – do you have a network of referrals and wish to earn commissions and overrides? Be an Affiliate. BIC has become an Affiliate and ICS has a 2-tier affiliate system.
* No cost to get engaged as a “Small Business Affiliate”
* Have a VERY effective lead generation model (for free) to work with more small business owners and sell more Key Person Policies
* Free leads (newly started DBAs, LLCs, and Corporations in your area)
* Generate $1,000+ from each client assisted through this program
* Receive 1% commission on large loans

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In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce