This is because the NLT has no elements to wear out or break down. Its asset protection is actually greater, more invincible, because of that.

Consider: Most trust operators would love to leave a legacy. It is fortunate if one is blessed with long-range vision. However, statutes change every few years. Anyone basing their structure on LLCs, 501(c)(3)s, 1041s, and other statutory elements, is at the mercy of politicians, legislatures, congresses, and parliaments. One has no control over the future durability and stability of that entity or procedure.

By contrast, the universal laws and principles on which the NLT is based will last forever. Generation after generation after generation. These same principles would endure even on other planets and other galaxies. They are truly universal. There is nothing in the NLT to ever become outdated or expire. No government can change it. No outside party can invalidate it or make it obsolete. Even when the world is enjoying the full sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment and asset protection is no longer needed because crime and theft have disappeared from the Earth, even then, the NLT is still useful because of its state-of-the-art estate planning and wealth administration functions.
Well into the Golden Age, and long past the end of taxes and crime on this planet, the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust will continue to serve – – not so much necessarily for protection against thieves and intruders anymore, but more for the superior means of organization of resources, estate planning, the efficient assignment of assets for various humanitarian projects, and for the masterful distribution of supportive energies for the most exquisite management of life.

Even the Enlightened Masters use trusts. After all, every human being is only a temporary steward of what we have on Earth. So really, no matter how great of a World of Light this planet may become, we see no end to the usefulness of this NLT.