This depends more on the level of the consciousness and experience of the individual than anything else. The NLT is the greatest asset protection vehicle in the world, but a bad operator of it could still mismanage it and make mistakes. It’s just like a Rolls Royce, top-of-the-line Mercedes, or Ferrari – – it doesn’t matter how expensive and well-made the car is. If a bad driver gets into it, he could still crash it.

We can only provide the world-class state-of-the-art vehicle. It is up to the client to be advanced in his knowledge and experience to handle its affairs flawlessly.

I’m sure you are finding that my approach to answering your questions is very different from what typical in-the-system people would provide. Most of them – – licensed financial advisors, estate planning professionals, certified public accountants, and attorneys – – will persuade people who are asking the questions you are asking to get into their system. For their substantial fees, they will take care of recommending and perhaps arranging the system for the client.

As you can see, I am not recommending any of that. But, in order for someone to be competent in going the sovereign way, obviously one must possess some degree of sovereignty consciousness.