Most people like things simple, so you will be pleased to know that ours is one of the simplest trusts in the world. We deliberately write the trusts in plain high school English. We use no legalese. It only consists of 30 to 35 pages. This is one of the reasons that it is one of the strongest trusts in the world.

Even other common law trusts can often be 100 pages or more of complicated legalese. The reason other companies write them that way is to confuse their clients on purpose, so that you have to pay their fees for interpretation. Those dazzling looking legalese phrases can be deceptive. They can make it appear to be strong and sophisticated, and thus impenetrable, but the exact opposite is actually the case.

This is especially the case with statutory trusts. You have to pay the attorneys and the accountants to interpret everything for you. It keeps them in their professions. The disadvantage to you in that situation, besides the extra expenses, is that it disempowers you. It gives your power away to the professional who is interpreting for you. That actually weakens the asset protection, because what if they take advantage of the assets in your trust without your understanding what is going on?

Our NLT, by contrast, puts you in the power position because you can easily understand it. You don’t need to hire any professionals to interpret it for you. And whatever you aren’t clear on, our trust writer and/or his team will clarify for you in 1-on-1 consultations – – included in the price of the trust.