You need not worry about this unless you are coming in with 500M or 1B+.  At those levels, more and more attention is paid by the trading administrators as to what the recipient is doing with the money, to make sure they’re not buying arms for guerilla groups, funding drug trade, or other illegal or harmful projects.  As long as it is seen that the money is going to generally harmless, constructive, and life-supporting purposes, the client is fine.  That is why at the large cap levels, information on the projects to which the money is going is requested. 

Examples of acceptable projects would include helping the homeless, the disadvantaged, orphans, children, abused women, disaster victims, refugees, the rain forests, provision of clean running water, organic agriculture, cleaning the oceans, bringing out new free energy inventions, housing projects for the poor, infrastructure projects anywhere in the world where they are needed, and so on.  The list is very long.  Basically it would include anything that most everyone would agree is making the world a better place.