Thank you for your responsible question, and the answer requires an understanding of the hierarchy of human society. As long as a century ago or more, the cartel of rich people bent on taking over the world wanted special standards for themselves that made the rules that apply to the masses inapplicable to them. Have you read the book The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin? Or the more scholarly version of the same story, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, by Eustace Mullen? These books describe the old dark elite and the banking and governmental systems that they engineered to benefit the few at the expense of the many. This knowledge is becoming well known and rather mainstream these days.

Even though the USA was founded on the principle that ALL of us are kings and queens, as confirmed in no less than six US Supreme Court cases – – which all said, in essence, that Americans are sovereigns without subjects, naturally the ancient habit of smaller groups forming themselves into a “superior” group has persisted. It may be unconstitutional, but it has persisted nonetheless, and it has operated through special knowledge. It has inadvertently created a de facto hierarchy, despite the elimination of titles of nobility by the Founding Fathers.

As a result, so-called law schools only teach attorneys the statutory law to which the unawakened and brainwashed masses are subject. That was the wish of the elite. At the same time, the elite themselves used non-statutory trusts, because they didn’t see themselves as being subject to the same rules that they were imposing on everyone else. The Federal Reserve is not a government agency and never has been. It has always been, since the beginning in 1913, a private banking system with various elite shareholders. The IRS has been its collection agency. Hence it is not surprising that the owners of that system would train their IRS agents to deny the existence or the legitimacy of the non-statutory entities. This is in spite of the fact that the elite themselves use them.

They set up the system in America in such a way that it has allowed anyone to realize their own status via self-study, and to thus begin to assert their rights without retaliation from the government. This gave them plausible deniability, enabling them to correctly claim that no institution or agency can deny an American’s rights by force if he realized them correctly on his own. This has been my own experience and that of all of us who work for BIC, as well as a large number of our customers and affiliates. The elite doesn’t try to deny who we really are, when we have realized it on our own. I think they don’t worry about it, because we are such a small minority of the population, and none of us is super rich financially or super powerful politically.

Thus the only way they have been able to perpetrate their fed fraud for the majority of the population is by putting out as much disinformation as possible, to keep the herds of sheep in line. It’s kind of a very clever strategy – – because by not using gunpoint force to overtly enslave everyone, instead they have used psyops (psychological operations). The silver lining for them, as well as for us, is that when the minority rises above this mental conditioning, the elite cannot be accused of forcing the liberated ones back into slavery.

It should then make perfect sense to you that the IRS would deny common law trusts, but I sympathize with your question, because you’re on the outside looking in. If you had been on the inside of the community of sovereign trust operators for five or six decades like we have, you would have been seeing the same as what we have been seeing. That is that in actual practice, the IRS never attacks these trusts. If you find any cases where it appears that they did, it would have only been trusts written differently from our NLTs from BIC. Somehow those others must have had weaknesses and vulnerabilities, all of which we have eliminated in our NLTs. The tax men don’t attack them because that would be shooting themselves in the foot. They know their own elite use similar vehicles. They’d rather keep quiet about it and avoid publicizing the issue.

Think of it as being like the difference between cars driving on the road and airplanes flying in the sky. Cars on the ground have to follow the road rules, which are far more restrictive than the rules that airplanes must follow. In that sense, the airplane is an exception to the road rules. Like that, the NLT is an exception to the rules that statutory entities must follow. We don’t use the word “exempt”, because that’s a statutory term that can be given by the IRS and can be taken away by the IRS. By contrast, the NLT is an exception to those rules, and it doesn’t need a stamp of approval for that exception, any more than an airplane would need a stamp of exemption from road rules. That would be ridiculous. A stamp of approval of exempt or exception status would imply that without it, it would indeed be subject to such rules. How on Earth could an airplane even be imagined to be subject to road rules?

The NLT is an exception to all statutes worldwide issued by governments and their agencies – – including the IRC in the USA. No agency or institution has the authority to remove or deny that exception. This is proven in real life experience by the fact that out of thousands of NLT operators, not a single one has ever been attacked by the IRS or any other tax agency.

Part of the reason for this is how the NLT is written. Another part of the reason is how trustees are instructed to apply for the EIN. There is a certain exact procedure for doing so which must be followed precisely. And another part of the reason is that most NLT operators follow our advice to just keep quiet. The only rights you really have are the rights you KNOW you have. So if you KNOW you have the right to ignore statutory requirements, and you live accordingly, then you just keep quiet about it.

It would be foolhardy to approach a tax systemite and ask him if what I am saying here is true. That would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull, or it would be like deliberately picking a fight with a bully. Of course, if someone is stupid enough to provoke those types of people, that someone would be creating trouble for himself. That is why we say right at the top of our trust eBook, “for Peaceful People”.

Knowing your rights as a sovereign individual, and knowing that the NLT is written in harmony with the universal right of contract, as affirmed in the global UCC and in US Supreme Court cases, you can wisely choose to join the decentralized international brotherhood-sisterhood of NLT operators, and enjoy the same 100% success rate that all the rest have had. 100% success means the trust has never been penetrated, and has never been invalidated. Further, it cannot be invalidated.