As with every other sector of business and industry in the world, which has been a mixture of virtue and vice, so the bank instruments trading industry has had its share as well.  By the 1990s, risk to investor principal capital had been reduced to pretty close to zero, by the use of bank guarantees, and later, even better, the reserve account, in which the capital simply stays in the investor’s own account.  But that privilege was available only to the $100M+ clients. 

Even so, while the $100M+ investors enjoyed positive performance and no losses, those with less than 100M were often subject to scams, because they weren’t given the proper protection on their funds.  That made a bad name for the industry among the “small cap” investors.  At the same time, the industry was putting out smokescreens, denying its own existence in high profile publications.  This effectively made it next to impossible for small cap investors to participate safely, and equally as difficult for introducing intermediaries to earn commissions by consulting in this field.  And, in the 1990s and early 2000s, the global financial system in general was more dominated by negative forces. 

Today, since about 2018, we have been fortunate in that much of the bad energy has been cleaned out.  Many bad actors have been removed, computers have improved, safety mechanisms have evolved, integrity in the industry has increased, and now we have discovered who some of the benevolent administrators are.  These are the ones with whom we are now associated.  We refer to them as “white hats”, meaning people in power who are using that power honestly, for generous and life-supporting purposes, and whose good words are seen to be backed by heavy investments in humanitarian projects that are truly uplifting the world. 

Those of us who serve as consultants in this field now have the added joy of bringing candidates to these white hats – – and watching the programs perform as promised, as contractually agreed, and with the same zero risk reserve account protection at the 1M level as used to exist only at the 100M level.  Now our 1M+ investors are being given the same VIP treatment that was only available previously to the 100M+ investors. 

Another problem that used to be rampant was circumvention.  A consultant like myself would work hard to bring good clients, and then other brokers would take them and give no credit to the originating introducer, in spite of non-circumvention agreements.  We do not suffer from this problem any more, because we have finally found and developed good relationships with the right authorities at the pinnacle of the industry. 

Ironically, now we have more of a problem finding nice and open minded clients.  Now that we have high integrity platforms that are performing, we face the new problem of finding clients who are able to overcome the “too good to be true” meme, and who don’t come to the table with a “prove it to me” attitude.  So now we HAVE fantastic platforms with proven success and demonstrated integrity, so it is amazing to us how very few investors are awake, aware, alert, smart, intelligent, and wise enough to participate.   It is very simple to qualify and get the invitation.  Besides having the requisite minimum capital available, they need to be just plain decent, polite, cooperative, and open minded.