Absolutely, of course, yes.  Have you read the Natural Law Trust eBook?  As you can see in there, the NLT is the best template in the world from which to create a foundation, a family trust, a pure trust, and a common law trust.


Some would actually call our NLT a “common law trust”, as the trust itself is based on common law.  We only use the words Natural Law because our perfection of the application of the common law synthesizes all the highest relevant laws in the world when it comes to contracts, including the Uniform Commercial Code, Kingdom Law, Canon Law, and the common sense ethics of human relationships codified in centuries of tradition via common law in the international brotherhood of trust experience.  Thus it is closer to universal Natural Law than the sometimes imperfect manmade common law.


In the eBook you will see that it is infinitely flexible.  Our Brilliance in Commerce House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust is the apex, the quintessence, and the epitome of generations of evolving perfection in the science and art of world-class asset protection – – stemming from what the super rich elite originally had, and raised to levels of purity that minimize the chances of misuse.


As long as the basic protocols outlined in the trust itself and its manual are followed, which are much simpler than any statutory foundation or trust, it can be structured to achieve any noble purpose – – whether to be a foundation that makes philanthropic grants, a foundation that receives donations, or a family holding trust, a business trust, a facilitator of humanitarian projects, a charity, a scientific institute, an educational institute, a spiritual center, or any other worthy cause.


It is sovereign, in that it is not subject to the jurisdiction of any manmade principality on Earth, and thus does not derive its permission to exist or its authenticity from any government.  It has a 100% success rate, in that it has never been penetrated or invalidated, and in fact cannot be invalidated.  No NLT has ever lost its assets due to its design.  It has no weaknesses or vulnerabilities.  It is intrinsically invincible.


It can be multi-layered, with additional NLTs serving as trustees or beneficiaries, and it can be the holder of the assets of statutory entities like LLCs, corporations, and IBCs.  There is really no limit to what can be done with it, as long as the basic guidelines set out in it are followed.  So yes, we believe you will be infinitely happier with the NLT experience for decades and centuries to come . . . and your heirs . . . than you would be if you had merely a limited foundation created under some governmental statutes that could change next year with some new legislation.  The NLT can go on generation after generation, because no congressional or parliamentary legislation will ever make any difference to its existence and the enjoyment of its welfare.