The possibility of this is more answered on your side than on the trading team’s side.  The reason for this is that no, the trade programs do not allow pools. They also do not allow borrowed funds.  So a group of investors could be assembled and their funds could be pooled in an LLC or corporation, but it would be illegal to inform them that their money is going into a BIIP.  It would be illegal to advertise it. It would be illegal to tell them that their principal capital is guaranteed or that the returns are guaranteed. This is because the trade platform does not accept pools and will not be responsible to multiple parties.  Therefore what investor would put up any money under conditions like that? “We can’t tell you what your money is being invested in, and we can’t promise any guarantees on it.” Nobody would be interested in a deal like that. One LLC director or corporate president can serve as the signatory on the funds in that corporation, but remember, the trade platform require proof of history of funds – – where the funds came from.  If it is revealed that the funds came from smaller contributors who are expecting a return, the fund will be rejected. Only a single lump sum of capital controlled by a single signatory, or maximum two signatories, is permitted.