First, please understand that the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust (NLT) from BIC can be used by anyone, regardless of their status.

A Rolls Royce can be driven by a billionaire or his chauffeur. It can be driven by a German, an African, or an American. The car doesn’t care what the status of the driver is.

Same with the NLT. It is equally successful with both slaves and sovereigns.

However, obviously, if the driver has been educated in personal individual sovereignty, then he would be able to appreciate the freedoms that the NLT enjoys a lot more than if he is in a subject-slave mentality, yes?

In addition, a trustee of an NLT who has documented his individual sovereignty correctly will have a much better mindset for managing the affairs of the NLT without allowing it to erroneously become vulnerable to dominating influences from other parties. He would be far more inclined to exercise the considerable rights that the trust furnishes.

No matter how well designed a Rolls Royce may be, an incompetent driver could still drive it into the ditch. Same with the NLT. We provide the best trust on the planet. It is the most well-crafted asset protection vehicle for maximizing the protection of assets and for operating successfully in a sovereign way without compromising its rights or subjecting it to any outside influence. But then it is hoped that the trustees rise to the occasion of the consciousness with which the trust was designed. If they don’t, then they are missing its greatest benefits.