As stated inter alia, the BIIP industry provides the greatest investments on the planet, but the price newcomers have to pay for this is having no means of verification in advance – – except verification of the 100% absence of risk to one’s principal capital.  That is the only thing you will be able to confirm in advance, before committing, by examining the contract, and by seeing that you are left in control of your capital – – that you are never asked to turn it over to anyone else.  That much can give you peace of mind.

But other than that, you must be satisfied to have no references of satisfied customers, no advance proof of payout performance, no BBB listings, no public record of the integrity of the players, and so on.  The only way most investors have ever seen proof is if they were fortunate enough to have a friend who did it and the friend would show them the proof.  If you don’t have that, then you will just have to be content with allowing the contractually agreed upon time pass to see the payout performance for yourself.  But the fact that your capital stays safe in your own hands means that due diligence on the parties involved is never necessary for you.  This is because you will not need to trust anyone with your principal capital except yourself.