Thank you for this good question.  Of course the trade groups with which we are associated cannot claim to adhere strictly only to the codes of any one religion, because those vary widely, even from congregation to congregation.  But certainly the ones with which we are associated are the ones that we have observed to be honoring their contracts, paying out as promised, showing benevolence, and showing compliance with all relevant secular laws.  The fact that they do not admit clients that are known to be dangerous to society is one evidence of their ethics. 

Dr. Buckminster Fuller, who had 48 Ph.D.s, in the 1970s did a calculation.  He totaled up all the wealth in the world, and then he divided it by the world’s population.  What this calculation showed was that if it was evenly divided, every last man, woman, and child would be a multi-millionaire.  This mathematically proved that there was no shortage of supply.  There was only an inequity in distribution. 

This was not to advocate some communistic or socialistic redistribution.  It was only to prove that those who believe in “necessary evils”, and that poverty is not possible to fix any time soon, are disproven by the numbers. 

It is our opinion that virtuous, well-designed, well-operated, and fairly administered high yield investment programs are among the very best ways to multiply wealth and increase abundant distribution in this world.  This is the philosophy, as well, of the best bank instruments trading administrators at the top of the industry – – the ones with whom we are associated.  Beyond their own profits, this is why they are involved in it.  They see it as improving the economy of the world.  We agree with this. 

So being, this should have the full approval of Heaven and Earth.  It should be seen as fitting with the ideals of all religions and all spiritual paths. 

It is also important to note that the trading itself in BIIPs has no losers.  It has exit buyers, but these are major institutions like pension funds that are heavily regulated, and they are not experiencing a loss when they make these exit purchases.  This was explained inter alia.

The Forex market, by contrast, always has a winner on one side and a loser on the other.  Same with commodities futures.  Same with stock speculation.  Purchasing stocks as investments for the long-term hold, like Warren Buffet does, rarely has losers, so that is better.  But all the markets that have winners at the expense of losers are not improving the collective economy very much, if at all. 

The BIIP industry, on the other hand, simply multiplies the medium of distribution via high speed quantum computers trading bank instruments at lightning speed.  It is basically a form of arbitrage, so it is pretty close to zero risk even for the traders.  They have a buyer lined up at a profit before they buy at a lower price.  Hence it only produces winners.  The buyers win, the sellers win, the traders win, the clients win, the intermediaries win, and the economy in general wins when all parties spend the money thus gained on life-supporting projects.