This is a good question and is one that some others have asked. It is appreciated that less professional brokers of PPPs have been known to shop investor paperwork around, looking for acceptance at a platform. Then the investor starts receiving calls from unknown parties who have received his private information. Naturally this would be very unsettling. Thus, please consider the following points.

  1. The first thing to realize is that absolute privacy is already nonexistent, before even coming to us. Credit data on just about everyone who has a credit history is already available on the underground dark net. Intelligence agencies already have everything about everyone in real time. Any money of any significant size is already showing on screens, along with everything about its owner.
  2. Reputable consultants do not shop investor KYC forms. They submit them only and exclusively to the one place where they belong: the trade desk.
  3. The most sensitive information is not requested in the initial intake documents. That is only requested later, after the contract is signed, and it only goes directly to the trader. It is never needed by the compliance officer or the intermediaries.
  4. Most owners of substantial capital, such as $10 million or more, know that they should never deposit it at the ordinary street retail level of a bank, facilitated by the lowest paid bank clerks. That raises some small risk of fraud and attempted theft by such employees. Rather, most high net worth owners of capital do their banking at higher levels of the institution, typically called private banking, where much greater security is routine.

    In the PPPs, since the cash deposit or BI is required to be with a top 25 bank, there is nominal Financial Institution risk. These trade programs only occur among top 25 banks with AAA credit ratings, which is better than the US Federal Government, and the US Treasury is considered to be the “risk-free rate”. In addition, our recommended PPPs ONLY operate on Tier 1 platforms – – meaning we deal directly and only with the ‘highest of the high’ level traders. Not only are they of the highest integrity, but they also have the greatest proven credibility and reputation in the industry. They stand to gain endlessly more success by continuing to honor their client’s rights, and they have the most to lose by not doing so.

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