We appreciate your seeking our advice, but none of us at BIC participate in income taxes and so we don’t use the accountants who prepare them.

You have from BIC the world’s greatest non-taxable asset protection entity, but if the agency that pays your pension will not change the addressee to the trust name, then your only other option is to become individually exempt.

If you have American Citizenship, then you can utilize the Revocation of Election (ROE) at https://brillianceincommerce.com/freedomfromtax. Go to #4 on that page. Implementing that process will make you officially exempt from income tax in the USA.

As long as they regard you as a taxpayer, you will simply have to use a regular local accountant who works with taxpayers. At BIC we don’t deal with them and cannot recommend any.

Our BIC staff member Dominique Hackett is working on a book for Natural Law Trust bookkeeping, but that will only pertain to the trust, and it will not address taxes because the trust has no tax filing requirements.

Pension payments by bank wire can be wired directly into a Natural Law Trust bank account, even if the pension payee is the individual trustee. But that would not exempt the payments from taxes, due to the fact that the payor still regards the individual payee to be the taxpayer. The payments would only become free of income tax if they were addressed to the trust itself as the payee, or if you personally convert your status to exempt using the ROE.