You have asked some good and intelligent questions. The good news is, we have never heard of any institution raiding another account of the customer to compensate the credit card debt that they claim the customer owes.

This is due to the strength of the Liberty program. The questions, accusations, and challenges in the Liberty dispute letter and accompanying affidavit show the pretender lender that they are caught. If they were to take money from another account belonging to the same customer, they would be compounding their crime, and they know the likelihood is very high that the customer would then sue, using the arguments in the Liberty documents.

Against such a suit, the lender could not possibly win. We suspect that is the reason we have never heard of a single instance where such an institution went after another account of the customer to satisfy the so-called “debt”.

Nevertheless, it can still be prudent to close any accounts you may have at an institution where you also plan to cancel a debt with the Liberty system, or at least remove most of the money from such accounts.  Even if we have never seen an institution raid a Liberty user’s account, there could always be a first time.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”