Yes, thank you for asking . . . we haven’t had many people with student loans, so we haven’t modified the letter or the affidavit for that purpose. But as you have suggested, just use common sense . . . modify it wherever necessary. Wherever either document refers to a “bank” or “credit card”, etc., just change it accordingly. It is important that this be your own document, your own wording, because we’re not providing legal advice, or legal services, paralegal services, etc. We’re just providing a product, and the intelligence in it WORKS. So yes, adapt it as needed, without altering the basic concepts in it, and you should be fine.
As to whether to put the name of the originator of the loan or the loan servicer, normally it is best to put the name of the servicer – the one who is corresponding with you, sending you statements, and trying to collect. This is because, as stated at the end of the dispute letter, “Notice to the Principal is Notice to the Agent, and Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal.”