Thank you for explaining your situation and your feelings about this, and of course we want to do what is best for you. We apologize if our educational materials have seemed intimidating, but requests for refunds are very rare with us, and usually some discussion can clear up any confusion.

For your greatest benefit, think back to what originally persuaded you that protecting your assets in this way would be attractive. What needs or desires do you have for your personal estate, your business (if any), and/or your investments?

Once you focus on that, we have some really great news for you. We can give you the benefit of our 50+ years of collective experience, concentrated into some very simple how-to steps for you.

We are happy to personally assist cases like yours, by telephone if you wish. It is really much simpler and easier than it might have appeared.

If you were to cancel your order for the NLT, what would be the alternatives? Let’s look at them:

  • Leaving things in your personal name leaves you wide open – a sitting duck for taxes, lawsuits, and liabilities.
  • Putting assets into statutory entities like LLCs, corporations, 501(3)(c)s, or statutory trusts does very little to protect the assets, and comes with very high levels of complexity, confusion, red tape, attorneys, accountants, and a very high cost of time and money.
  • Going with other common law trusts also will involve higher complexity, greater confusion, less control, and diminished advantages of all kinds.

In these five-plus decades, we have seen it all, in the asset protection and estate planning world. It is for certain that our NLT is the absolute simplest vehicle that really delivers bullet-proof and solid protection. You won’t find one simpler, unless it would be one that would endanger your assets, create vulnerabilities, require excessive bureaucratic red tape, cost extra in professional fees, give your power away to lawyers and accountants, and other disadvantages.

You really need not worry that being trustee is all that complicated. I myself am trustee of one of these trusts and it is really very easy. It is best if you are the trustee, because it gives you both legal and practical control of your assets. BIC can provide a nominee grantor for you. Then all you need is a successor trustee – – someone who can take over once you are gone, such as an heir – – and at least one beneficiary.

None of those people you may select need to have much understanding about the trust right now. That can come later, in the leisure of time. No hurry. You can appoint them now, and then over time, months and years, there will be plenty of time for them to learn.

Meanwhile, right now, for you, Randall and Taansen and Dominique and I are willing to “hold your hand” and walk you through the process. It doesn’t take as much time as you might have thought, and it’s really a pleasure, compared to the alternatives.

Operating one of these trusts is just like operating your life in your personal name. You still have income, you still have assets, and you still have the check book, the debit card, password login to your online account. You still make expenditures. The trust’s bank account can handle most of the same expenditures that you were doing in your personal name or in a business name. It’s really not much different, and the advantages are enormous.

We will be happy to take the burden off your shoulders and simplify the whole process for you. We can walk you through it. Then once your trust is set up, Randall will take the same care of you. He loves his clients, and they love him. He is the best out there.

Thousands of NLT clients are quietly extremely happy with their trusts! You can be too. It’s not much different from switching from a Volkswagen to a Rolls Royce. The steering wheel works the same. The accelerator works the same. The road rules are the same. The brakes work the same. The Rolls is just a lot more luxurious and well-endowed with diverse features – – but it’s like moving from a shack to a mansion. The process of getting used to it is a great pleasure.

Once having tasted that freedom and those benefits, you would never want to turn back to the way you were managing affairs before. That has been the experience of everyone who has acquired and used one of these NLTs. We wouldn’t want to see you miss out on that great blessing for the rest of your life and the lives of your beloved ones.

[Happy ending to this story. After reading the above and receiving several personal consultations, she and her husband set up one trust for him and one trust for her . . . and have been very happy with them.]