Most of our clients have been referred by friends, family, and business associates. In other words, they gained confidence and came to us via word of mouth and glowing recommendations from people they already knew and trusted. The NLT has a favorable reputation among all of its existing clients, so the word spreads. In addition, our speakers have spoken at many conferences which were hosted by influencers whom the audiences trusted, and their bringing on our speakers constituted an endorsement. These influencers would not have done that without good reason.

We suggest that newcomers should not purchase an NLT if they are fear-based, if they like to live dangerously, if they are unethical, or if they think harming others or violating the rights of others is sometimes justified. That is why our eBook says on its cover “asset protection for peaceful people”. The NLT has flourished quietly and successfully for thousands of people worldwide for generations partly because its operators are the peaceful types who just want to do good in the world and be protected from unconscious people who don’t understand oneness and who need therapy. Thus being “completely protected” only works if one is harmless and deserving of that protection.