They do not have a way for anyone to apply for them.  The trading administrators already have databases of projects to choose from, so they don’t accept applications for that.  But you’re asking good questions.  The way for you to gain funding for your project is to find a wealthy investor and then have him or her, or “it” if it is an institution, participate in one of our zero risk platforms and share a percentage of the payouts with your project.  That’s how it is done.  That is a win-win-win situation, because the donor never donates his principal capital.  Instead, he increases his capital and multiplies it with zero risk through our platforms . . . so he wins there.  Your project receives whatever percentage you have negotiated with the investor.  The Earth and humanity win when the compassionate and benevolent benefits of your newly empowered project roll out.  The trading team wins due to receiving its fees deducted from the gross proceeds, and the introducing intermediaries win via the commissions they earn.  There are no losers.