The House of Freedom NLT from BIC has a track record that is even better than all the most successful victories of all the other common law trusts out there mentioned in these cases, in that the design of its wording and operation, and the kind of peaceful clientele that it typically attracts, have achieved the ancient principle of “victory before war”. This is evidenced in the fact that none of its thousands of operators, to our knowledge, have ever had the need to test it in court. The one thing that is superior to being victorious in battle is to prevent the need for a battle in the first place.

Nevertheless, if the operators of an NLT were required to defend any of its transactions or operations in court, it is our well supported belief that the NLT would fare even better than the other common law trusts out there, for the simple reason that it has incorporated provisions unique to it that constitute improvements upon the already best state-of-the-art common law trust designs elsewhere out there in the marketplace.

Beyond all that, though, is the very important realization that the NLT itself is sovereign, and cannot be subjected as a whole to the jurisdiction of any authority. It has never been penetrated and has never been invalidated, and in fact cannot be invalidated, because it is based on the universal and unalienable right to enter into private contract. The only aspects that can be litigated are not the NLT’s right to exist, but only specific actions or transactions of the trustees. And since most intelligent NLT operators keep its existence totally private, on a “need to know” basis only, its very invisibility to the public makes it extremely unlikely to ever be attacked in court.