There is a bibliography our trust writer has provided, but really, that is more for people who wish to train to become professional trustees – – meaning providing trustee services for others – – or for people with large organizations and complex business structures. Here it is:

Trust Manual H. Randall Hillner, Trustee 2020

Wills, Trusts, and Estates Dukeminier/Sitkoff/Lindgren 2009

Waters Law of Trusts in Canada Donovan Waters 2012

Restatement of the Law – Trusts American Law Institute, Vol. 1-5 2012

Law of Trusts – George G. Bogert et al. Foundation Press 2012

Trusts – Edward C. Halbach Gilbert Law Summaries 2008

Art of Passing the Buck, Vol. 1 & 2 Charles Arthur Enterprises 2007

Corporation Sole Kenny-Greenwood, Overseer 2013

Handbook Law of Trusts George Gleason Bogert 1921

Law of Trusts J.E. Penner 2019

The first item, the Trust Manual, comes automatically with your Natural Law Trust.

As to the rest of the books, honestly, that would be like studying a car mechanic manual to understand every detail of the pistons, the carburetor, the ball bearings, and transmission. No one who drives a car needs to know all those things. Most NLT operators get along just fine without having read all those books.

You would deprive yourself of the benefits of the trust by over-studying it. Perhaps you are coming to this topic with the assumption that most newcomers have – – that it is assumed to be complicated and intimidating.

That is the impression that most all other trust writing companies want newcomers to have. They want people to think it is beyond easy comprehension because it empowers them and disempowers the client. It makes the client dependent upon them for understanding, which enriches their pocketbook due to the fees they charge.

Perhaps you may have seen the section in our eBook on “Simplicity”. This is a highly valuable quality of our NLT. It is of paramount importance, because it empowers you – – not the lawyers and accountants and trust “experts”. So many of those other trusts out there are stuffed with meaningless legalese, taking up 50, 100, 150 pages. It’s very intimidating looking.

They do that on purpose – – to keep you paying their fees to interpret it all for you. And in some cases, unscrupulous operators will siphon assets out of a client’s trust because they know the client is clueless about what is happening.

That is impossible with our NLT, because it is purposely written in plain high school English, and because we encourage most clients to be their own managing trustee. If you are the managing trustee, and you understand the simple language in the trust, you are in control. You have complete command of it. No outside party has any access to your trust assets, and no one can trick you out of what you have in the trust.

Being this is the case, you are far better off going ahead with your trust, and begin learning through experience . . . rather than endlessly perusing through theories. The more theories you study, the more confused you may get. That is because those trust law tomes are written to encompass every possible scenario – – most of which will never be relevant to you.

Our trust writer has already been through all that, ever since the 1970s. Thus after you have your NLT, you can ask him just exactly what pertains to your needs – – and he will give you precisely accurate answers specifically applicable to you, one on one – – drawing from his decades of study and experience. That can cut short your long journey of learning, and bring you to the practical experience of its benefits starting within a few days of purchasing the trust – – rather than taking weeks and months to try to learn everything before beginning.