The answer is yes and no. We will start with the “no”, so the “yes” will be more clear.

Please understand that it is not just “our” platforms that do not accept bonds. No legitimate and authentic working and performing bank instruments trading platform on the planet accepts anything but cash USD or cash EUR. No other assets. When we say “cash”, of course we don’t mean physical currency. We simply mean United States Dollars in a bank account, or Euro Dollars in a bank account. No real estate, no gold, no oil, no SBLCs, no BGs, no bonds, no non-cash assets, and not even Swiss Francs or Japanese Yen.

They only work with USD or EUR. Period. That’s it. 100%. That’s the ONLY thing they accept. Cash is king. Please keep that in mind. Anyone who tells you otherwise is telling you a story. Of course if the client has capital in a major currency that is traded on the Forex, other than USD or EUR, the platform might accept it, but only because it is instantly convertible to USD or EUR. The trades are only conducted in USD or EUR.

But the “yes” is coming from collaborations with monetizers that are not the same as, but that are connected with, the platforms. We have not one, but several connections with monetizers for assets and for entry into bank instruments trading programs. Nevertheless, our question to the owners of the bonds is, why don’t you just sell them and put the cash into a BIIP PPP? You’re going to make a whole lot more money doing that than holding on to them. It is slower and more complicated to monetize them.

As often happens, a lot of stuff gets presented to us because the purveyors have something worthless that they couldn’t get value from anywhere else. Their bonds are so exotic, or their other instruments are so questionable, that no bank will touch them and no legitimate monetizer or platform will touch them either. So they come to us, shopping it around. We’ve been seeing this ever since the early 1990s. It wastes a lot of time. If the owner could get their instrument monetized successfully, that means he or she could also get it outright sold. And if he can’t sell it, then it may be unlikely he could get a line of credit against it either. So why did it come to us? You see the point?

Nevertheless, we have several genuine and major sources for monetization of assets. Their minimum value for consideration is 150M. We cannot know whether the actual instruments qualify until they are analyzed. But at least if the appraised value of the asset is at least $150M USD, it can be considered.

Naturally lots of questions would arise. For example, on the sovereign bonds, how old? How recent? And which country? But rather than getting into a long Q&A session about it, the best thing for us to do is for you to submit the paperwork on them to us, and we will have our people look it over.

Suffice it to say, if anyone on the planet can do something with them, we can. And if we can’t, no one can. Therefore you have come to the right place to find out.