Your question arises from statutory thinking, so if our trust were statutory, you might be correct – – that choosing what you regard to be an unfriendly situs or domicile might cause complications that would make it difficult or impossible to manage. But in the case of our Natural Law Trusts, the fact that they are non-statutory makes them non-attached to any particular jurisdiction. That frees its officers to move, travel, and operate anywhere in the world, without any changes needed to the trust at all. That is why we call them “international”. The only thing that might change is where one’s bank account for the trust is.

Have you read the eBook? And do you have any background in understanding common law? Have you read the trust section of our website? Have you watched any of our videos? We appreciate your interest . . . so you must have chosen BIC because you are intelligent enough to recognize the best trust in the world. We respect that, and look forward to welcoming you and serving you. But you need to go beyond your statutory thinking. Choosing a different state assumes that the trust is statutory, which it is not.

If you were to be forming an LLC or a corporation, which state you form it in is very important, because laws differ from state to state. States like Wyoming, Nevada, and New Mexico, for example, offer more privacy and less restrictive regulations for LLCs. But the Natural Law Trust is sovereign. It is not subject to the statutes of any state or any government. You need to free your thinking from the restrictions of geography and jurisdiction.

It is like the difference between cars driving down on the road, and airplanes flying in the sky. Cars are subject to stop signs, red lights, traffic jams, waiting for other cars to pass, and so on. Airplanes have no such problems. They fly in a vastly freer space. They have rules to follow too, but they enjoy far more freedom in navigation.

In that analogy, the NLT is like the airplane. It is not subject to the statutory rules that vehicles on the ground have to follow. I hope this helps you to realize that it doesn’t matter what geographic state you are in when you form the trust and give it a mailing address.