To help you understand this issue, you need to understand the difference between exempt and exception. If you require confirmation from an in-the-system tax authority that the NLT is exempt before you will acquire an NLT and begin using it, then I’m afraid you will lose out and you will have to go elsewhere.

Tax authorities like the IRS give “exempt” status to certain types of entities, such as a 501(c)(3), but then it requires annual reports of income and outflow to continue justifying its exempt status. If the IRS doesn’t agree with how the money was being received or spent, it can revoke the exempt status. And, if the people in the 501(c)(3) engage in activities that the cabal doesn’t approve of, it can revoke that exempt status at any time. An example would be a church whose minister is giving sermons saying things the cabal doesn’t like.

By contrast, our NLT is an exception to the tax filing and paying requirements. Think of it according to an analogy. On the ground, cars have to follow road rules, like stopping at red lights. But an airplane up in the sky is not subject to those rules, even though it may fly right over the area where the red lights are. So it’s not that the airplane is “exempt” from stopping at red lights. Rather, the airplane is an “exception” to 100% of ALL the road rules on the ground.

Being an exception is a far more powerful position to be in. Because no tax agency granted the exception status, no tax agency can take it away. No government can take it away. That is one of the qualities that makes these trusts sovereign.

Being non-statutory, only an idiot would consult with statutory people as to the rights of the non-statutory entity. People with a lifetime of vested interest in the statutory system feel threatened by the idea that there are entities out there enjoying total freedom from the entire statutory world. They of course will deny it and argue against it. If you listen to them, you will get sucked into their fear and ignorance.

The wealthy elite families realized generations ago that they didn’t have to make themselves subject to the very system of laws to which they make their slaves subject. That is why non-statutory trusts originated with the wealthiest families. As time went by, this trust design got discovered by people of more average means like us. And our trust writer has tweaked and improved upon it ever since.

Our trust writer has been using them since the 1970s, so that’s about 50 years of unbroken success. He began having clients in the 80s, and our BIC founder, Taansen Fairmont, began referring clients to this trust writer in the 90s and early 2000s. That is how BIC evolved.

Prior to our trust writer, his mentors had success with these trusts going back another generation or two. And everyone – – the mentors, our trust writer, we ourselves at BIC, and 100% of our trust clients – – ALL of us – – have NEVER had a single problem with these trusts with the IRS or ANY tax agency anywhere in the world. Most of us have not even had a peep of an inquiry from the IRS. In the few cases where the IRS did inquire, a one-letter response was all that was needed, and they went away. NONE of us have ever had a real challenge from ANY tax agency about these trusts. In addition, none of these trusts have ever been penetrated and none of them have ever been invalidated. That’s a true 100% success rate.

You don’t have to take our word for it, but there is simply no way to prove it to a newcomer until you begin using the NLT for yourself and see for yourself. If what I’m saying wasn’t true, don’t you think we would have complaints against us at the BBB? Did you see the BBB logo on our website? It says “no complaints”. We’ve been in business in our present form for ten years. Surely that would be enough time for someone to register a complaint if we weren’t telling the truth.

The IRS does NOT wish to admit publicly that there is any such thing out there that is non-statutory and legitimate. But at the same time, the reason they don’t bother us is because the top of the IRS hierarchy uses similar trusts themselves. Many congressmen use them. That is why congress will never pass legislation against them, and the IRS doesn’t launch investigations against non-statutory trust users because how do they know a Rockefeller or a Rothschild isn’t behind it? These trusts are private – – and even though they acquire an EIN from the IRS “for banking purposes only”, they have precious too little information about the trust to know who is really behind it. And they don’t want to try to find out more, for fear of unknowingly stepping on the toes of their bosses. They’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot.

Further, they correctly see these trusts, if they see them at all, as pass-through entities to the ultimate tax payers – – the beneficiaries. If Party A entrusts a house with Party B to hold on behalf of Party C, then no tax man can charge Party B with income tax on it, can he? This is because it isn’t income and he doesn’t own it. He is only fulfilling his stewardship as trustee to hold it on behalf of Party C for later distribution. The tax people understand that – – and there is nothing they can do about it.

If the above facts and logic are not sufficient for you and you still need confirmation from someone in government or Bar-licensed legal authority, we sympathize. That shows how deeply the cabal has put people in fear.

In that case, you could help yourself by making yourself individually exempt, if you are an American. Our individual program for exemption also has a 100% success rate. Go to and implement number 4 there. There is no cost. Once you are individually exempt, then you will have less fear of the tax man attacking the NLT of which you may become trustee.

You can understand that asking a statutory authority if a non-statutory entity has the right to be nontaxable would be like a sheep asking a wolf if she is exempt from being eaten for dinner.