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              October 18, 2023            
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Zoom Video Trust Webinar with Randall Hillner

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  • The Isness of Peace
  • Debt Elimination ~ the Victories Continue (another court victory)
  • Images you must see
  • Message for America ~ Inspiration about the Golden Age from Ascended Master Lord St. Germain
  • Fabulous feedback on Randall Hillner – our Natural Law Trust Writer
  • You are invited: Trust Zoom Video Webinar on October 18 with Randall Hillner
  • Grants available for arts, education, individuals, and humanitarian projects
  • For those in the precious metals mining industry – electromagnetic sensing technology
  • World Situation Update ~ An Evening with Will Barney ~ October 26
  • Playbacks of recent 2023 Will Barney Conferences
  • Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Protect Your Assets
  • “I wish I had gotten it sooner”
  • House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust ~ Questions and Answers
  • Correcting Important Trust Disinformation – – Why the Natural Law Trust is Irrevocable
  • Mitochondria miracles doctors didn’t think were possible
  • Have a Great Idea? ~ Millions of Dollars Can Be Raised for Worthy Projects
  • More Images you must see
  • Playback of Past Trust Webinar 
  • Cosmic Renaissance ~ Enlightenment in the Arts
  • To Raise Your Credit Score: Your Credit Blueprint
  • News from Around the World 
  • FUNDS AVAILABLE ~ variety of loan sources for Americans
  • Resources to Save – Index of Important Links
  • Humor of the Day

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The Isness of Peace

* * ^ ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ *

Respected Ally [[firstname fallback=”Friend”]],
The Isness of Peace can be illustrated in the old story of Hell and Heaven.

An old monk sat by the roadside in deep meditation, with eyes closed, legs crossed and his hands folded in his lap. Suddenly, he was interrupted by the harsh and demanding voice of a warrior: “Old man! Teach me about heaven and hell!

At first, the warrior thought the monk had not heard, since there was no perceptible response from him. But gradually the monk began to open his eyes, the faintest hint of a smile playing around the corners of his mouth, as the warrior stood there, waiting impatiently, growing more agitated with each passing second.

“You wish to know the secrets of heaven and hell?” asked the monk at last. “You who are so unkempt. You whose hands and feet are covered with dirt, whose hair is uncombed, whose breath is foul, whose sword is all rusty and neglected. You would ask me of heaven and hell?”

With a vile curse and his face turning crimson, the warrior drew his sword and raised it high above his head to behead the monk. “That is hell,” said the monk gently, just as the sword began its descent.

In that fraction of a second, the warrior was overcome with amazement, awe, compassion, and love for this gentle being who had dared risk his very life to give him such a teaching. He stopped his sword in mid-flight, his eyes filled with grateful tears.

“And that,” said the monk, “is heaven.

The Children of the Garden of Ancient and Future Royalty in Sovereignty Consciousness are arriving in the Enlightenment of the Here and Now. In the Lotus Kingdom, they are playing in the Fountain of Energy, and all around is the Eye of Grace. Above the Valley of Flowers is the Palace of Crystal, and high above that is the Mountain of Awareness.

Around the Islands of Angels are the waves of the Ocean of Love. The Birds of Paradise are singing in the diamond trees, and the Breezes of Tenderness bring sweet fragrances from the eight directions. I am sitting on the mossy, rainbow-colored grass, smooth as silk, enjoying the timeless sunlight. I look up, and quiet hovercraft are descending from above.

I am receiving mental audio-visual communications from the passengers, and waves of bliss flow in me. If the messages were reduced to words, they would be like cosmic greetings, addressed to the Kings and Queens of Love.

The signals are omni-dimensional supernormal telepathic flow-of-consciousness feeling-music-visuals, deeply heart-felt and moving. Beautiful and joyful pulsations ride on these beams of communion, received only in the abodes of the mature heart capacity. The signals contain psychedelic information and deja vu insights like future-remembered realization-condensations.

Some of the feelings conveyed are like an invitation, that in the Grandeur of Friendliness, let us meet on the Summit of Reverence through the sacred sharing of special majestic universe-breathing disclosures and unique world-transforming experiences. With good fortune arriving in these messages, those whose mind and senses are graced with the priceless and timeless music of this charming wisdom, will enjoy increasing worldly and heavenly blessings in life.

Just like peeling a fruit to get to the sweet juice inside, only those who happen to look behind the names of knowledges and deep within the forms, will learn of the vast expanse of unparalleled advantages.

The true magnitude of these treasures is then discerned, for the unsurpassed divine genius and simplicity of this supreme wisdom has never been a secret, nor has it ever been hidden. It has always been openly available for everyone . . . yet only some have been awake enough to cognize it. The information unfolded here is the heart of all cosmic scientific education and the essence of all divine knowledge. The experience of it gives one the fruit of all knowledge without having to study all knowledge.

The arrival of these signals to the minds of the fortunate are among the rewards for all the good vibrations ever generated. All the noble desires arising from the universal intelligence find their fulfillment through the effortless awakening of this Knowing from within. The four ultimate rewards of human existence . . . Virtue, Wealth, Pleasure, and Enlightenment . . . come with ease in the Isness of Peace.

[to be continued in the next issue]

* ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ *

If you would like to be on a smaller private email list of news on oneness and world enlightenment, send me an email to request it and I will add you to the list. 

Also, for additional bliss every day, the key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harmthe attraction of all good, and the acceleration of enlightenment, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

For Americans

Q:    I would like to hear your response to the ethical question of your system being based on the fact that the credit card issuer is being fraudulent, yet to buy your system you accept credit card payment online. If they are fraudulent then why are you accepting their form of payment for your system? 

The reason is because out of the three parties to the transaction, only one of them is fraudulent. That is the so-called lender. You, the customer, are producing value with the hard earned money you are paying; and we, the merchant, are providing value with our hard earned product. It is ethical and sound thus far. We should be paid and you should receive good value, rightfully so. It is when the international crime syndicate called the money lenders insert themselves into the middle of the transaction and attempt to extort their cut, that we draw the line. No money came out of their accounts to issue the loan — it was created out of thin air using the Mandrake Mechanism — and no value came out of them either, in the way of goods or services.

One could argue, well, they provide the medium of exchange — i.e. the money, and administer that system. If so, then the honest way to do it would be for them to charge a small nominal fee, such as 0.01% of every transaction worldwide, for maintaining the money system. That might be fair. It would be open, honest, transparently visible, and mutually agreed upon by everyone. But paying “back” 100% of the value of the transaction PLUS usurious interest, is nothing less than outright theft and extortion. It is a parasitic influence on the global economy and has destroyed countless lives. That is wrong and must be stopped.

We are not harming anyone or taking anything that isn’t offered, by accepting credit cards to pay for our products. On the contrary, as sovereigns, we are exercising our God-given right to transact in commerce and provide our goods and services using whatever medium of exchange society has most agreed upon. The fact that a corrupt cabal has tried to insert itself as a fraudulent party to the transaction is the reason for our withdrawing our support from that behavior.
Further, for every debt cancellation system we sell, and for every debt cancellation system a new customer implements, the economy is improved by that much. The economy is improved because money that was otherwise going to the international crime syndicate — which they then use to hire armies of mercenaries to organize the banking and court systems against us — is money that is now going instead to one’s own (presumably) harmless and life-supporting home living and household expenses and perhaps education or creative and constructive projects. It is withdrawing money from what is harmful in the world and redirecting it to what is helpful. That is a most beautiful fulfillment of the purpose of ethics.

Debt Elimination ~ the Victories Continue
Note of reassurance:  We estimate up to 98% of our Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES) customers never have to go to court. The victories in court reported in these newsletters are the successes enjoyed by the few who did go to court. Everyone else who implemented the LDES according to its instructions had their victories too – – administratively, out of court.


If you haven’t read the eBook, CLICK HERE.


Please watch and share these 5 videos below about how private banks create the money they loan you WITH INTEREST attached out of thin air, while you give blood, sweat, and tears money to pay it back.  Yes, a new monetary system is coming, but why wait?  Share this with those who are suffering NOW, because solutions are available NOW.

       1.   The American Dream Film by The Provocateur Network
       2.   Are You a Sleeping Debt Slave?  Legal Fiction Deception
       3.   All Wars Are Bankers Wars

         4.   How Credit Cards Become Asset Backed Bonds
         5.   No Such Thing as a Bank Loan – Banks Do Not “Loan” Money

For Americans with Credit Card Debt
And Who Have Not Used BIC’s Liberty Debt Elimination System
Be Aware: It continues winning and remains undefeated for everyone who completes its easy steps.

LDES 47-minute Video – 

Full Introduction

Message for America ~ Inspiration about the Golden Age from Ascended Master Lord St. Germain

In the bookUnveiled Mysteries, by Godfre Ray King, written in the 1930s, an ancient enlightened Golden Age civilization is described. It existed some 70,000 years ago in a lush tropical land where today stands the Sahara Desert. Everything was perfect and ideal – – Heaven on Earth. Then it says:

“In your beloved America, in the not so far distant future, will come forth a similar recognition of the Real Inner Self, and this her people will express in high attainment. She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth, brilliant as the sun at noonday, among the nations of the Earth. She was a Land of Great Light, ages ago, and will again come into her spiritual heritage, for nothing can prevent it.

“She is strong within her own mind and body – – stronger than you think; and that strength she will exert to rise out of and throw off from border to border all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time.

“America has a destiny of great import to the other nations of the earth, and Those who have watched over her for centuries still watch. Through Their protection and Love she shall fulfill that destiny. America! We, the Ascended Host of Light, love and guard you. America! We love you.

“A similar form of perfect government will come at a later period when you have cast off certain fetters within that hang like fungi and sap your strength as a vampire. Beloved Ones in America, be not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low. Every one of them shall show you its golden lining. Back of the cloud that seems to threaten is the Crystal Pure Light of God and His Messengers, the Ascended Masters of Love and Perfection, watching over America, the government, and her people. Again I say, ‘America! We love you.’

“One by one, great awakened souls are coming forth who will become clearly conscious of their own mighty, inherent God power, and such as these will be placed in all official positions of the government. They will be more interested in the welfare of America than in their own personal ambitions and private fortunes. Thus will another Golden Age reign upon earth and be maintained for an aeon.”

– – Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfre Ray King – p. 42-44

Via deep meditative states in pure consciousness, I’ve been tapping into planes of Knowing since this body was young, and these planes have actually revealed the reality of the Age of Enlightenment to me.

The Golden Age starts within, and the fact that too small of a percentage of the population have been cultivating it within is the reason why it has been taking so long to manifest outwardly in world affairs.

Nevertheless, it has been spreading and picking up momentum. Plus there are cosmic forces coming in from vertical dimensions. I have seen a convergence coming. Here is another quote from one of the Godfrey Ray King books that reveals this:

“There is a Great Cosmic Wheel of Progress which affects our entire Earth. It governs the Expansion of the Light in the entire system to which this planet belongs. When that Wheel turns to a certain point – and it is nearer than mankind realizes – it will focus certain Rays of Energy upon the Earth. Then the resistance to greater good that is set up by puny, selfish personalities and unawakened mentalities will be as chaff before a mighty wind. The efforts of those human beings will be useless, and they will be compelled to obey a Power far greater than their own selfish cravings.”

— from The Magic Presence, p. 374, by Godfrey Ray King

Fabulous feedback on Randall Hillner

– our Natural Law Trust Writer and Client Consultant –

by Mrs. Bonnie Henderson

“I’ve never known a company whose Customer Service was so impressive”

Note: This happened several years ago, but it is still noteworthy and true today.
“I already sent a thank-you email to Randall for all the time he took with me over questions I had on July 3rd. But on July 4th, he really went the extra mile. It’s amazing what kind of hoops you people go through trying to help your clients who are so new to the concept of a Trust.

“I texted Randall with some reasons for urgency. He called me back from the hospital (his wife was in surgery for a recent crushed ankle). All that stress along with other clients wanting their questions answered, too, yet he was just as nice & patient with me as he was the day before. He spent a half hour answering even more questions.

“When I got home from getting that urgent form notarized, I started to worry about what the notary said about my needing to sign on both lines, not just one. I told her that the bottom line will get signed by the person who saw to it that the money was deposited into the trust. But Randall didn’t tell me that. I was just so sure I was right. But to be on the safe side, I called him back to confirm my “rightness” and he was delighted at the new-found confidence I had gained over the past week. He was driving home from the store, pulled into a safe zone, and explained in detail why I needed to sign on both lines. So, I created a new sheet from the form he emailed, and back to the notary I went.

“Later on that day, our family went to the city fireworks at the beach (first time for our almost 3 yr old grandson). I had a great time thanks to Randall’s help in expediting that form via email. The next morning, I decided to send him a thank you note, and I spotted an email from him with all the downloads I needed in the future. He must have worked on that the rest of the holiday – even though all I needed was that one form to get notarized.

“I will always remember Randall every July 4th for going out of his way to help ease my anxiety about that form.

“I’m 72, and in all my adult years, I’ve never known a company whose Customer Service was so impressive. Thank you, Taansen, for the time you spent with me on the phone & emails, and also to Peter Chang’s answering more questions via email. Randall’s help between the hospital, the store, and while he was home was amazing. Gosh, what a great group of people you have at BIC! I will definitely recommend your company to folks in our social circle.

All Smiles!! ~ Mrs. Bonnie Henderson

You are invited:
Trust Zoom Video Webinar on October 18

The Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

Online Webinar Series with Randall Hillner

October 18, 2023

Ascending Evolution of Trust Knowledge

Trusts and Corporations ~ A Comparison

7:00 PM USA Eastern
4:00 PM USA Pacific
1:00 PM USA Hawaii Time

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– – expected to continue and to be announced thereafter – –
Expected length of each webinar – 1 or 2 hours
(depending on questions & answers)

            For those who cannot make these times, playbacks will be available and announced in these newsletters.  The advantage to live attendance is the ability to ask your own questions live.

Enrollment Fee:  – – $0.00 – – (for now)


How to Attend
(If you can do that, then you don’t need the rest of the instructions below)

 One-tap on your mobile smart phone (Video and audio):

+16694449171,,81251271654# US (USA)

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Or Telephone (Audio only):
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+1 646 931 3860 US
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Or click here to find your local number anywhere in the world

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812 5127 1654

Passcode:  890069

How to successfully attend 
Wednesday’s trust webinar
      The Zoom video system is considered by many to be the top online meeting venue in the world, with some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.  Thank you for your patience as we learn better how to master it! 
       If you would like to see the visuals of the webinar on your computer or smart phone screen, and if you have not already downloaded the Zoom software and installed it, it would help you to do that today . . . and it only takes 2-3 minutes, depending on your Internet speed and device speed.
       The reason for doing it today, or as soon as possible before the webinar, is so that when the webinar begins, you won’t have to bother with it then.  Some people previously ran into glitches, confusion, and roadblocks in installing the software in the past.  If you’re trying to do that right when the webinar starts, then you may miss a lot of it.  So if you start the process well in advance, it gives you time to overcome those obstacles.  Then when the webinar begins, you can just click on the link and start viewing and listening.
         The link is:
         If you have already installed the Zoom software on your device in the past, then you’re all set . . . just wait until the time for the webinar to begin, and click on the above link.  But if you have not already downloaded and installed the Zoom software, then after clicking on the above link, it will prompt you to do so. Simply click through the prompts and follow what it says to do.  Complete instructions cannot be given here because it varies depending on what device you are using – – a PC, a Mac, Android phone, iPhone, etc.   Besides, the process is supposed to be completely automatic.
        IF you run into any difficulties in this process, go to and click in the lower right corner where it says “Help”.  That will open up a little window that says “How can we help?”  Type in “Chat” or “Start chat”, press Enter (Return), and that will get you into a chat with one of the Zoom support staff.  Then describe the problem you are experiencing and they will guide you to the resolution.  Their chat help is open 24/7 and is available to everyone.  Their phone help is only available to Zoom paid account holders.
        This is why it is wise to do this today . . . or sometime early before the webinar on Wednesday . . . to give you time to get any roadblocks removed in advance.
        If you don’t wish to bother with this, or don’t need to see the visuals because you plan to listen while driving in your car or something, then just use the telephone connection.  By telephone it can’t be any simpler . . . just dial the number, put in the access code, and you’re in.  No software to download.   All the details are repeated below.  See you on the webinar! 


Grants available for arts, education, individuals, and humanitarian projects

The Foundation Center, which merged with Candid organization, provides a rich treasury of information on grants to individuals and humanitarian arts projects as well as job opportunities. See their site at this link. (Click on “Candid at a glance” in the upper right).

The Philanthropy News Digest newsletter provides news about a wide variety of job opportunities and invitations to receive grants for people involved in the arts. Subscribe to their free email newsletter at this link.

The Foundation Directory Online from the Foundation Center provides a rich resource of grant sources (LINK). They have 140,000+ grantmakers and 12 million+ grants available.

Grants to Individuals information is at this link

For those involved in the precious metals mining industry

Electromagnetic sensing technology saves up to 80% in exploration costs and protects the environment

The Mineral Finder Technology is a possible game changer for engineers or miners who write up National Instrument 43-101 Reports. It can save them time, energy, and money to confirm there are in-ground assets on potential prospecting mines or on land! It is a great tool if it is embraced by the engineers and or mining industry. 

For further info, click here for brochure
World Situation Update

An Evening with Will Barney

Former banker and former speaker on 
the Humanus Global conference calls

Please join us on a live Zoom video conference.  So much has happened since Will’s last Zoom meeting with us. 

The events currently unfolding on Earth are exponentially more dramatic, historic, profound, powerful, and life-changing than ever before.  They are accelerating at such a pace that it is impossible to keep up with all of them, but Will does a great job of covering the highlights and showing the clear pattern leading towards a Golden Age on Earth. 

Thursday October 26, 2023

4:00 PM USA Pacific Time
5:00 PM USA Mountain Time
6:00 PM USA Central Time
7:00 PM USA Eastern Time

To convert the time for other parts of the world,
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– – Will Barney will answer questions from the audience – –

How to Attend

Video and audio:

(If you can do that, then you don’t need the rest of the instructions below)

<> o <> o <> o <> o <> o <> o <>

One-tap on your mobile smart phone (Video and audio):

+16694449171,,88151523020# – US

+16699006833,,88151523020# – San Jose

Or Telephone (Audio only):

Or click here to find your local number anywhere in the world

After calling your chosen number, then when prompted, key in the meeting ID:
881 5152 3020  – – Passcode: 842462

Or Click Here to Join by Skype for Business

Many subscribers requested this.

Playbacks of recent 2023 Will Barney Conferences

 Mr. Barney is a former middle management banker who left banking decades ago because he began discovering that to advance into the hierarchy of the management, he would have had to cooperate with unethical practices. He was one of those compassionate bankers who had a conscience, so he left.

Independently, his research and networking developed into inside connections with all kinds of White Hats – – people in government, in the corporate world, and other independents who are having an influential effect on bringing down the tyrannical and enslaving system, and replacing the people and practices that harm humanity with new people and practices that are creative, compassionate, life-supporting, and benevolent.

It is this multi-decade long focus of research and communication, combined with his naturally compassionate and humanitarian manner, that led him into trusted relationships with insiders who otherwise would prefer to remain hidden from the less conscious types. He has earned their trust, and so they are willing to disclose the inside workings of things with him. His reports convey what is allowed to be conveyed, without breaking confidences.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
to Protect Your Assets

Let us give you the mountaintop view that we have. Time and again, we see people postponing setting up their Natural Law Trusts, and then getting into trouble and wishing they had set it up sooner. 

Case in point: A woman came to us with millions of dollars in debt due to a failed business, and was trying to salvage what she had left before giving it all away to bankruptcy proceedings.

After she is already in BK proceedings and the attorney sharks are circling her, to set up the trust then and transfer her assets into it could be challenged by the court as “fraudulent conveyance”. It could be possible that the court could try to get the assets back out of the trust, even though it is irrevocable – – or file criminal charges against the woman for hiding assets when monies are due to creditors. But if she had transferred her assets into the trust years ago, before any of the problems arose, then no court could challenge it and she would be safe.

A Natural Law Trust is like insurance – – it is a prevention of problems. If you wait until your house burns down to buy fire insurance, it is too late. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Procrastinating, putting it off, and postponing assembling one’s state-of-the-art asset protection is an invitation to disaster. Most everyone we know who has begun to enjoy the benefits of an NLT has wished they had started it sooner. May this be a word to the wise. 
“I wish I had gotten it sooner”

That’s what most people say when they have begun to enjoy the newfound freedom and benefits of operating their own House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust. 
House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust

Questions and Answers

Q:   You have recommended for us to keep our trust activities quiet. This seems to imply keeping a low profile and not operating businesses and activities outside the trust that might draw the scrutiny of the tax man. Is this correct and if so, do you have broad guidelines as to what might raise unnecessary tax scrutiny (waving a red flag in front of a bull)?

No, I didn’t say you need to “keep a low profile”. You could do so if you wish, but that’s not necessary to stay out of trouble. What I said was to simply avoid volunteering contact with the tax people. The top of their hierarchy has a time-tested policy of not attacking these trusts, but most of the minions and underlings don’t know that. All they know is their computer system doesn’t give them the prompts to go after these trusts. The very few times they did go after common law trust promoters was due to weaknesses in those trust designs, combined with excessive shout-it-from-the-rooftops publicity by the promoters. Then of course the tax bosses told their underlings, “Go get ’em.”

We stay out of that profile. You have surely noticed we don’t promote our trusts with “be free of those nasty income taxes” emblazoned in some high-profile headlines. We keep it quieter – – embedded way down in the middle of smaller text, and stated correctly, factually, professionally, and conservatively. We have no anti-tax or anti-government language anywhere in our trusts or in our marketing materials.

If you become an NLT operator, we would encourage you to do the same. Just live peacefully and go about your business. Don’t be foolish enough to go reaching out to the tax people and asking them anything about these trusts. It’s none of their business and it is most certainly not their expertise. If they were to contact you about it, which would be most rare and unusual, of course we would help you with how to respond. But as long as you don’t volunteer to mention it to them, and if you just live peacefully, it is 99+% likely that they will never bother you.

Q:    One of my key interests and priorities are charitable activities. In light of keeping a prudent low profile, how can I conduct charitable activities? For example, can I operate as a foundation would running its own school or similar which might require hiring employees or staff for the foundation activities itself)? If not, am I better off then just making grants to already existing organizations as I am not then showing up on the IRS radar or do I set up my own statutory, 501c3 organization?
A:    Well, we are not licensed to give you legal or tax advice, but I can say what any of us who have had success with the NLTs would do. We just go on about our business the normal way – – very simple. There is really no big difference. The only difference is, no filing, no reporting, no paying. But otherwise, just engage freely in your wonderful charitable activities the way you normally would.

As far as a 501c3 is concerned, you would have no need for it. First of all, it gives very little benefits for all the bureaucratic red tape you would have to put up with. And, the exemption that it provides could be revoked at any time. It is very much a subject slave kind of entity. For example, ministers in churches have their free speech limited when their church is in a 501c3. They can’t discuss politics from the pulpit. For churches, a 508 corporation sole has far more benefits. And we at BIC provide 508s as well. Nevertheless, the NLT has all the benefits of a 508 plus more. A church or a charity can operate most successfully from an NLT.

Your second question has the phrase “In light of keeping a prudent low profile”, but remember, I never said you had to do that. That’s not necessary. All that is necessary is to perform your life mission peacefully using the NLT and simply avoid making contact with harmful entities, agencies, and organizations. Just steer clear of them, that’s all. But otherwise, perform your charitable works with as high a profile as you would like. There is no need to publicize what kind of legal entity the charity is in. Why broadcast that to the world?

Now if you want your charity to receive donations, and you want your donors to be able to write those donations off their taxes, the NLT cannot give that to them. For that, you would need a 508. Like I said, we can provide you a 508 as well, if that’s what you need. It’s the same price as the NLT. And since very few people need them, we don’t have it listed on the website, but all you would do is go through the normal ordering process for the NLT, but just put in the notes that instead of an NLT, you would like a 508. Our trust writer will write it for you and guide you in how to operate it.

But if you don’t need your donors to get tax write-offs, then you’re much better off simply with an NLT.

As to employees, just do as you normally do, except that if they’re paid from the NLT, you would do no withholding or 1099s, etc. Even better, get each of your employees to have their own NLTs. Then change the contract with them so that instead of being employees, they become independent contractors with you. They would do the same work for the same pay, but the paperwork would call them independent contractors . . . so your contract with them would not fall under employee laws.

Playback of June 14, 2023 Trust Webinar with Randall Hillner

June 14 Topic – The Importance of the Natural Law Trust Now

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Correcting Important Trust Disinformation

Why the Natural Law Trust is Irrevocable

It has been coming to our attention at BIC that various popular speakers out there about asset protection are giving patently wrong information about trusts. Let’s set the record straight.

For example, one of our trust customers wrote: “I just listened to [a popular speaker] on procedures etc. and he stated emphatically that the banks were not going to honor Natural Law Trusts without vetting completely, and that we might have to wait weeks before we become solvent. This makes me nervous . . .”

Speakers who say such things are either grossly misinformed or are deliberately mischievous liars, motivated by selling their own trusts instead, or motivated by setting up a lot of nouveau riche people to be easy prey for theft of their new assets. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide use NLTs or something similar to it, and have for generations . . . the fact that they’ve been used by some of the world’s richest families for generations . . . and the fact that millions of dollars flow through them every day in banks all over the world . . . should tell you that the NLT is one of the world’s most well-established trust traditions. We have even heard that the Federal Reserve and the Vatican use them, albeit for less benevolent purposes.

No “bank” worth its salt is going to “dishonor” it. If they do, they may be so stupid and/or so corrupt that you wouldn’t want to do business with them anyway. NLTs are based on the most universally accepted traditional laws that haven’t changed in centuries. Smile, thank them, and walk down the street to a different bank. Bring your business where there is intelligence and wisdom.

Another correspondent wrote to us saying “I am expecting a confirmation on the question as to why a trust in full transparency is required by the exchange as is to be a revocable grantor trust by the top Intel provider who has over 2000 people paying $100 per year for their services.”

First, it is very well known in the most respected international trust circles that a “grantor trust” is a sham. A grantor trust is one in which the grantor stays in control of it and signs on all of its authorizations. The reason it is a sham is that it is therefore not even really a trust. It is simply one person creating an alter ego. Judges and courts have penetrated those trusts many times and removed their assets. Thus at BIC we specialize only in non-grantor trusts.

Likewise, for anyone who has read our trust eBook, it is made very clear that a revocable trust affords no asset protection at all. This is well known and well accepted even in the statutory trust field among attorneys. Any quality asset protection specialist will tell you that “living trusts” and revocable trusts provide little if any asset protection. Only irrevocable trusts provide strong asset protection. That is why at BIC we write only irrevocable trusts. Why do you think the wealthy elite only use irrevocable trusts? Why do you think the advanced design out of which the Natural Law Trust evolved long since abandoned the revocable design generations ago?

Perhaps the encouragement for people to get revocable trusts is because if the so-called authorities don’t like what people are doing with their funds, they can revoke the funds. Why else would they encourage people to use only revocable trusts? If a trust is revocable, that makes it very easy to penetrate and take assets back out.

At BIC we do not give people revocable trusts because that would destroy its bullet-proof asset protection, make it vulnerable and weak, and betray the faith of all of our clients – – in addition to violating one of the most well established principles in the international brotherhood of asset protection trusts. We will not do that.

Further, we can assure everyone that no financial institution has the right to require what kind of entity an asset holder has. Anyone who is putting out that nonsense is definitely no “top Intel provider”. Maybe they are “top mischief providers”, but not “Intel providers”.

It is interesting to note that other “top intel providers” have said that the banks “require” a non-statutory trust. So whom are we going to believe? The bottom line is – – one needs to think like a king or a queen instead of a pawn. It is YOUR assets you are protecting. You need to think in terms of what is best to prevent the loss or theft of your own assets – – not what so-called “authorities” pretend to be “requiring”. If they do spread the rumor that revocable trusts are “required”, then they are imposters posing as true authorities and trying to set people up to have their assets confiscated!

The truth about BIC’s NLT is that – – knock on wood, to this day, we know of no NLT clients who have ever had their trusts penetrated or invalidated – – in over six or seven decades of use. That’s a 100% success rate. Success speaks for itself.

It is important to address timing as well. We receive emails frequently saying things more or less like “the QFS (Quantum Financial System) is expected to go public very soon”. Do you realize how many hundreds of times we have heard that in the last decades? We clearly separate ourselves from the false sellers of hopium, by never predicting dates. At BIC we have stood in our integrity by refraining from getting people’s hopes up unnecessarily, and creating false urgency to buy our trusts.

We invite our clients to think as sovereigns. We do not need “clearance” and we do not rely upon outside authorities as to how we should protect our assets. Any user of a Natural Law Trust should think as a sovereign, and stop looking to others to tell one how to protect one’s assets. If you are holding a valuable asset, either in your personal name or in the name of a trust that you oversee, you are the authority who calls the shots. No bank and no government has the right to tell you what kind of entity you must have to exchange your property, and anyone who tells you otherwise has suspicious motives.

So everyone, please be educated and please be discerning when listening to messengers about the QFS out there. If they are warning you to comply with what the “authorities” are requiring about how to protect your assets, beware! If they are fear-mongering, you can know they are not presenting the truth.

In conclusion, many people have asked us if we are prepared with enough staff to handle the flood of trust orders that are going to come when the QFS has been announced. The answer is that it will not explode so quickly as to provide not enough time for everyone to make their arrangements – – both our company to provide trust processing staff AND for the millions of currency holders and the banks to get their acts together. Yes, there will be enough time and there will be all the staff needed when the time comes. Do not worry. There will be plenty of time. It is not going to just be a short open-and-close window as some misleading messengers have predicted.

If you have further questions about any of this, CLICK on “Contact Us” on the website, or Customer Relations in this newsletter. Thank you.

Available Worldwide

Mitochondria miracles doctors didn’t think were possible
It’s Working: The Mighty UltraMito Restore

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Your Body Has Trillions of Cells

Each of those trillions of cells has their own Mitochondria organelle factories pumping out your energy from Source, – and from what you create when you eat, breathe, and drink, especially while grounded in sunlight. YOUR ATP, the energy currency of your body.

That’s what’s keeping you alive. Your trillions of cells that make your body, they all depend upon your STEM CELLS to keep the trillions of them all constantly and steadily repaired as nature intended.

Just like the ancient patriarchs spoken of in the duality laden good book (selectively edited by Roman Emperor Justinian) who all amazingly and naturally lived for around a thousand years! This was in the times before we humans were genetically and chemically messed with, (especially around 6,000 years ago) and before our more recent DNA versions were being polluted to death with toxins here – we ALL still do have our innate awesome potential that we can finally NOW choose to activate more of. In my well researched opinion, Mito (short for Mitochondria) may allow us to do that.

But we have to reset our DNA to return to the original status of our youth. Before “old Age” and “toxins” destroyed so much of out original Body DNA mind emotion Spirit template. IMO that is what Mito is all about, especially as based by my personal experiences and the experiences of others that just keep pouring in. 77 year young woman lost 77 pounds, man on crutches his whole life no longer needs them, all the scars melted off a woman’s face, energy, energy, energy, etc. etc. etc.

XDS formulations rectify this problem in a powerful way. It, typically, uses only a fraction of the normal daily dose, for a given bioactive ingredient, compared to how much of the same ingredient is commonly used in other nutritional supplement formulations. Yet XDS is so effective, that much greater benefits can result. Nutrients tend to work faster and with much greater results for more people.

Super Food Benefits

What makes the olive components and black seed oil true super foods are their numerous and diverse benefits.
Documented Benefits of Olive oil along with olive leaf and Black Seed Oil include:
● Excessive fatigue relief
● Healthy blood sugar support
● Healthy blood pressure support
● Heart and cardiovascular support
● General major organ support
● Weight loss
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● Anti-parasitic, anti-pathogenic (viruses, bad bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.) support
● Cholesterol improvement
● Immune response support (arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.c)

The benefits of Restore can be especially important to:

● Those experiencing an extreme energy deficit perhaps due to long hours, lack of sleep, side effects from medication, aging or generally being run down
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Restore was made for you! Try Restore today and launch a rescue mission for your cells powered by your mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the components in your cells that produce energy and are involved in virtually every significant cellular function in the body. What affects health the most is the health of the mitochondria. You literally cannot be your healthiest unless your mitochondria are at their best. If the health of the mitochondria can be improved, and you have more mitochondria, that are bigger and more energetic, your overall health can be improved.

• Restore provides stimulant-free, natural energy from the mitochondria that can outlast your longest day.
• Enhanced brain ability, with the vision, clarity, and focus to meet your every challenge.
• Cellular detoxification and repair.
• Immune system enhancement with anti-parasite and anti-pathogenic support.
• Body-wide support for major organ systems.
• Deeper and more restorative sleep.
• And a long list of other benefits.
• All natural ingredients.

Get back what you had before and more!

Click the links that follow to see the Restore & Rejuvenate PDF – see the ingredients –

Dr. Bevan Elliott on the role on mitochondria in aging.

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Cosmic Renaissance

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