The Great Central Sun of All Questions

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  • Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Protect Your Assets
  • House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust ~ Questions and Answers
  • Know anyone who is owed $50 million or more and isn’t receiving it?
  • Breaking: The Mighty UltraMito Restore
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The Great Central Sun of All Questions
A Cosmic Postcard from Your Home Within


* * ^ ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ *
Galactic Giver of Glory and Grace [[firstname fallback=”Friend”]],
Of highest priority and greatest importance is this question:

Are you daily experiencing the Ultimate Reality . . . the Holy Grail . . . the Holy of Holies . . . the origin of all religions . . . the quintessence of all spirituality . . . the nonchanging unmanifest axis of existence?

I’m referring to the full totality of the fourth state of consciousness — known in Sanskrit as “turiya” — the fourth after waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Turiya is the basis, the foundation, for all higher evolutions of consciousness.

I’m not asking if you are merely recognizing it, thinking about it, imagining it, assuming it, believing in it, intellectualizing it, visualizing it, praying to it, decreeing it, affirming it, planning on it, idealizing it, invoking it, or adopting it as some good mental idea.

I’m asking you, out of the deepest, most sincere and friendly Love of my heart, whether you are bodily entering into the infinity, the Source, the unbounded formlessness of “emptiness”, the nirvana above and beyond the mind — every day — with the breathing effortlessly slowing way down, sometimes becoming suspended . . . with the heart rate slowing down, and with the brainwaves going into alpha, theta, or delta.

This is the very deep rest of the physiology, twice as deep as deep sleep, as measured by oxygen consumption, during which the entire mind-body organism is experiencing the fountain of youth, the stopping of aging, the release of stress, the infusion of Being, the regeneration of cells, and the rejuvenation of energy.

Physiologically, this is the alchemical elixir of immortality, and the superconductor of divine transmutation and metamorphosis.

Spiritually, this is the fountain of infinite happiness . . . it is the alpha and the omega.

To have an outer Golden Age, first the inner Golden Age must be created.

For those who do not have daily direct experience of the unbounded ocean of bliss consciousness, I would not be truly your friend if I were to fail to remind you what you are missing! To you, I am sending that famous message on a postcard from your Home Within, that says: “Having a wonderful time . . . wish you were here!”

Turiya, the fourth state, is the direct bodily experience of the I Am Presence, the Great Central Sun, the Christ Consciousness, the Holy Spirit, the Spiritual Sky, the impersonal aspect of God, the Unified Field, pure Being, the ultimate Truth, the Tao, the Self, the supreme source of Love, the apex of joy and bliss, and what has been known as samadhi, satori, dhyan, Zen, pure awareness, transcendental consciousness, nirvana, no-mind, Brahman, Atma, and the secret of Be Here Now.
The Best Methods
The best methods for experiencing it are all effortless, and include vipassana meditation, Sri Vidya Raja Yoga, and direct transference. In the category of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga are Transcendental Meditation, Sahaj Samadhi, and Primordial Sound Meditation. And I’m sure there are others.

To those who may say, “That’s not my path,” I respond, I respect that. I truly do. Only the Self within you can decide what your true path is.

I would ask, though, then by what means are you able to experience your own inner Universal Self? Getting into “the zone” via marathon running? Sufi dancing with the whirling dervishes? How?

Turiya is not merely heavenly worlds, celestial planes, angelic realms, or the Pure Light. The full totality of turiya is beyond all heavens, beyond all planes, beyond all conditions, beyond all time and space, beyond all music and sound, beyond all divine voices, beyond all divine forms, beyond all divine names, beyond all thinking and thought, beyond all color and light. It is beyond creation completely. That is why it is said to be “transcendental”. It is the nonchanging, absolute silence at the source of everything.

For those who thought “that’s not my path”, did you think that spirituality, enlightenment, and ascension can be realized WITHOUT the fourth state? Did you think that turiya is not a necessary element in one’s journey? How is that possible? Is deep sleep every night not a necessary element? How about breathing? Can the body live without breathing? Can anyone really believe, “breathing is not my path”?

(Yes — some yogis can go a few weeks without normal breathing – – but a subtler form of pranic respiration has been mastered.)

Turiya, my Beloved Fellow Traveler, is as necessary for human life, and as essential for spiritual evolution, as oxygen, and waking, dreaming, and sleeping are for the mind-body organism. In ancient Golden Ages, turiya was a common and routine part of daily life. In the now-dawning Golden Age, it will be again.

If you are not already enjoying turiya every day, then make it as high of a priority as you would if you were a man dying of thirst on a desert.

Do-It-Yourself Direct Effortless Transcendence with Eyes Closed


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation, from the Himalayas, is the world’s most famous effortless gateway into turiya. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Sahaj Samadhi meditation and Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Primordial Sound Meditation are in the same category of Sri Vidya (Supreme Wisdom) Raja Yoga (Royal Way to Union). 
All three are characterized by the complete absence of effort (very rare in meditation practices), and any of the three can invert the attention 180° inward towards complete and total transcendence — not part of the way, but ALL the way — which is unsurpassed and incomparable in the spiritual world.
The websites are:


Sahaj Samadhi

Primordial Sound

Incidentally, the supplemental breathing practice called Sudarshan Kriya, taught by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as part of his basic Art of Living course, is a powerful, blissful, ecstatic, rapid, beneficial, and pricelessly valuable complement to the samadhi meditation. Also highly recommended.

Sri Vidya Raja Yoga, of which all these methods are versions, was originally taught by the ancient Avatars and Masters such as Kapila, Rama, Krishna, Patanjali, Buddha, Christ, Shankara, and others. Today, they are practiced by members of all religions and all paths. You can incorporate one of them into whatever path you are already on, in total harmony with it. It will only enhance and nourish your existing path.

Adopting one of these forms of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga does not make you necessarily a disciple of that teacher or a member of any group, unless that is your wish. You can just practice the technique and remain on your own, independent, if you prefer. It is each individual’s freedom of choice.

The happiness being added into life through this yoga every day is so immense. It is indescribable . . . beyond words . . . “the peace that passeth understanding”. Even the Library of Congress could not contain all the benefits and blessings flowing from it.

Direct Transference


Then there is the Avatar Couple – Sri Bhagavan and his consort Amma, the founders of Oneness University in Golden City, India. Their method of guiding people into pure consciousness is direct transmission. It started years ago with the hands-on Deeksha (Oneness Blessing). Then it evolved to Peak State guided meditations today, and Soma Deeksha live events. 
For those who have deep devotion to the divine Great Compassionate Light and who would enjoy direct transmissions from the Avatar, see these websites:

Telegram groups – search for:

  • “Group Peak State” * * * “Soma Deeksha”
  • “Family of the Great Compassionate Light”


Facebook – “Soma Deeksha” 
* ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ *
(to be continued in the next newsletter)
If you would like to be on a smaller private email list of news on oneness and world enlightenment, send me an email to request it and I will add you to the list. 
Also, for additional bliss every day, the key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harmthe attraction of all good, and the acceleration of enlightenment, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce



Many subscribers requested this.
Playback of Will Barney April 20 Conference



Why the Liberty Debt Elimination System is Superior


Someone recently asked:

Q:  Have you heard of the Equity method – achieving the same objectives as LDES?

A:   Yes. Very few people succeed with it. That is why we stick to the LDES approach. I know one person who succeeded in the equity approach, but she spent years – – several years – – and she is a bit of a genius when it comes to law research. She doesn’t offer the service to others. She did it on her own debts. She is not afraid of rabbit holes and learning curves. So that’s what it takes. If someone has the IQ, the high energy, the time, the grasp of law, and the willingness, they might succeed. The LDES is much simpler and much easier. That is why it has such a high success rate as a do-it-yourself program that just about anyone can do.



Please watch and share these 5 videos below about how private banks create the money they loan you WITH INTEREST attached out of thin air, while you give blood, sweat, and tears money to pay it back.  Yes, a new monetary system is coming, but why wait?  Share this with those who are suffering NOW, because solutions are available NOW.

       1.   The American Dream Film by The Provocateur Network
       2.   Are You a Sleeping Debt Slave?  Legal Fiction Deception
       3.   All Wars Are Bankers Wars

         4.   How Credit Cards Become Asset Backed Bonds

         5.   No Such Thing as a Bank Loan – Banks Do Not “Loan” Money


For Americans with Credit Card Debt
And Who Have Not Used BIC’s Liberty Debt Elimination System
Be Aware: It continues winning and remains undefeated for everyone who completes its easy steps.
LDES 47-minute Video – 
Full Introduction
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For Americans


Wanted: LDES Customers for Experiment

If you have used the Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES), you are invited to consider participating in an experiment designed by our premiere BIC law team advisor Charles Miller.

Charles Miller wants three or more volunteers who have used the BIC LDES to conduct an experiment on a hypothesis of his. It involves a method he has conceived for taking control of one’s ALL CAPS name and then enforcing it through the credit bureaus.

There will be an out-of-pocket expense for it, which involves purchasing a Wyoming LLC and following Charles’s instructions. I think it would be around $150. At least that’s what it is at this registered agent: However, Charles has another registered agency that he recommends instead of that one.

The LLC will be in your personal ALL CAPS name. For example, if your passport and driver’s license show JOHN JONES or MARY SMITH, then your LLC will be JOHN JONES, LLC, or MARY SMITH, LLC. Then Charles will show you a way to use that to harness the power of the state government to enforce your ownership of your name.

This then allows you to control all court cases and all types of legal proceedings of any kind, in anything involving your name. There is more to it than that . . . it leads into actions with a credit reporting agency, and so on. It can lead to actions with the Social Security Administration, to show them that you own and control your credit account, placing you invincibly on the public record as a creditor, and so on. That should empower us to claim a range of benefits from the Treasury. The favorable implications of this are enormous and endless.

The power and the benefits this is expected to deliver would make this kind of guidance worth thousands of dollars, but it is being offered at no charge for this pilot project to the first few volunteers. One is merely asked to cover the cost of one’s LLC.

He wants each of three volunteers to pick either Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax. There is a risk that the documentation he will give you to file with them might expunge your credit score from the system. He doesn’t know. That’s one of the reasons he wants test subjects to test it. If you absolutely need your credit score to buy a house or car or anything, then you might want to avoid participating in the experiment, or at least have a discussion with him to evaluate the risk.

Beyond any other American freedom teacher I have ever seen, Charles has gone the farthest in creating and filing the documentation to establish not only our sovereign status, but establishing our empowerment to harness the government’s enforcement mechanisms to use against any public servants who may violate our status. I have never seen any other freedom teacher master it to the degree that Charles has.  See his bio at

It is for this reason that he is feared by the lords of enslavement. They have tried to stop him using psychotronic weapons, and his health has suffered from it. They have slowed him down, but he has sufficient protection that they haven’t been able to stop him. We believe it is his destiny to prevail, just as it is the destiny of America to finally become the bastion of peace, prosperity, and freedom that it was always meant to be.

Once we have a few candidates for this experiment, a conference call will occur with Charles in which he will explain the program and answer any questions. If you are interested and qualify, click here to send an email to me, Taansen.  


Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
to Protect Your Assets


Let us give you the mountaintop view that we have. Time and again, we see people postponing setting up their Natural Law Trusts, and then getting into trouble and wishing they had set it up sooner. 
Case in point: A woman came to us with millions of dollars in debt due to a failed business, and was trying to salvage what she had left before giving it all away to bankruptcy proceedings.

After she is already in BK proceedings and the attorney sharks are circling her, to set up the trust then and transfer her assets into it could be challenged by the court as “fraudulent conveyance”. It could be possible that the court could try to get the assets back out of the trust, even though it is irrevocable – – or file criminal charges against the woman for hiding assets when monies are due to creditors. But if she had transferred her assets into the trust years ago, before any of the problems arose, then no court could challenge it and she would be safe.

A Natural Law Trust is like insurance – – it is a prevention of problems. If you wait until your house burns down to buy fire insurance, it is too late. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Procrastinating, putting it off, and postponing assembling one’s state-of-the-art asset protection is an invitation to disaster. Most everyone we know who has begun to enjoy the benefits of an NLT has wished they had started it sooner. May this be a word to the wise. 
House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust
Questions and Answers

Q:   Some workers and customers will want the NLT/business to sign W9 forms [in the USA] in order to do business with them. How does this work? Is this possible?

A:   [For readers outside the USA: This question refers to the “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification” form that employers request from employees, and that direct sales companies that pay commissions to agents request from their agents.]

Yes, no problem. For several decades, we have filled out those forms for companies that request them, and it has never generated a tax liability for any of our Natural Law Trusts. The form is not sent to the IRS. It is requested by companies that pay salaries or commissions or royalty payments so they can show in their accounting that they have complied with what they perceive to be the IRS rules about collecting payee tax identity information. Signing such a form does NOT change the status of the trust to a taxable entity.


  • On line 1, “Name (as shown on your income tax return)”, leave it blank.
  • Line 2: Business name – put the trust name there.
  • 3: “Check appropriate box” – check the box that says “Trust/estate”.
  • 4: “Exemptions” – leave blank. We don’t want “exempt” status, because that is statutory and can be revoked.
  • 5 & 6: “Address” – put the mailing address you use for the trust.
  • 7: “List account numbers (optional)” – leave blank. Generally anything that is “optional”, leave blank.
  • “Part 1 – Taxpayer Identification Number” – “Social Security Number” – leave blank.
  • “or Employer Identification Number” – fill in your EIN for the trust there.
  • “Part II – Sign Here” – Where it says “Signature of US person”, mark out “US person” and write instead “Trustee”. Write “All Rights Reserved” under your signature, so close to your signature that it is touching it and almost a part of it (so they cannot be separated). Write a comma and “TTE” after your signature, which stands for “Trustee”. ALWAYS sign “, TTE” on any document pertaining to the trust, when you are signing as trustee on behalf of the trust.

Q:    Is the express trust the same as your NLT and if not, why in short?

A:   An express trust is a trust created “in express terms, and usually in writing, as distinguished from one inferred by the law from the conduct or dealings of the parties.” Property is transferred by a person (called a trustor, settlor, or grantor) to a transferee (called the trustee), who holds the property for the benefit of one or more persons, called beneficiaries. The trustee may distribute the property, or the income from that property, to the beneficiaries. Express trusts are frequently used in common law jurisdictions as methods of wealth preservation or enhancement.

A constructive trust is an equitable remedy imposed by a court to benefit a party that has been wrongfully deprived of its rights due to either a person obtaining or holding a legal property right which they should not possess due to unjust enrichment or interference, or due to a breach of fiduciary duty, which is intercausative with unjust enrichment and/or property interference.

An inter-vivos trust is an express trust or constructive trust created during a life-time of the settlor/grantor.

A testamentary trust is usually an inferred trust that’s created upon the death of the grantor.

An NLTrust is a combination of any of the above;
inter-vivos: alive
testamentary: after death
express: clear intent
constructive: Such a court action has never happened to our knowledge to any of our clients, but if such a court action were to so order, the NLT could masterfully satisfy the order.

Q:   In another FAQ, it states “Also, the applicable section of the Federal Tax Code is referred to in IRS LTR OC 73301 85-200000 00 000 H 00025, citing “No Return Filing Requirement”. I am not finding IRS LTR OC 73301 85-200000 00 000 H 00025. Can you send me information on this as it doesn’t seem to exist!A:   

It is posted on the BIC website at this link

The reason you won’t find it on the IRS website or in any official publication is that the IRS has been trying to hide it. They have never made what the letter says obsolete; they just don’t want it publicized. Therefore you cannot rely on it as some kind of official authority for the private contract trusts being nontaxable. They would lie about it and deny it. We simply post it because it is interesting. It exposed the truth – – “accidentally” – – and then the IRS hierarchy wanted it silenced. So we should do likewise. Just take silent notice of it.

That truth is still a reality today, in actual practice – – operators of NLTs all over the world are finding they have no attacks on them by tax collectors. But one of the main reasons for this is the wise practice of keeping quiet – – remaining silent. Don’t ask, don’t tell. We avoid filing confession returns; we avoid asking the tax people for approval or permission. We just do what we know is right . . . and exercise our right to operate outside the whole system of statutory rules. Knock on wood – – we have five decades and counting of 100% success with this approach. Why try to fix what isn’t broken?



Next Trust Zoom Meeting with Randall Hillner – June 14, 2023 – see details in early June for attendance links


Playback of March 15, 2023 Trust Webinar with Randall Hillner



March 15 Topic – Fiduciary responsibilities, conflict of interest, and trust friends and loyalty
To download the Trust eBook, CLICK HERE


If You Wish to See Other Past Trust Videos,



Click on for the entire menu



Available Worldwide
Breaking: The Mighty UltraMito Restore

A phenomenon is occurring. Life-changing positive results are pouring in many times faster from one health supplement than thousands and thousands of others. Intuitive people say it has a vibratory frequency of 700,000 – – vastly higher than most others out there.

“UltraMito Restore” is a second-generation product in the UltraMito line of mitochondria-related products from the company MoreMito.

Its makers discovered that if ONE THING in our body is nourished, EVERYTHING improves.

Mitochondria are the components in your cells that produce energy and are involved in virtually every significant cellular function in the body. What affects health the most is the health of the mitochondria. You literally cannot be your healthiest unless your mitochondria are at their best. If the health of the mitochondria can be improved, and you have more mitochondria, that are bigger and more energetic, your overall health can be improved.


  • Restore provides stimulant-free, natural energy from the mitochondria that can outlast your longest day.
  • Enhanced brain ability, with the vision, clarity, and focus to meet your every challenge.
  • Cellular detoxification and repair.
  • Immune system enhancement with anti-parasite and anti-pathogenic support.
  • Body-wide support for major organ systems.
  • Deeper and more restorative sleep.
  • And a long list of other benefits.
  • All natural ingredients.


Click the links that follow to see the Restore PDF and listen to recorded testimonials:

Kent H. – UT – I experienced long day energy, less pain and enhanced illness recovery.
Keith G. – Chicago – My 4-year-old injury was resolved in minutes.

Marsha B. – Milwaukee – My 30-year digestive issue resolved in days.

Winston C. – Chicago – 5 year injury disappeared after 3 days on Restore and so did my panic attacks.

Gary B. – Spokane – My blood sugar was so high I was warned that I could lose both legs.

Roger P. – Texas – My blood pressure was dangerously high; now it’s normal.

Stephanie A. – Dallas – My allergies were tormenting me.

Noel – Philadelphia – I walked without crutches for the first time in my life.

Lisa W. –Texas – I’m a negative breast cancer survivor. During my treatment I had extreme fatigue and severe side effects. After taking Restore my energy returned, the side effects were much milder and the speed with which my tumors shrank surprised my doctors.

Clementine D. – Virginia – I had a very bad respiratory problem that made it hard for me to breath. One day on Restore and I could breathe normally again. I don’t want to ever be without it.

Josephine G. – California – I struggled with a nine-year opiate addiction from medication prescribed for my injuries from a car accident. After two and a half years of trying everything I was introduced to Restore. It worked in weeks.

Joyce – Houston – After the doctors gave up on my mother, our family was planning for a funeral, we gave her Restore.

Connie A. – California – My 17-year-old daughter was born with cerebral palsy. She is now recovering and discovering new abilities almost daily.

William G. – Oklahoma – My doctor said that I recovered faster from my heart valve and pacemaker surgery faster than anyone he had ever seen and my kidney function continues to improve.


Faizal S. – Toronto – My resting heart rate was between 90 and 110.  Now it’s in the 70s and my blood pressure is much improved.

Joni M. – Houston – My hearing was lost from chemo treatments. On Restore my hearing is returning.

Theresa O. – Philadelphia – My asthma and warts are gone and my energy is up all day.

Ronald L. – Spokane Washington – My doctor said I had the fastest recovery from heart surgery that he had ever seen. Plus, my sense of smell is returning.

Frederico – Bakersfield – Before at times I could be cantankerous. Now with Restore I’ve become such a calm and relaxed person and with Rejuvenate my aches and soreness are gone.

Antionette S. – Washington DC – I was blown up in Iraq by an IED in 2003. I required reconstructive surgery. I came home and for the next 17 years I suffered with PTSD, short-term memory loss, long-term memory loss until the day Randy introduced me to Restore and Rejuvenate.

Ernest L – Philadelphia – I had a high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart attack and my kidneys were starting to fail. I ask the doctor if I had 10 years left. He said “… not that many” – – then I tried Restore.


To purchase and for more information
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Know anyone who is owed $50 million or more and isn’t receiving it?


A good friend shared some interesting information about an unusually successful attorney who has retrieved lost funds in the billions of dollars for victims of any kind of injury – – physical, financial, legal, etc. This attorney and his law firm have succeeded against many of the largest companies in the world. They have recovered billions successfully where other lawyers were unable to help.

He is welcoming more clients if we can bring in any large victim recovery cases or financial losses, especially with any possible fraud involved. He is pursuing recovery and collections on large fraud claims and financial loss recovery worldwide. $50 million and up. No upper limit. The bigger the better. This firm has very deep pockets.

No out-of-pocket cost to the victims. Contingency fee averages 10% of collection. Let’s bring some justice in this world.   To inquire, click here to send an email to Taansen
Govvi tablets for your gas tank
Reduce emissions, improve gas mileage, 
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Many of the other pills are made in China and by third party manufacturers.

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Use in ALL types of vehicles. Trucks require less or no DES to pass emissions tests. Truckers are finding that after using Govvi, they are needing to use less and less DEF and some are no longer using DEF at all. This is a MIRACLE!

May be used in motorcycles, motorbikes, boats . . . clean up our lakes!!

Hybrids are getting up to 80% more gas mileage!!

Released to the public in July 2022. Additional marketing materials are being prepared. Shipping from Utah and payments for Distributors are going smoothly.

My Mercedes went from 12 to 22 miles per gallon average by the second tablet, and the engine will last longer.

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For the people who like to share these products, the marketing plan delivers the distributors double what other companies are paying, spreading the profits through the plan for everyone, not just the people at the top.

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Playback of Past Trust Study Group Classes
(for those who already have a Natural Law Trust)
A list of replays of previous classes and access to Dominique’s SKIFF blog notes are available. Please email Dominique. If you are a trust client, you already have her email address.  Keep this information private and do not re-post anywhere. Thus if you missed the last study group class, or wish to see it again, you can receive the link to it from Dominique.  Thank you. 


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Cosmic Renaissance
Enlightenment in the Arts


by Taansen Fairmont
Do you know of books that could be made into good screenplays depicting the completed enlightened civilization of Heaven on Earth?
If so, such information is invited. The criteria are given in the 34-page PDF introduction.  


The Quickest and Most Professional Way to Raise Your Credit Score in the USA: 
Your Credit Blueprint


Since 2005, Anthony Gaalaas (founder of Your Credit Blueprint) and his team of professionals have taken pride in their personalized VIP service. They have helped thousands of people clean up their credit and coach them to build and maintain and EXCELLENT Credit Profile & Scores! With their “Fast Track” program, their clients are usually seeing 70% to 100% of targeted accounts & inquiries removed in approximately 90 to 120 days!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but after 15 years of offering traditional Credit Repair, which takes 6 to 12 months to get an average of 30% to 50% deletion – they finally found a law within the Fair Credit Reporting Act and went to work to develop a proven system. And to make things EVEN more exciting, if they don’t get a minimum of 75% deleted, they are offering a guarantee!

Anthony and his team have already been our favorite credit repair professionals, due to their high level of integrity, accessibility, responsiveness, excellence in communications, and generous customer service. And his techniques all along have been reasonably good, but now with his new proven methods, we have a breakthrough in the power and potency of credit wipe effectiveness. 

 It won’t cost you a penny to talk to them, but it could be costing you thousands if you don’t! For more information, see his website, check out some client results, and then request a FREE Phone Consultation.  

Is the Gold Standard Coming Back in Texas? Legislators Propose Gold-Backed Digital Currency

Texas Committee Passes Bill to Create 100% Reserve Gold and Silver-Backed Transactional Currencies

Watch “This Technology Will Change the World Forever | The Secret of the Replicator Is Finally Revealed” on YouTube

FINALLY, a tiny piece of GOOD NEWS — with deep legal implications — about vax injured persons getting at least *some* form of compensation 👍🏼

Benjamin Fulford Report: Rats abandon Biden ship as US financial implosion accelerates – Fulford May 1

El Salvador President Signs Law Eliminating Taxes on Technology Innovations – Moreover, the Innovation and Technology Manufacturing Incentive Act will eliminate income taxes, property taxes, capital gains taxes, and important tariffs for technology innovations.

Over 2,000 out of 4,800 US banks are insolvent

(The implosion of the financial system makes it likely the Khazarian Mafia and their fronts will soon no longer have the money to buy their way out of trouble. “Here in the United States, I do not expect a lot to change until the financial system implodes and the economy tanks. I think we are getting close,” said Colonel Douglas MacGregor. The old has to crash to make way for the new, which is waiting to take its place. What is happening is that banks are pretending to be solvent, by using an accounting trick that was common in Japan after their real estate bubble burst. This means keeping things on their books at the purchase price, instead of the current price.)

Defaulting on the national debt would pave the way for the reinstitution of sound, redeemable, commodity-based money. People would have to concentrate more on real wealth than phony financial wealth, actual engineering, as opposed to financial and social engineering” says Doug Casey. “The farms, factories, technologies, and the skills of the workers, will still exist. But on a sound foundation. And with some new owners,” he adds.

Australian government hit with class action lawsuit over Covid vaccine

“It prompted us to do a “COVID lawsuit” web search that came back with over 112 million links. A quick scan showed a legal feeding frenzy has just begun. You can be sure that it will lead to the bankruptcy of all the hospitals, pharmacidical companies and others involved in this entire scamdemic. War crimes tribunals are also a certainty,” said Benjamin Fulford.

The first high-profile arrest has already taken place according to CIA sources. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC has been captured and will be tried at Nuremberg 2 for Crimes against humanity and attempted genocide. Corporate news reports are trying to pretend her disappearance came because she “resigned.

Companies that invest the most in green growth earn triple the returns – In the most recent three-year period, the companies in the top 20% of the Sustainable Economy Intelligence (SEI) outperform the most prominent index of global companies, the MSCI All-World Index, by a factor of three to one.


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Avatars Sri AmmaBhagavan, creators of Oneness University and Golden City, India, have initiated a project to enlighten the entire world, starting with 0.001% of the world population, which is about 74,000 people. The number will be increased each month as the world population grows. Anyone who joins the monthly Zoom ceremonies is also personally given higher dimensional assistance to create the permanent and complete enlightened state, and get empowered to assist at least 100,000 others likewise.

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