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  • Ideal Domain possibilities for Brilliance in Commerce affiliates
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News about the Truth Expo Tour Opportunity


Distinguished Friend,

The TRUTH Expo Tour starts today in Thousand Oaks, California, and goes around America throughout the rest of June and July. 

See the cities on the tour at:

And see the topics that will be discussed. 

This is the perfect opportunity to distribute flyers on the Liberty Debt Elimination System and the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust!  Thousands of people seeking freedom, truth, and solutions to problems caused by tyranny will be attending.  Have compassion on them and give them your BIC flyers! 

For the flyers, open the Marketing Tools Library and look for the items labeled “FLYER“.  Put your affiliate link in them, print copies, and distribute.  

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

To the high end market, send your link.  Or better still, send your words-of-choice domain URL that points to that link. 

To the rest of the average income world, send your link.  Or better still, send your words-of-choice domain URL that points to that link.  For explanation of that, see “Ideal Domain possibilities for Brilliance in Commerce affiliates” below. 
Ideal Domain possibilities 
for Brilliance in Commerce affiliates
They’re kind of long
                  When you receive a Brilliance in Commerce affiliate link, it will be . . . with the “xxx” representing your unique affiliate 3- or 4-digit number.  That’s kind of a long and complex URL to give your prospects, especially if it is read out loud verbally on a radio show or a conference call, etc. 
Here’s one solution
                  We can arrange to give you a customized URL with your words of choice as the extension.  For example, if your words of choice are “Pure Light”, we can give you
                  But even that is long and complex.  Suppose you have it announced on a radio show and listeners are driving in their car when they hear it.  It would be hard for them to memorize. 
Here’s a better idea
                  Therefore, the best option is to spend $8 to $12 a year and purchase your own custom domain, one that is short, sweet, simple, and easy to understand.  Herein we will show you how to do that.
                  Companies like or are good sources for domains.  They usually cost around $10 to $20 a year. 
Choose your extension
                  The examples below don’t have the “.com” extensions because you will have a long list of choices, such as .com, .net, .org, etc.  If a domain with one extension is taken, you can usually find the same domain available with another extension. 
Add your own word(s) of choice
                  Single link suggestions that apply to both include examples such as these below, but please remember that adding your own short business or spiritual chosen word(s) of choice can make all the difference in customizing your link.  For example, if your name is Jones, or your words of choice are Pure Light, then adding those words into any of the suggestions below would customize your link that much more so.  Keep in mind, though, the shorter the better
Examples and Ideas of Words of Choice


(But of course, make up your own.  Use your imagination.)

Pointing your domain to your affiliate link
                  In case you’re not familiar with why you need to point your domain to your affiliate link, what it means, and how to do it, here is a simple explanation. 
1              A prospect clicks on your domain link, for example, .
2              Since you will have pointed that domain to your affiliate link, the server that hosts www.heavenlytrust.cominstantly forwards your prospect to your affiliate link .  This happens in a split second.  So, what was advertised was, and that’s what your prospect clicked on.  But what he or she arrived at was (where “xxx” is actually the three digits of your affiliate number).
3              When your prospect makes the purchase, our computer system automatically credits you with the commission.  Voila!
                  “How” do you “point” your custom domain to your affiliate link?  Simply ask the tech support people at the company from which you purchased your domain.  If your domain is, for example, simply tell the company you purchased it from that you want it to point to (where “xxx” is actually the three digits of your affiliate number).  They will either do it for you or they will walk you through it over the phone.  It only takes a couple of minutes – – long enough to log into your account, navigate to the settings for the domain, click on the pointers section, paste your affiliate link into it, and save the settings.  That’s it!
                  And so, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, as we create a new age of peace and prosperity, use your imagination to create the very best channels of communication . . . and communicate with us if you have questions!
For Your Success, 
The Benefactor and the Management at Brilliance in Commerce

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I honor the place in you that is the same in me. 

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