TODAY – World Situation Update – An Evening with former banker Will Barney

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World Situation Update with Will Barney *
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  • World Situation Update ~ An Evening with former banker Will Barney
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  • Scott Mowry report – April 17, 2022
  • How One Thing Can Dissolve Global War and Crime
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Endowments of Enlightenment

Part 6
by Taansen Fairmont


The 24 Characteristics of Enlightenment – – continued from the April 8 BIC newsletter

6.   No Charge
When any negative emotion arises due to being triggered by an outer event or influence, this is due to what is known in Sanskrit as a “samskara”, or latent impression from the past. The clash of the outer influence or event with the samskara is known as a “charge”.
One of the most common examples of this is the human tendency to get upset when someone says something with which one strongly disagrees. In the unenlightened state, it is typical to get agitated or charged up about this. By contrast, in the enlightened state, one is completely established in transcendental consciousness. Then if another person says something disagreeable, the enlightened one feels zero charge from it. One’s equanimity spontaneously continues unperturbed. 
In the first place, the enlightened one no longer has opinions or beliefs. He or she simply sees. It is a state of simply seeing what is. So, there is nothing that anyone else can say that would “disagree” with any previously formed belief. Secondly, even if someone else says or does something that appears to contradict “what is”, the enlightened one can only feel love and compassion, and a rather light sense of humor about it. It is impossible to get charged over anything anymore.

The nature of the enlightened state is to spontaneously value oneness and harmony over any division or conflict. It is spontaneous and effortless. It is not that one has cultivated oneness with effort. Rather, one effortlessly and directly sees the predominating oneness and eternity of pure being – – and the blissful sacredness of that is infinitely more important than any of the everchanging phenomena of relative existence.
7.    No Guilt
Guilt results from identification with the ego and with impressions from the past, both of which have been transcended and dissolved in the state of enlightenment. Further, no new potential causes for guilt get created, because one is spontaneously in total harmony with universal natural law. One of the very definitions of the enlightened state is that it is not possible in the nature of things for the enlightened one to violate universal natural law.

It’s not that the enlightened one lacks the freedom to do so. Rather, the essential constituent of the enlightened one’s moment to moment experience is the unbounded ocean of pure bliss consciousness, which is the home of all the laws of nature. In other words, all the laws of nature emanate automatically from the universal Self, which has been realized as the very identity of the enlightened one. To violate the emanations from one’s own core of being would be like darkness coexisting in the same place as bright light. Not possible. The light, by definition, eradicates darkness wherever it is found present. 
8.    No Fear
Fear is known as the root of all negative emotions. And the root of fear is the illusion of separation from Self, one’s essential source and identity in cosmic consciousness. When by the process of experiencing turiya, the fourth state, one regains even a short glimpse of oneness with pure consciousness, tremendous fear is eliminated instantly and permanently.

This is because the illusion of separation has been penetrated, even if only briefly. Daily experience of turiya gradually dissolves this illusion totally and permanently – – thus erasing the whole basis of fear.
The reason awakening to one’s true identity as the universal Self makes fear impossible is that the essential nature of the Self is Love. Love, being the unifying power in creation, sees the unity and oneness of all things. So being, its spontaneous nature is to give joy, happiness, and bliss. This life-supporting influence is nourishing to all life.

Fear can only be felt by the unenlightened one because he or she is failing to experience the blissful love and oneness that underlies and permeates all things. In the enlightened state, phenomena that were previously causes of fear in the unenlightened state are now seen as merely mirages . . . passing illusions.

The predominating moment to moment experience is the knowing of the ultimate reality, which is universal unconditional Love. Just as darkness cannot exist in the same space as light, fear cannot exist in the same space as universal unconditional Love.  
9.    No judgments
The enlightened one lives in the present moment and is completely free from the previously binding influence of mental and emotional impressions that created judgments from the past.

It is not that an enlightened one is incapable of judging whether it is safe, timely, and auspicious to travel on a journey, for example; or whether a certain message should be communicated to someone. Rather, it is that judgments are not made locally in the human mind. They are not based on any pre-existing beliefs or impressions, because those no longer exist in the enlightened human.

In that sense, it could be said that one’s always-correct actions are not being determined by judgments . . . but rather by automatic calculations from the universal mind. In the enlightened state, there is total harmony and synchrony between body, mind, emotions, and universal mind. It is experienced as one continuous flow of divine manifestation through the human vehicle – – so the old inefficient method of making decisions based on judgments that prevailed in the unenlightened state has been replaced by the infinitely more efficient and beneficial process of individual intelligence being an expression of concentrated universal intelligence.
These are some of the qualities of the state that Sri Bhagavan and his Light Beings are giving people. That is why I share the videos of the stories of those who have attained in emails to a smaller list of interested correspondents.  If you wish to receive those emails once or twice a week, send me your request and I will add you to the list. 
Also, for additional bliss every day, the key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harm, and the attraction of all good, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
P.S. – – Enjoy the disclosures herein and the links in the News Around the World section.


World Situation Update
An Evening with Will Barney
Former banker and former speaker on 
the Humanus Global conference calls

Please join us on a live Zoom video conference in a fascinating discussion of the behind-the-scenes news, showing the ignorance of the normies and the real truth about the massive and historic takedown of the old globalist regimes, and the simultaneous building of a new worldwide system of benevolence, peace, prosperity, and freedom.

TODAY – Tuesday April 26, 2022
4:00 PM USA Pacific Time
5:00 PM USA Mountain Time
6:00 PM USA Central Time
7:00 PM USA Eastern Time
To convert the time for other parts of the world,
click on World Clock Meeting Planner


Topics to be discussed


  • The development of the new global quantum financial system
  • The goal of prosperity for all harmless people
  • What has been delaying it and what is being done to overcome the obstacles
  • The kings of darkness and how they are being defeated
  • The meltdown of the MSM (mainstream media)’s credibility and what really is going on
  • Details about Elon Musk and the Starlink system
  • The closing down of Washington D.C.
  • The Biden stage set
  • Doubles of Donald Trump
  • The truth about Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine situation . . . and more . . .


– – Questions will be taken from the audience – –
How to Attend

Video and audio:
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One-tap on your mobile smart phone (Video and audio):

+16699006833,,89535704526# US (San Jose)

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Or click here to find your local number anywhere in the world

After calling your chosen number, then when prompted, key in the meeting ID:
895 3570 4526

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Debt Elimination – – the Victories Continue
Note of reassurance: We estimate up to 98% of our Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES) customers never have to go to court. The victories in court reported in these newsletters are the successes enjoyed by the few who did go to court. Everyone else who implemented the LDES according to its instructions had their victories too – – administratively, out of court.






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       1.   The American Dream Film by The Provocateur Network
       2.   Are You a Sleeping Debt Slave?  Legal Fiction Deception
       3.   All Wars Are Bankers Wars

         4.   How Credit Cards Become Asset Backed Bonds

         5.   No Such Thing as a Bank Loan – Banks Do Not “Loan” Money


For Americans with Credit Card Debt
And Who Have Not Used BIC’s Liberty Debt Elimination System
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LDES 47-minute Video – 
Full Introduction

McDonald’s Closing (at least) 200 Locations this year

All McDonalds Across the Globe Ordered Closed after FBI discovered they had been serving human meat. The closures also involved Cemex, Heinz, TerraMar’s Red Ruby Rings, Red Shoes and Keystone Foods, all used for disposing of dead bodies. Find all the McDonalds Restaurants shutdown since Covid. Use New York City, Kuta Bali, Victoria, South Australia as a Starting Point. Find all the Processed Meat Factories across the World that got Rona’d: Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties & any other processed meats. Start with Greggs.

FBI finds remains of many people at McDonalds meat supplier:,

The Khazarians are the ones behind McDonalds. Now go find the TerraMar Project. The Submarine Operation Epstein/Maxwell group. That is where they collect the Jewels off the bottom of the Ocean. All those Children Tortured, Raped, Murdered & Eaten getting ground up & put inside the Jewels. See Those Red Jewel Rings they wear & The Red Shoe Club. That’s right – – Children’s Remains. See Cemex & Heinz too.

They are using CV-19 as an excuse to close McDonalds worldwide: Kuta Beach:

50 McDonalds restaurants close:

Australia closes 76 venues:

UK 33 sites:


McDonalds to close hundreds of locations in Walmart stores:

Times Square’s Glitzy, Four-Story McDonald’s Is Shutting Down After 17 Years

A dozen McDonald’s across Victoria:

McDonald’s suffers cyberattack in US, South Korea and Taiwan:

Woolworths, Coles and McDonald’s are exposed to Covid putting thousands of customers on alert:

McDonald’s UK restaurants run out of milkshakes – BBC News

Federal Trade Commission investigating why McDonald’s McFlurry machines are always broken

Some Meat Processing Plants Shutdown Due To COVID-19 Cases: 


Salmonella Outbreak In 17 States Linked to Italian-Style Meats, CDC Says:

Dangerous chemicals found in 80% of McDonald’s, Burger King & Pizza Hut meals:

Media mogul Byron Allen sends open letter calling for McDonald’s president/CEO’s resignation:




For Americans

Over the years, many people have asked us at BIC what is the best way to upgrade one’s status in the government records so as to be officially exempt and sovereign on the public record. For over three decades, we have gained success and mastery in this area. Believe me, we have seen it all. Thousands of methods. Most of them have been faulty. But we have had unusual success and good karma in this area.

Now we are pleased to share with you an additional document that has been added to our tax page at It is called the “IDENTITY CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP – Introduction and Explanation”. The Word template has been there since February, but now the explanation document has been completed to provide the background knowledge of it.  You will see both documents linked there. 

So, at, click on the items under #4, under the title “To be exempt IN THE FUTURE – file this document (free – do it yourself)”.

This is another one of the free public services of Brilliance in Commerce. 


Scott Mowry report – April 17, 2022


• In the Washington, DC swamp, multiple developments have been escalating very, VERY rapidly since Thursday, March 31, 2022 when the USA, Inc. essentially ran out of money due to its bankruptcy, insolvency and dissolution.

• Since December 2020, when President Trump signed a Presidential Emergency Action Document (PEAD) to begin the Devolution process to devolve the U.S. Government in co-operative operation with the U.S. Military, Washington, DC has been essentially shut down piece-by-piece and is a now a mere shadow of its former self.

• As we reported last week from high level sources, paychecks to members of the U.S. Congress were to have stopped as of March 31, despite the fact there has been ZERO COVERAGE in any mainstream media sources of this BOMBSHELL news.

• Nonetheless, more and more MSM news reports are emerging every week of various Congressmen, Senators and Joe Biden administration officials who have contracted COVID-19 which reportedly led to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi telling members of the House Representatives to go home. Even Speaker Pelosi herself came down with COVID on April 7.

• On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, it was reported many Washington, DC elites who attended the Gridiron Club dinner on Sunday, April 3, had developed symptoms of COVID the following day.

• On Monday, April 10, 2022, a further report from NBC News was very telling with the headline: “As Covid spreads through D.C., it is business as usual at the White House.” It is important to take special note of the photograph which was chosen to accompany this news article on the NBC News website.

• Covid-19 Outbreak Hits DC Elites: 72 High-Profile Personalities Test Positive After Attending Gridiron Super-Spreader Dinner

• And over at the Federal Reserve building also in Washington, DC, for some reason they have now felt it necessary to construct a riot barrier fence around at the front entrance of the complex. What is the Federal Reserve expecting will happen in which they need to hold the public back?

• Meanwhile, the Hunter Biden laptop controversy is reportedly about to go white hot, according to sources working on the forensic analysis of the data from the hard drive which was given to the FBI back in 2019, who then sat on it and then told members of Congress it was lost.

• Now, some close to the investigation are predicting, this coming week may prove to be the turning point in which the Fake News Media can no longer avoid covering this explosive development and its connection to fake (P)resident Joe Biden.

• In fact, after years of denial, the Fake News Media is now being forced to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story and even CNN has had to admit it is now looking really, really bad for Sleepy Joe Biden.

• Meanwhile, the drama at Twitter HQ continues to escalate by the day as it has been reported Elon Musk has made it known he intends to purchase 100% of the company after turning down a seat on the Board of Directors.

• However, Twitter executives and some major stockholder are attempting to sabotage Elon Musk’s takeover bid including notorious Saudi Arabian Prince Al-waleed bin Talal, among others. What are they afraid of?

• Elon Musk may now be putting together other investors who may attempt of a hostile takeover of Twitter and return it back to a free speech platform, just in the nick of time for President Trump to return to the platform and announce to the world: “”My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….”

• In conclusion, there are many expectations events are going continue to escalate throughout the rest of April right into the month of May 2022 in the public eye.

Check out live streaming events from Scott Mowry at Miracles and Inspiration


Put it on Your Calendar
Next trust webinar with Randall Hillner, open to the public – May 18, 2022
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Next Trust Study Group Webinar with Dominique Hackett
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Playback of March 16, 2022 Trust Webinar with Randall Hillner



March 16 Topic – Trusts: Now and into the future
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Playback of Past Trust Study Group Classes
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How One Thing Can Dissolve Global War and Crime


Large groups practicing the advanced Transcendental Meditation program were associated with significant reductions in U.S. homicide and urban violent crime rates.

Ideal Society Index ~ Documenting the dawn of a better time

Harvard ~ An investigation into field effects of consciousness from the perspectives of Maharishi’s Vedic Science and physics –……..50K/abstract

The Maharishi Effect ~ An Antidote to Violence –

Dr John Hagelin on The Physics of the Maharishi Effect – video on Vimeo –

Dr John Hagelin on The Physics of the Maharishi Effect – video on YouTube –

Global Impact of the Maharishi Effect from 1974 to 2017: Theory and Research –

Theory and Research on Conflict Resolution Through the Maharishi Effect –

“Natural Security Agency” – Invincibility to Every Nation through Creative Intelligence
Higher Consciousness and Natural Law –

SOCIETAL EFFECTS – The Issues: Are There historical precedents for the idea that individuals influence each other at a distance? Is there scientific evidence for the Maharishi Effect: Does the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program improve the quality of life in society? –

The Science of Peace ~ Presenting the scientific foundation for world peace ~ the Unified Field –

Book: The Super Radiance effect: A new technology for national invincibility and international peace – Believe it or not, there are now over fifty research studies that, demonstrate the extraordinary, positive effect that radiates to the rest of society by groups of specially trained meditators. The resulting impact on the host population is truly dramatic and almost instantaneous. Open warfare has been known to stop within 24 hours and terrorism decline by 72% over a matter of days. This effect is known as Super Radiance and it only occurs when a sufficient number of these specialist meditators form a group to practice meditation together at the same time and on a daily basis. Click here for Amazon link.



Cosmic Renaissance
Enlightenment in the Arts


by Taansen Fairmont
Do you know of books that could be made into good screenplays depicting the completed enlightened civilization of Heaven on Earth?
If so, such information is invited. The criteria are given in the 34-page PDF introduction.  


The Quickest and Most Professional Way to Raise Your Credit Score in the USA: 
Your Credit Blueprint


Since 2005, Anthony Gaalaas (founder of Your Credit Blueprint) and his team of professionals have taken pride in their personalized VIP service. They have helped thousands of people clean up their credit and coach them to build and maintain and EXCELLENT Credit Profile & Scores! With their “Fast Track” program, their clients are usually seeing 70% to 100% of targeted accounts & inquiries removed in approximately 90 to 120 days!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but after 15 years of offering traditional Credit Repair, which takes 6 to 12 months to get an average of 30% to 50% deletion – they finally found a law within the Fair Credit Reporting Act and went to work to develop a proven system. And to make things EVEN more exciting, if they don’t get a minimum of 75% deleted, they are offering a money back guarantee!

Anthony and his team have already been our favorite credit repair professionals, due to their high level of integrity, accessibility, responsiveness, excellence in communications, and generous customer service. And his techniques all along have been reasonably good, but now with his new proven methods, we have a breakthrough in the power and potency of credit wipe effectiveness. 

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Healing with the Terahertz Wave Wand


Recently Arrived in the West


The testimonials are flooding in – wands are selling faster than supplies come in



In the 1980s, American scientists discovered a vibratory frequency that matches that of the human cell – Terahertz Waves. Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. It can easily pass through non-conducting materials, like clothing, paper, plastic, and glasses. But it wasn’t until about ten years ago that an instrument was designed to generate Terahertz Waves for healing the physical body, and this was developed in Japan, China, and Singapore. It is a combination of Chinese and Western Cytology technology. Finally recently it arrived in the USA and western countries. Demand for this product is exploding in the USA due to its unparalleled effectiveness.




3-in-1 core technology includes Terahertz waves, quantum scalar energy, and optical quartz resonance.

Websites: +


Contact: Shirsha – Washington state, USA (+1) 253-397-6584 – – or – – click here to send email

More and more people are getting great results from day 1: back, knees, wrist pains gone, varicose veins gone, skin cleared up, more energy, etc. Home wand costs $350.


Resources to Save

Index of Important Links for Easy Reference 

(in alphabetical order)

* Note: If you already have a referral affiliate for any of these programs, use their link instead)

Avatars Sri AmmaBhagavan, creators of Oneness University and Golden City, India, have initiated a project to enlighten the entire world, starting with 0.001% of the world population, which is about 74,000 people. The number will be increased each month as the world population grows. Anyone who joins the monthly Zoom ceremonies is also personally given higher dimensional assistance to create the permanent and complete enlightened state, and get empowered to assist at least 100,000 others likewise.

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