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  • Endowments of Enlightenment – Part 4
  • Another Debt Elimination Victory in Court
  • Healing with the Terahertz Wave Wand
  • Trust Webinar announcement ~ March 16
  • Six Different Ways to be Free from Income Tax
  • Images you must see
  • Just for Laughs
  • Playback of Past Trust Webinar Classes
  • See Latest Additions to One-Stop Total Vax-Jab & Covid Library
  • More images you must see
  • Cosmic Renaissance ~ Enlightenment in the Arts
  • Reminder: “Ace Credit Restoration” is now “Your Credit Blueprint”
  • An Amazing English 2-Letter Word – Up
  • News from Around the World 
  • FUNDS AVAILABLE ~ variety of loan sources for Americans
  • Resources to Save – Index of Important Links
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Celebrated Friend,
Endowments of Enlightenment

Part 4
by Taansen Fairmont


The 24 Characteristics of Enlightenment – – continued from the February 22 BIC newsletter

Very Important – – These Are Gauges, NOT Practices

It is very important to understand that the above characteristics [in the February 22 BIC newsletter] do NOT constitute virtues to be cultivated by practice and effort as a path to enlightenment. Many religions and spiritual traditions have made this mistake. While there may be some benefit in cultivating such virtues, doing so should not be mistaken to be helping much to bring the enlightenment. In fact, putting too much attention on such cultivation has often backfired by increasing the sense of ego, which is the primary obstacle to enlightenment.

The enlightened state, also known as self realization and cosmic consciousness, is a result of the removal of the egoic mind. The problem with focusing on the cultivation of good qualities is that absent turiya, the experience of the fourth state, the cultivation of virtues usually tends to increase the sense of ego.

Therefore, the reason for listing the 24 characteristics of enlightenment in this context and commenting on them is only to give those who are awakening a gauge by which to measure their progress. In the natural process of awakening, these qualities appear in their season like fruits on a tree. Thus the best focus for one’s attention is directly on watering the roots of the tree . . . which is facilitated by the experience of turiya and by loving devotion to one’s preferred form of God. Then the 24 characteristics appear in their season as a byproduct.

Now let’s look at #3 in the 24 characteristics of enlightenment:

3. No Conflict

The pure mind which is enlightened by the shining radiance of the omnipresent unified field enjoys its seat of consciousness in the prefrontal cortex, from where oneness is perceived in everything. Differences are still seen, all the more so – – but now the differences are subordinate, and the oneness is dominating perception.

One’s mind prior to enlightenment had conflict because it had failed to cognize the ultimate reality – – the reality of oneness underlying and permeating all things. Thus in the unenlightened mind, differences dominate, and oneness is either subordinate or isn’t perceived at all.

When differences dominate, conflict is inevitable. That is why mankind has fought over 5,000 wars in the last 3,000 years. That is why most people engaged in verbal abuse every day with those around them. It is why very few interpersonal relationships were always consistently peaceful and harmonious.

When the mind is enlightened by the predominance of oneness, the experience is that this is a far more accurate perception of reality. This is an unshakable knowingness. It is saturated with an inner experience of such ineffable bliss that it has been called “the peace that passeth understanding”.

Because this state is so infinitely superior in satisfaction, and because it is so crystal clear that this level of perception is the truth, it becomes irreversible. Once tasted, it cannot be lost. Like awakening from a nightmare in the dream state, and waking up to peaceful and harmonious surroundings, one immediately knows that the conflict in the nightmare was nothing more than illusion.

Someone who has thus awakened will never again be plagued by conflict in their thoughts about anyone or anything. Such a possibility will be out of the question. With this being the case, one will be incapable of creating conflict in the surrounding environment.

These are some of the qualities of the state that Sri Bhagavan and his Light Beings are giving people. That is why I share the videos of the stories of those who have attained in emails to a smaller list of interested correspondents.  If you wish to receive those emails once or twice a week, send me your request and I will add you to the list. 
Also, for additional bliss every day, the key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harm, and the attraction of all good, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
P.S. – – Enjoy the disclosures herein and the links in the News Around the World section.


Debt Elimination – – the Victories Continue
Note of reassurance: We estimate up to 98% of our Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES) customers never have to go to court. The victories in court reported in these newsletters are the successes enjoyed by the few who did go to court. Everyone else who implemented the LDES according to its instructions had their victories too – – administratively, out of court.






If you haven’t read the eBook, click the image below.


Healing with the Terahertz Wave Wand


Recently Arrived in the West


The Skeptics and Critics Are Being Proven Wrong!



In the 1980s, American scientists discovered a vibratory frequency that matches that of the human cell – Terahertz Waves. Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. It can easily pass through non-conducting materials, like clothing, paper, plastic, and glasses. But it wasn’t until about ten years ago that an instrument was designed to generate Terahertz Waves for healing the physical body, and this was developed in Japan, China, and Singapore. It is a combination of Chinese and Western Cytology technology. Finally recently it arrived in the USA and western countries. Demand for this product is exploding in the USA due to its unparalleled effectiveness.



3-in-1 core technology includes Terahertz waves, quantum scalar energy, and optical quartz resonance.

Websites: +

Contact: Shirsha – Washington state, USA (+1) 253-397-6584 – – or – – click here to send email

Shirsha said four friends got their wands in early February and got great results from day 1: back, knees, wrist pains gone, varicose veins gone, more energy, etc. Home wand costs $350.



Please watch and share these 5 videos below about how private banks create the money they loan you WITH INTEREST attached out of thin air, while you give blood, sweat, and tears money to pay it back.  Yes, a new monetary system is coming, but why wait?  Share this with those who are suffering NOW, because solutions are available NOW.

       1.   The American Dream Film by The Provocateur Network
       2.   Are You a Sleeping Debt Slave?  Legal Fiction Deception
       3.   All Wars Are Bankers Wars

         4.   How Credit Cards Become Asset Backed Bonds

         5.   No Such Thing as a Bank Loan – Banks Do Not “Loan” Money


For Americans with Credit Card Debt
And Who Have Not Used BIC’s Liberty Debt Elimination System
Be Aware: It continues winning and remains undefeated for everyone who completes its easy steps.
LDES 47-minute Video – 
Full Introduction

You are invited:
Trust Zoom Video Webinar on March 16

The Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

Online Webinar Series

March 16, 2022

Ascending Evolution of Trust KnowledgeTheme:  Trusts: now and into the future

7:00 PM USA Eastern
4:00 PM USA Pacific
1:00 PM USA Hawaii Time
(Note that Daylight Savings Time starts in most US states on March 13)
To convert the time for other parts of the world,
click on World Clock Meeting Planner

– – expected to continue and to be announced thereafter – –
Expected length of each webinar – 1 or 2 hours
(depending on questions & answers)

            For those who cannot make these times, playbacks will be available and announced in these newsletters.  The advantage to live attendance is the ability to ask your own questions live.

Enrollment Fee:  – – $0.00 – – (for now)


How to Attend

(If you can do that, then you don’t need the rest of the instructions below)

 One-tap on your mobile smart phone (Video and audio):

+16699006833,,84013254925# US (San Jose)

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Or Telephone (Audio only):
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+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
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+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)

Or click here to find your local number anywhere in the world

After calling your chosen number, then when prompted, key in the meeting ID:

840 1325 4925


How to successfully attend 
Wednesday’s trust webinar

      The Zoom video system is considered by many to be the top online meeting venue in the world, with some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.  Thank you for your patience as we learn better how to master it!If you would like to see the visuals of the webinar on your computer or smart phone screen, and if you have not already downloaded the Zoom software and installed it, it would help you to do that today . . . and it only takes 2-3 minutes, depending on your Internet speed and device speed.

The reason for doing it today, or as soon as possible before the webinar, is so that when the webinar begins, you won’t have to bother with it then.  Some people previously ran into glitches, confusion, and roadblocks in installing the software in the past.  If you’re trying to do that right when the webinar starts, then you may miss a lot of it.  So if you start the process well in advance, it gives you time to overcome those obstacles.  Then when the webinar begins, you can just click on the link and start viewing and listening.

The link is:

If you have already installed the Zoom software on your device in the past, then you’re all set . . . just wait until the time for the webinar to begin, and click on the above link.  But if you have not already downloaded and installed the Zoom software, then after clicking on the above link, it will prompt you to do so. Simply click through the prompts and follow what it says to do.  Complete instructions cannot be given here because it varies depending on what device you are using – – a PC, a Mac, Android phone, iPhone, etc.   Besides, the process is supposed to be completely automatic.
IF you run into any difficulties in this process, go to and click in the lower right corner where it says “Help”.  That will open up a little window that says “How can we help?”  Type in “Chat” or “Start chat”, press Enter (Return), and that will get you into a chat with one of the Zoom support staff.  Then describe the problem you are experiencing and they will guide you to the resolution.  Their chat help is open 24/7 and is available to everyone.  Their phone help is only available to Zoom paid account holders.This is why it is wise to do this today . . . or sometime early before the webinar on Wednesday . . . to give you time to get any roadblocks removed in advance.

If you don’t wish to bother with this, or don’t need to see the visuals because you plan to listen while driving in your car or something, then just use the telephone connection.  By telephone it can’t be any simpler . . . just dial the number, put in the access code, and you’re in.  No software to download.   All the details are repeated below.  See you on the webinar!


(USA only)




Six Different Ways to be Free from Income Tax


In Your Individual Name

Here at BIC we have accumulated a list of outsources of excellent documents and services by various experts for eliminating income tax. Prior to now, we have been sending this information by email, but now there are six categories of state-of-the-art resources, all with pretty much 100% success rates. The time finally came to create a page on the BIC website for this – – so please see this new page:



Just for Laughs

Because the cabal was desperate to protect its crime syndicate assets in the Ukraine, and the little Ukraine army was no match for Russia, cabal kingpins recruited soldiers from various other countries to come in and help. Some were from Brazil.

Two Brazilian soldiers were killed, and when Biden was informed of this, in an announcement, he said, “Let us take a moment of silence to give our condolences for the two brazillian soldiers who were killed.” Then he turned and whispered to his aide, “How many is a brazillian?”

New Additions to
One-Stop Total Vax-Jab & Covid Library

Dear [[firstname fallback=”Friend”]],

You may have noticed that a flood of information has been rising like tidal waves in the last couple of years exposing the covid hoax and the vax-jab as an orchestrated depopulation and control agenda.

On the other hand, you know friends and family who took the vax-jab, and nothing happened. They’re perfectly okay. That is because only about 5% or so of the vaccines have been harming and killing people, and are the ones generating the worldwide rebellion and exposes.

I have compiled a database of links to a small fraction of the articles and videos about this. It is at this new link:


Share the link far and wide!

Below are the titles added to it in the last month. At, go to the end of the list to see these titles and click on them. On the website they are hyperlinked to their respective websites.

For An Awakened World, Taansen


Japan drops all vaccine mandates, places myocarditis warning on label
1000+ Increase of Disease from The Vaccination. Murder? Fraud?
EU Regulators, WHO Call for End to COVID Boosters, Citing Evidence Strategy Is Failing
Military Vax Data Rocks DC: Catastrophic Injury Toll Exposed At Sen. Johnson Hearing
Dr. Vernon Coleman – the wake-up video that proves covid-19 is a fraud
UK citizens shut down jab centre and arrest police for not doing their duty
Virus Isolation – Is it Real? Andrew Kaufman, MD, responds to Jeremy Hammond
EU Med Commission CONFESSED C-19 Vaccines Destroy the Immune System!
State Supreme Court strikes down New York mask mandate as unconstitutional
Biden Administration Is Withdrawing OSHA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate – January 25, 2022
Doctor Who Treated C-19 Patients for Free Says ‘Fauci Is the Greatest Mass Murder in History!’
New Dr. David Martin video: The Secret Plan – February 6th, 2022 (49 mins)
Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing
Claire Bridges: Double-Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Model Develops Myocarditis, Suffers Heart Attack and Has Both Legs Amputated
Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Injuring Record Number of Young People
More vax people dying on live tv: anchor collapses while promoting mandatory vaccines
Dr. Bryan Ardis Presents Compelling Evidence for Indicting Dr. Anthony Fauci for Willful Medical Homicide
Bill Gates: “Sadly the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron is a type of vaccine”
Covid nasal swabs examined by scientists reveal danger
CDC finally admits, casually, that covid nasal “testing” swabs were used to sequence people’s genomes for analysis
Covid-19 Vaccines cause AIDS
Public Health Scotland will no longer publish Covid-19 Data because it shows the Fully Vaccinated are developing AIDS
Idaho pathologist says data show that “cancers are taking off like wildfire” thanks to COVID vaccines
Media pushing “HIV variant” narrative as cover story for vaccine-induced immune system collapse
International Tribunal issues Writ ordering Interpol, National Police, and Constitutional Sheriffs to Remove, Arrest, and Incarcerate Criminal Co-conspirators committing Genocide & Crimes against humanity since March 2020 by manipulating and profiteering from mRNA Bioweapon sold as “vaccine” including leaders of Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, City of London, Canada, Moderna, Arbutus Biopharma, Acuitas Therapeutics, University of British Columbia, and World Economic Forum et al.
90 UK doctors urge government to “pause the child covid vaccine roll-out” in light of “shocking” new data
PCR nasal test swabs contain ‘DARPA hydrogel’ with graphene oxide
International Network of Lawyers: The CV19 crisis is a fraud and those responsible will be sued
Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data
400,000 Cases of COVID Vaccine Injuries Found in Data Analyzed by German Health Insurer
FDA & CDC Study Finds Covid-19 Vaccination Increases Children’s Risk of Suffering Myocarditis by Over 13,000%
Compared to flu shots, covid “vaccines” are 11,361% more likely to cause a stroke
Leaked Emails Reveal Operation Warp Speed Pushed International Medical Racketeering
Triple ‘Vaccinated’ Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January; 80% of All New Covid Cases Are Fully Jabbed
Here is a list of 40 billionaires who got rich from this crime. You can be sure they will all be hunted down and brought to justice.
Over 24,000 deaths and 1.1 million adverse reactions to the experimental COVID jab – 9-episode docuseries
Stranger Than Fiction: Shocking Pfizer Document Leaked. Vax Destroys Genes/Chromosomes. Deadly Effects Hidden From The World. Doc Link Included. Vaxines Are a Suicide Drug
Top Secret Pfizer Document Leaks Online
UK quietly released data showing vaxxed account for 9 out of 10 covid deaths


Put it on Your Calendar
Next trust webinar with Randall Hillner, open to the public – March 16, 2022
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Next Trust Study Group Webinar with Dominique Hackett
(for BIC NLT trust clients only) –  April 13, 2022

If you are a trust customer, look for a newsletter around April 7 with attendance links.



Playback of January 19, 2022 Trust Webinar 



January 19 Topic – How to decide what role or hat to wear in setting up your NLT
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If You Wish to See Other Past Trust Videos,



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Playback of Past Trust Study Group Classes
(for those who already have a Natural Law Trust)
A list of replays of previous classes and access to Dominique’s SKIFF blog notes are available. Please email Dominique. If you are a trust client, you already have her email address.  Keep this information private and do not re-post anywhere. Thus if you missed the last study group class, or wish to see it again, you can receive the link to it from Dominique.  Thank you. 


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Cosmic Renaissance
Enlightenment in the Arts


by Taansen Fairmont
Do you know of books that could be made into good screenplays depicting the completed enlightened civilization of Heaven on Earth?
If so, such information is invited. The criteria are given in the 34-page PDF introduction.  



Ace Credit Restoration Has Changed Names

New Name: Your Credit Blueprint

(USA Clients ONLY)

Since 2005, Anthony Gaalaas (founder of Your Credit Blueprint) and his team of professionals have taken pride in their personalized VIP service. They have helped thousands of people clean up their credit and coach them to build and maintain and EXCELLENT Credit Profile & Scores! With their “Fast Track” program, their clients are usually seeing 70% to 100% of targeted accounts & inquiries removed in approximately 90 to 120 days!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but after 15 years of offering traditional Credit Repair, which takes 6 to 12 months to get an average of 30% to 50% deletion – they finally found a law within the Fair Credit Reporting Act and went to work to develop a proven system. And to make things EVEN more exciting, if they don’t get a minimum of 75% deleted, they are offering a money back guarantee!

Anthony and his team have already been our favorite credit repair professionals, due to their high level of integrity, accessibility, responsiveness, excellence in communications, and generous customer service. And his techniques all along have been reasonably good, but now with his new proven methods, we have a breakthrough in the power and potency of credit wipe effectiveness. 

 It won’t cost you a penny to talk to them, but it could be costing you thousands if you don’t! For more information, see his website, check out some client results, and then request a FREE Phone Consultation.  


An Amazing English 2-Letter Word – Up

This two-letter word in the English language has more meanings than any other two-letter word. It is listed in the dictionary as [adv], [prep], [adj], [n] or [v]. That’s adverb, preposition, adjective, noun or verb.

It’s easy to understand UP – as toward the sky or at the top of the list.
When we awaken in the morning, why do we wake UP?

At a meeting, why does a topic come UP? Why do we speak UP?
Why are the officers UP for election?
Why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report?

We call UP our friends, brighten UP a room, polish UP the silver, warm UP the leftovers and clean UP the kitchen. We lock UP the house and fix UP the old car.
At other times, this little word has real special meaning. People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UP excuses.

To be dressed is one thing but to be dressed UP is special.
And this UP is confusing: A drain must be opened up because it is stopped UP.
We open UP a store in the morning, but we close it UP at night.
We seem to be pretty mixed UP about UP!

To be knowledgeable about the proper uses of UP, look it UP in the dictionary. In a desk-sized dictionary, it takes UP almost 1/4 of the page and can add UP to about thirty definitions.
If you are UP to the task, you might try building UP a list of the many ways UP is used. It will take UP a lot of your time, but if you don’t give UP, you may wind UP with a hundred or more.

When it threatens to rain, we say it is clouding UP. When the sun comes out, we say it is clearing UP. When it rains, the earth soaks it UP. When it does not rain for a while, things dry UP.
One could go on and on, but I’ll wrap it UP, for now. . . my time is UP!

Oh . . . one more thing: What is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night
U P! (get it?)
Did that one crack you UP?

Don’t screw UP, send this on to everyone you know – look them UP in your address book . . . or not . . . it’s UP to you.

Now I’ll shut UP! 

VICTORY: Female Air Force officer becomes first to win injunction against covid jab mandate

International Tribunal issues Writ ordering Interpol, National Police, and Constitutional Sheriffs to Remove, Arrest, and Incarcerate Criminal Co-conspirators committing Genocide & Crimes against humanity since March 2020 by manipulating and profiteering from mRNA Bioweapon sold as “vaccine” including leaders of Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, City of London, Canada, Moderna, Arbutus Biopharma, Acuitas Therapeutics, University of British Columbia, and World Economic Forum et al.

Meet the top 200 companies investing in a clean energy future

BREAKING: Michelle Fielding Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin – 2-27-22

Massive People’s Convoy to D.C. Continues to Grow – Headline USA – February 28, 2022

Spectacular Repentance – CNN’s Former DC Field Operations Director Defects to Project Veritas – February 24, 2022

Spread this far and wide: Good news! Here is the truth about what is really going on in the Ukraine. No one should be afraid of the war in Ukraine and other battles going on in the world. At this link is a special compilation of intel sources on the higher plan of the Light that is going on. If you understand this, you will be much, much happier!  – – At this link – –

MILITARY INSIDER: They Panicked When They Saw the Future (Project Looking Glass)

New Zealand High Court ENDS Jacinda Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate: “It’s a Gross Violation of Human Rights”

Archbishop Viganò warns US bishops about COVID jab: The Great Reset wants ‘billions of chronically ill people

EU negotiating surrender to Russia, fake Biden government doomed – Benjamin Fulford 3-07-22 Report

Hilarious – by funny guy JP Sears: Russia and Ukraine Explained by Kamala Harris!

“Breaking: CNN to stop broadcasts in Russia after Putin signs law introducing jail time for Fake News”. I find this very interesting. 

Here is Michelle Fielding setting up her new Starlink hardware – very easy. STARLINK – ELON MUSK – EASY TO SET UP AND NO DROPOUTS IN FIRST THREE DAYS! – YouTube

Here is where to order Starlink

A song for you – “Prayer” by Secret Garden. If you read the lyrics to the prayer while watching the video and listening on headphones, you may find a very deep state of blissful loving peace descending into you.


Resources to Save

Index of Important Links for Easy Reference 

(in alphabetical order)

* Note: If you already have a referral affiliate for any of these programs, use their link instead)

Avatars Sri AmmaBhagavan, creators of Oneness University and Golden City, India, have initiated a project to enlighten the entire world, starting with 0.001% of the world population, which is about 74,000 people. The number will be increased each month as the world population grows. Anyone who joins the monthly Zoom ceremonies is also personally given higher dimensional assistance to create the permanent and complete enlightened state, and get empowered to assist at least 100,000 others likewise.

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