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Endowments of Enlightenment

Part 3
by Taansen Fairmont
The 24 Characteristics of Enlightenment – – continued from the February 9 BIC newsletter 

Some people think that the word “enlightenment” is vague or loosely defined, or that it has many different definitions. Hence there has been a lot of confusion about it in India and throughout the world. But in the last century, various Enlightened Masters have given a lot more clarity and precision on this topic.

For example, Dr. Robert Keith Wallace, Ph.D., a protégé of Maharishi, authored the book The Neurophysiology of Enlightenment, which provides objective criteria from the science of physiology to define the enlightened state. Likewise, Avatar Sri Bhagavan has said that the parietal lobe activity of the brain comes to below 25 on the right side and 30 on the left, and when there is a differential of at least 20 of the left frontal lobe over the right, the brain has been healed. The trance of separation is lifted, which begins the enlightened state. (See more information on this in the book Awakening Into Oneness, by Arjuna Ardagh, page 150).

So, there are objective criteria by which to define the state. In addition, the subjective criteria are very specific. Earlier in this treatise we reviewed the first of 24 main subjective criteria, which was “no suffering”. Now let us look at number 2 in the 24.

2.   No Carry Over

While number 1 showed how there is no suffering in the present, number 2 shows how there is a complete cessation of suffering from the past. “No carry over” means none of the impressions from the entire history of one’s soul journey of thousands of eons can have any influence on how one feels in the present moment. This is powerful, profound, unprecedented, and tremendously significant.

It is well known in human experience that sometimes when people have achieved ideal circumstances in some kind of outer paradise, there seems to be a kind of bliss that lasts for a while . . . but as the novelty wears off, then the habit of one’s old mind to dwell on unpleasant things returns. Hence in the unenlightened state, carry over is a common experience. The impressions of age-old ignorance plague the unenlightened mind.

An analogy illustrates this. In a mind that is spiritually asleep, any impression made on it is like a line carved in stone . . . very difficult to erase. In a mind that has begun to awaken, and has more transcendental life in it, an impression is like a line drawn in the sand . . . after a while, the ocean waves come in and wash the line away. In a mind that has totally awakened to its enlightened state, impressions are like lines drawn on the water with one’s finger . . . they disappear the same instant that they are drawn.

This doesn’t mean that people in the enlightened state have no feelings and no memories. On the contrary; it is well known among the enlightened that the positive and uplifting feelings become awesome . . . and one’s ability to recall data from one’s field of memory is like an encyclopedic supercomputer – – far superior to the memory one ever had in the unenlightened state.

People who have met Mata Amritanandamayi, for example, the “Hugging Saint”, have marveled at the fact that she could meet and hug millions and millions of people on her world tours, and then on a subsequent world tour years later, when meeting the same person again, she would remember everything about them – – down to the last detail. She knows people better than they know themselves.

The reason there is no carry over of the previously binding effects of mental or emotional impressions from the past in the enlightened state is that the strength of the inner splendor is supreme. Just as a bright light obliterates the darkness in a room, and just as the seemingly real phenomena in a dream disappear instantly when one wakes up, the enlightened state creates the invincible and irreversible experience of unbounded bliss and total unlimited awareness – – such that one’s essential feeling level is now permanently saturated with ever-expanding happiness.

This is a happiness for no outer reason at all – – emanating from an awakened cosmic consciousness in the very deepest center of one’s being deep within, and is thus completely independent of outer circumstances. Even one’s past mental and emotional impressions are now considered “outer”, because one’s attention is sitting on the throne of one’s own inner Holy of Holies – – above and beyond the entire matrix of the mind.

This positions one’s core experience in the ultimate reality, which is now constant and uninterrupted. It is impossible to lose. Nothing in time and space and nothing in all of creation can disturb it. It is supreme and all-commanding. One’s essential identity is now established eternally in the constant experiential knowing of the one thing at the essence of all things in existence.

Because of this, no matter what impressions one’s soul may have experienced going millions of years back into the past, no matter how powerful they may have seemed at the time, they are now like ice cubes or snowflakes that have melted in the hot sun. The brilliant, blissful, and undefeatable light shining from deep within dissolves anything and everything from past, present, or future that does not resonate with it and expand it.

Now the only objects of perception, whether in third density or in higher dimensions, that can withstand the blaze of this light are those which are serving to harmonize with it and add to the sum total of happiness in the universe. Those are not carry overs – – because they were not generated from one’s previous unenlightened state. Thus now in the enlightened state, only success and ever-expanding joy-giving influences are spontaneously manifested effortlessly from one’s presence. 

There is no carry over because carry over comes from the past, and an awareness that has been liberated from time and space is now established in the eternal now.  In the eternal now, the past and future do not exist.

These are some of the qualities of the state that Sri Bhagavan and his Light Beings are giving people. That is why I share the videos of the stories of those who have attained in emails to a smaller list of interested correspondents.  If you wish to receive those emails once or twice a week, send me your request and I will add you to the list. 

Also, for additional bliss every day, the key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harm, and the attraction of all good, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

P.S. – – Enjoy the disclosures herein and the links in the News Around the World section.


Today, Tuesday the 22 of February, Pluto has completed a full cycle around the Sun, the first time since July 4, 1776 – – America’s birthday – – signaling a rebirth of returning power to the people.  Click on the links below for some articles about this.

+ this story at astro.com (“Turning Point: The United States’ Pluto Return”) 

+ at Sonoma County Gazette (“Pluto to bring the foundational transformation America needs”) 

+ at Divine Harmony (“USA Pluto Return- Transformation of a Nation”) 

+ at msn.com (“Pluto return – the planetary shift that brought down empires is hitting the US soon”) 

Healing with the Terahertz Wave Wand

Recently Arrived in the West

In the 1980s, American scientists discovered a vibratory frequency that matches that of the human cell – Terahertz Waves. Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. It can easily pass through non-conducting materials, like clothing, paper, plastic, and glasses. But it wasn’t until about ten years ago that an instrument was designed to generate Terahertz Waves for healing the physical body, and this was developed in Japan, China, and Singapore. It is a combination of Chinese and Western Cytology technology. Finally recently it arrived in the USA and western countries. Demand for this product is exploding in the USA due to its unparalleled effectiveness.

3-in-1 core technology includes Terahertz waves, quantum scalar energy, and optical quartz resonance.

Websites: www.THzWand.info + www.Cell-Revival.com

Contact: Shirsha – Washington state, USA (+1) 253-397-6584 – – or – – click here to send email

Shirsha said four friends got their wands in early February and got great results from day 1: back, knees, wrist pains gone, varicose veins gone, more energy, etc. Home wand costs $350.


Please watch and share these 5 videos below about how private banks create the money they loan you WITH INTEREST attached out of thin air, while you give blood, sweat, and tears money to pay it back.  Yes, a new monetary system is coming, but why wait?  Share this with those who are suffering NOW, because solutions are available NOW.

       1.   The American Dream Film by The Provocateur Network
       2.   Are You a Sleeping Debt Slave?  Legal Fiction Deception
       3.   All Wars Are Bankers Wars

         4.   How Credit Cards Become Asset Backed Bonds
         5.   No Such Thing as a Bank Loan – Banks Do Not “Loan” Money

For Americans with Credit Card Debt
And Who Have Not Used BIC’s Liberty Debt Elimination System
Be Aware: It continues winning and remains undefeated for everyone who completes its easy steps.


LDES 47-minute Video – 

Full Introduction

How to Make Your Bank Deposits in the USA Tax Exempt and Reduce the National Debt

In addition to reclassifying your personal status on the government records as being a natural-born State Citizen with the position of creditor and underwriter to the government’s social security system, now here is an approach that adds another layer of protection and invincibility.

Here is the well proven, well studied, well experienced, and well documented expertise in how to use established United States Code and banking law to convert your bank deposits from Federal Reserve Notes to United States Notes, which are not taxable and cannot be liened or levied. This money still spends just like FRNs – – no difference – – but now it is Constitutional money which is off-limits to taxation.

This expertise is provided by Kelly Alexander, the founder of Great American Tax Remedy.

Help Wanted – Also, Kelly Alexander writes: “Great American Tax Remedy is growing and seeking individuals who are passionate about spreading freedom and empowerment to their fellow American citizens. Lawful money redemption, based on Title 12 USC 411, is the remedy we specialize in to eliminate the income tax. We are looking for conscientious, detail-oriented, well-organized people to assist with customer support and tax preparation/review. We will provide training, a base wage plus commissions based upon performance, and flexible hours. Our core values are integrity, win-win, and excellence. To apply, click here to email Kelly.”

(USA only)

Six Different Ways to be Free from Income Tax

In Your Individual Name

Here at BIC we have accumulated a list of outsources of excellent documents and services by various experts for eliminating income tax. Prior to now, we have been sending this information by email, but now there are six categories of state-of-the-art resources, all with pretty much 100% success rates. The time finally came to create a page on the BIC website for this – – so please see this new page:

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Playback of January 19, 2022 Trust Webinar 

January 19 Topic – How to decide what role or hat to wear in setting up your NLT

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Have you seen the
One-Stop Total Vax-Jab & Covid Library?

Dear Friend,

You may have noticed that a flood of information has been rising like tidal waves in the last couple of years exposing the covid hoax and the vax-jab as an orchestrated depopulation and control agenda.

On the other hand, you know friends and family who took the vax-jab, and nothing happened. They’re perfectly okay. That is because only about 5% or so of the vaccines have been harming and killing people, and are the ones generating the worldwide rebellion and exposes.

I have compiled a database of links to a small fraction of the articles and videos about this. It is at this new link:

Share the link far and wide!

For An Awakened World, Taansen

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Cosmic Renaissance

Enlightenment in the Arts

by Taansen Fairmont

Do you know of books that could be made into good screenplays depicting the completed enlightened civilization of Heaven on Earth?

If so, such information is invited. The criteria are given in the 34-page PDF introduction.  


Ace Credit Restoration Has Changed Names

New Name: Your Credit Blueprint

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Since 2005, Anthony Gaalaas (founder of Your Credit Blueprint) and his team of professionals have taken pride in their personalized VIP service. They have helped thousands of people clean up their credit and coach them to build and maintain and EXCELLENT Credit Profile & Scores! With their “Fast Track” program, their clients are usually seeing 70% to 100% of targeted accounts & inquiries removed in approximately 90 to 120 days!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but after 15 years of offering traditional Credit Repair, which takes 6 to 12 months to get an average of 30% to 50% deletion – they finally found a law within the Fair Credit Reporting Act and went to work to develop a proven system. And to make things EVEN more exciting, if they don’t get a minimum of 75% deleted, they are offering a money back guarantee!

Anthony and his team have already been our favorite credit repair professionals, due to their high level of integrity, accessibility, responsiveness, excellence in communications, and generous customer service. And his techniques all along have been reasonably good, but now with his new proven methods, we have a breakthrough in the power and potency of credit wipe effectiveness. 

 It won’t cost you a penny to talk to them, but it could be costing you thousands if you don’t! For more information, see his website, check out some client results, and then request a FREE Phone Consultation.  
No public servant is granted powers or authorities to make a political, legal or commercial determination of my acts, by Charles Miller 

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing 

Dr. David Martin and the 5th Circuit Court Final Order Awesome Language from the Court 

Defeat the Mandates website – In solidarity with the global phenomenon Freedom Convoy from Canada, the American truckers in The People’s Convoy will join forces with the Defeat The Mandates rally in Southern California on March 5th (exact location to be announced soon). This event will be in the heart of mandate country and a continuation of the historic rally on January 23rd in Washington, DC. 

Pine needles: A super drug against the harmful spike proteins of the Covid jab & other useful references for spike detoxification 

We Won — All Across the Board, by Anna von Reitz – “197 million Troy ounces of American gold have been recovered, trillions in treaty gold has been assigned to the actual beneficiaries, and we are beginning the process of repatriating American gold, along with American credit, stocks, bonds, and silver.” 

What to Do About Obstruction of Trade (for Canadians), by Anna von Reitz 

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion proceeding to present to a jury all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic

US Corporation may implode this week, by Benjamin Fulford 2-14-22 

More vax people dying on live TV: anchor collapses while promoting mandatory vaccines 

Dr. Bryan Ardis Presents Compelling Evidence for Indicting Dr. Anthony Fauci for Willful Medical Homicide 

Switzerland to Lift All COVID-19 Travel Requirements & Other Restrictions 

Today, Tuesday the 22 of February, Pluto has completed a full cycle around the Sun, the first time since July 4, 1776 – – America’s birthday – – signaling a rebirth of returning power to the people. 

+ this story at astro.com (“Turning Point: The United States’ Pluto Return”) 
+ at Sonoma County Gazette (“Pluto to bring the foundational transformation America needs”) 
+ at Divine Harmony (“USA Pluto Return- Transformation of a Nation”) 
+ at msn.com (“Pluto return – the planetary shift that brought down empires is hitting the US soon”) 

Is there a connection between the radical shift in human behavior today and the movement of our planets? In the last decade, we’ve seen revolutionary human behavior that’s transforming our world and bringing about liberation, freedom, and justice. And when we look back through history at similar events… a pattern starts to emerge. Discover what our top astrologers and researchers say in this epic new docuseries – “Changing of the Gods” – premiering February 22

President Trump’s Truth Social network is set to launch in a limited format and will be fully operational by the end of March 2022, according to CEO Devin Nunes.

Bill Gates at the Munich Security Conference 2022 admits that the pandemic is over, because Omikron is a better vaccination than Pfizer, Moderna, etc. Natural immunity wins! “Sadly the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron is a type of vaccine” 

Sweden Declares the Pandemic to be “Over”. The country that refused to impose strict lockdown rules exits COVID-19 nightmare first

Trudeau’s Dark Pedophilia Network Exposed: Human Trafficking, Sex Crimes, And Pedophilia 



Resources to Save
Index of Important Links for Easy Reference 
(in alphabetical order)

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Avatars Sri AmmaBhagavan, creators of Oneness University and Golden City, India, have initiated a project to enlighten the entire world, starting with 0.001% of the world population, which is about 74,000 people. The number will be increased each month as the world population grows. Anyone who joins the monthly Zoom ceremonies is also personally given higher dimensional assistance to create the permanent and complete enlightened state, and get empowered to assist at least 100,000 others likewise.

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