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More on the Presently Dawning Golden Age
by Taansen Fairmont
(continued from the May 4 BIC Newsletter)

A multi-thousand-year dark age is coming to an end, and so it’s climaxing right around now. The so-called New World Order is actually the Old World Order making its last desperate attempts to save its sinking ship! 

At the same time, a multi-thousand-year Golden Age is dawning, and it’s just beginning right around now. There is an overlapping between the ages, in a kind of phase transition. The point at which critical mass is reached for the upward wave, is when the downward wave self-destructs and leaves behind it the broken shell, from which the butterfly emerges.

The seer Sheldan Nidle, founder of the Planetary Activation Organization and messenger of the Galactic Federation, speaking on their behalf, provides a geological viewpoint of the changes:

Now let us look at your precious planet Mother Earth. Like you, she is in the midst of some very great changes. These alterations include the creation of a rudimentary firmament in her atmosphere and preparations for her new surface world. A side effect of these actions is a reduction in her geomagnetic field and an increase in her base frequency. As you know, seismic and volcanic activity has enormously increased over the last few decades. Weather, jet streams, temperatures on the ocean floors and in the many-layered ocean currents have also changed. This is all part of a drastic mutation of your world. You are not, however, headed for a magnetic pole shift or for a series of massive calamities. You are on course for a huge shift in your planet’s level of awareness and in the outward expression of this. You are moving from a limited to a fully conscious world.”

Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ken Carey, Peter Russell, Robert Cox, Dove of Oneness, Matthew through Suzy Ward, and several other contemporary visionaries both East and West have likewise expressed dazzling and magnificent cognitions of the present historic period of transformation into an unprecedented new dispensation of global awareness, happiness, peace, love, prosperity, and harmony.

One of the most spectacular of these is the vision of Robert Cox. He speaks of an impending arrival on Earth within a few years of an intergalactic beam of extremely intense celestial light, coming directly from the heart and mind of that which we may call God or the Divine Universal Love Intelligence. The best way to share with you the amazement of Cox’s vision is to give you my review of his book, The Pillar of Celestial Fire, and encourage you to simply read this book.

The book came out in 1998, but even today it is still ahead of its time. Now the time has come. The Earth has entered the next plane of the spiral acceleration towards the Solar Flash, and so it is time now for knowledge like Robert Cox’s to reach the wider audience of Light Beings worldwide.

The Pillar of Celestial Fire
b y    R o b e r t   E .  C o x
Review by Taansen Fairmont

Here is one of the most important books in the history of mankind, for the simple reason that it gives a crystal-clear picture of both the ultimate goal of all evolution, and at the same time specific practical information on exactly how it can be achieved. Herein the ultimate goal of all evolution is not merely the inner awakening of the individual to Self Realization, which thousands of other books have covered. In The Pillar of Celestial Fire, a complete map of both the inner and the outer planes of evolution is provided, showing a synthesis and an integration of both inner enlightenment and the outer exaltation of the physical plane to the seven higher heavens, and ultimately the heart of the Great Central Sun.

The exaltation of the physical plane includes the ascension of the physical body into physical immortality and its metamorphosis into a celestial body of light. One of the most exact scientific descriptions of this process in the history of literature is given, citing quotes from hundreds of other books and documents, and weaving them all together into a harmonious tapestry of illumination. Thus while the glorious visions it paints are so fantastic as to be imagined by some as fantasy, it is simultaneously grounded in the most perfectly correlated scientific research and confirmation in ancient records.

The exaltation of the physical plane also includes the evolution of the Earth and all of its inhabitants into a World of Light, characterized by a permanent Golden Age, similar to that attained by our predecessors . . . such as the other Worlds of Light already established in constellations like Orion and the Pleiades. Yet where concepts like this in most other literature would be relegated to science fiction, this book validates its assertions with the research, documentation, experiences, and historical records of other scientists already accepted by the worldwide establishment as being among the greatest thinkers of all time.

In other words, it is presented very credibly as sincere fact, intended for here-and-now practical application. A richly illustrated, graphically exact, and intuitively accurate portrayal of the history of ages on the Earth, the vibratory dimensions in our galaxy and the universe, and an exhilaratingly precise scientific description of how the Earth will ascend into a heavenly World of Light in a permanent Golden Age are offered.

This book has a very high SPP (Secrets Per Page) quotient. It is literally packed with amazing revelations, profound insights, unlocked secrets, beautiful visions, psychic disclosures, important discoveries, and awesome expanses of comprehension. Another reviewer said “This book comes the closest of anything I’ve ever read to explaining a ‘theory of everything’”. I would agree. While many other books in the fields of physics and astronomy may encompass the infinitely large and the infinitely small, they are usually fairly horizontal in their scope. Robert Cox’s book, by contrast, embraces both the infinitely vast horizontal expanses as well as the spiritually vertical planes of comprehension, and how they interact. While he draws on known texts in astronomy, physics, cosmology, chemistry, mathematics, and other sciences, he simultaneously integrates them with the vertical wisdoms of Vedic Science, ancient Egyptian research, and the other major spiritual traditions.

This book meets the standard of what I call the “mandala spiral pattern”. This means that it contains a consistent central theme serving as an axis around which a colorful panoramic kaleidoscope of changing diversity revolves, elaborating on the central theme and reinforcing it on higher and higher levels all the way to the end. This central theme is the infusion of celestial fire, which is the intensely brilliant subtle light coming from the center of the Universe, into the gross density of physical matter. Both in the physical human body as well as throughout the entire world of physical matter, this infusion raises the frequency vibration of all things to progressively higher levels until it is transfigured into the seven highest heavenly realities.

The grades of ecstasy thus spoken of could seem like far-off fantasies, were it not for the fact that the book graphically illustrates why the present time in which we are now living is right before the beginning of a massive infusion of celestial fire into our planet. Very soon, in the next decade or two, a very powerful column of intense light, the pillar of celestial fire, is going to arrive on the Earth, taking the planet and everything in it into an unprecedented Golden Age. Robert offers very persuasive and convincing evidence from the world=s greatest Seers, mathematics, history, and ancient records to validate this prophecy.

Furthermore, he describes in specific detail throughout the book how human beings can prepare for this and participate gloriously in it, even starting to enjoy the benefits of it before it arrives to the planet as a whole. This is accomplished through three main categories of spiritual evolution – – the internal, the external, and divine grace. The internal avenues consist of meditation practices, prayer, mantras, and sacred rituals. Divine grace is something that simply happens when all the individual conditions are right.

The external avenue involves the revival of the lost Sacred Science, the knowledge of creating the sacrament variously known throughout ancient history as the Elixir of Life, the Manna, Sacred ash, Amrit, Nectar of Immortality, Philosopher=s Stone, Bread of the Presence, Soma, Holy Grail, and other names. The Pillar of Celestial Fire gives a beautifully comprehensive, detailed, richly documented, complete, insightful, devoted, and precise education on the history of this substance, how and why it was created, the importance of its role in the evolution of life, its function as a superconductor of the conscious love and light from the heart of the Universe, and how it will assist in the transformation of the human body into a body of light and the translation of planet Earth into a heavenly World of Light.

This book is clearly for highly evolved readers. While the terminology in it is purposely simple enough to be understood linguistically by the layman, the concepts thus conveyed are so magnificent as to be incomprehensible to the spiritually asleep, or appear as pure fiction to the ignorant, or generate jealousy and greed in those who are imbalanced. The fantastic expansiveness of its comprehensive scope is simultaneously synthesized with such elegant precision and crystal clarity in its focus that only the most evolved minds can possibly fully appreciate its importance. Yet hopefully the very influence it wields on such minds will cause the saints and geniuses of the world to spread this knowledge and its benefits to everyone, raising the entire humanity into the awakening long dreamed of and prophesied by all the greatest Seers in history.

Amazon link to purchase the book: The Pillar of Celestial Fire

The key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harm, and the attraction of all good, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

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LDES 47-minute Video – 

Full Introduction
“Let’s Play a Game” by Ron Giles

Sunday, 9 May 2021

The game I’d like to play is called Whack-a-Banker. To play this game we will use the Quantum Consciousness, which some inaccurately call a computer.  It is the basis of the Quantum Financial System. (QFS)

Background of how the Game is Played

The QFS uses digital Gold-backed Certificates. A gold-backed Certificate is a block or bundle of Data that acts as an increment of currency. The data refers back to a Serial number on a Kilo of Gold used to back that increment of currency – thus Gold-Backed currency. This is nothing new, we’ve talked about this before.

The gold that is used to back the currency is already in place. It is hidden in a series of 4-5 Gold Bullion vaults placed throughout the world in strategic locations. Any new gold used to back more currency will be melted down and given similar ascending serial numbers that fit into the library system used in the vaults.

The digital gold certificates are already established but remain in an inactive status until there is a transaction that changes them to an active usable status. The redemption of Zim is a transaction where we redeem our Zim and the funds are put into our QFS accounts. Again, it is in the form of a digital gold certificate. So the funds put in our account are activated digital gold certificates. It is live currency, capable of being used for a financial transaction.

In the QFS a transaction occurs when an individual owner of the QFS account transfers money to another QFS account in payment for a financial transaction. It acts like real currency because it can be used to purchase things, but it is only digital gold certificates that are being transferred digitally, from one account to another. Picture in your mind, if you can, a Quadringentillion (1200 zeros) of digital gold certificates available to be transferred to purchase anything you could ever purchase. Then multiply that by another Quadringentillion (= 1,440,00 Zeroes) and you might get close to how many digital gold certificates are available to be activated.

So how do we play this game of Whack-a-Banker? Testing, testing, one two three.

Walk-In Bathtubs
The earthlings in charge of the QFS think they need to test the QFS to be sure that all transfers are accounted for and the whole system of debits and credits is balanced each time a transfer takes place in a mere nanosecond. So it is necessary to “Activate” digital gold certificates to test the system with a “dry” run. But in a dry run, the Digital gold certificates are not tied to actual money, it is just a test. Many tests have taken place, so now it is time to test the system with real funds attached to the digital gold certificates. The digital gold certificates do not really represent real currency but it acts like. This begins the Sting operation for the unknowing supposedly White Hat Bankers. Hmmmm.

Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes and others Truthers are correct in that the QFS is activated and has been for some time. The problem for those who don’t know the difference between the use of active and inactive gold certificates for a dry run leaves the QFS open for this game or sting to be played.

Many thousands of “Trusted” White Hat bankers have been assembled to test the system. They are told that for this test, the digital gold certificates are activated with real money and without the full system of checks and balances in place. They are told there are two hundred trillion dollars in actual funds that have been given to the QFS to test the reliability of the system. This 200 trillion has been confiscated by the US Treasury Department for illegal activity. Now it can be used to test the QFS. But again, without the system of checks and balances in place as normal because they are white hats and they wouldn’t cheat and try to steal the funds. HMMM. Why would they try to steal some money? Won’t they get caught if they did? They have been testing the system without activated gold certificates for a long time and it has worked perfectly. This time it’s real money, so they think. (thought)

So the QFS team (not Scientists) let out information to the banker White Hats that the QFS will be activated with real funds represented by digital Gold Certificates for a live test run. Let’s say they have ten thousand white hat bankers and have divided 200 Trillion dollars amongst them to trade back and forth with each other to see if the system is performing properly. That’s 20 Billion dollars each. The QFS doesn’t do the normal bank trading way which uses a Ping to see if the money is in the trading account for bank trading. This time the bankers will actually transfer these funds back and forth with digital gold certificates being transferred into different accounts. Each banker has set up accounts that can be used for the transfers and shared the account numbers to each other to test the transfer system. These bankers do not comprehend the Divine Consciousness that houses the QFS. They did not get the memo; they still think it is man-made and can somehow be compromised. That is why it needs testing, so they thought.

The public word goes out from Charlie and Simon and a few others truthers that the QFS is now active worldwide, and the banks worldwide have become a part of the QFS with their own connections to the QFS. Each bank received a pin code so they can have live access to the QFS. The Cabal is on this and sends out this information to those double-agent White Hat bankers to steal the funds anyway they can; the trap is now set. This is sorta like what President Trump did to Whack the Moles in his organization.

The go button is pushed and the bankers start transferring funds. Then for some reason, the call goes out that the system has an error and is not tracking the funds to where they went. The QFS will be shutting down the transfers in three minutes to find out where the problem is. This is the green light the double agent moles have been waiting for.

The 3-minute recess gives the double agent White Hat bankers time to set up new accounts and transfer money to them unaccounted for and no way to track where the funds went or where they are. Their activities cannot be traced so they begin to do what they normally do and that is to steal the money when they think they can get away with it.

The Sting Revealed
In reality the QFS system of security and balance can never be compromised and has always worked perfectly; would you expect anything less of a Divine Consciousness Creation? The digital gold certificates were activated for this test, yes, but without funds attached to them as the White Hat bankers think. The QFS is publicly announced to be activated and the bankers think they are part of the new financial system, but they are not. This has been their thinking for eight or ten months now. Below the surface, the Quantum Divine Consciousness that many refer to as the Quantum Computer has silently taken over the entire Central Banking System. It completes the transfer and fulfills all the computer commands from the bankers as they think they are in charge of their banking computers.

The SWIFT system was tampered with and the bankers did not figure it out for a long time as the transfers were rerouted by the Quantum Consciousness to the intended accounts. The tremendous loss of income was huge as this SWIFT source of trading was 86% of their total income. Talk about frustrated bankers worldwide, they have no business-as-usual control over their own computer system. Being real smart, the bankers have figured this out themselves. A knock on their door has also helped them understand why their business is over. This is the Sting beneath the surface and is part of the QFS sting we have been talking about.

The double agent White Hat Bankers have received the Whack. More than four thousand and six hundred double agent White Hats got their “go straight to jail” cards and not one of them got to pass “go” in this Monopoly Game they were playing. They were all arrested. This operation has affected every aspect of Cabal Society including money laundering and paying off bribes and other illegal Political activities. The Cabal and the Deep State have nowhere to turn and no money they can control and they know this. They can give up or just die a very slow painful death in bankruptcy. They have been walled up and the walls are slowly moving in on them as we speak. Not many of them are sleeping anymore. They are wide awake and many have been scared to death, literally. They under-estimated the full Divine Power that has been unleashed on them.

The patriots are waiting until critical mass has been reached of sleepers waking up. I’ve heard it needs to be 60 % before they will make their move. We are at 56% and climbing to reach critical mass and then the dominoes will begin to fall. This tumbling effect of dominoes does not take long, so once the first domino falls the rest will follow, soon if not immediately after.

Sting operations take time to plan and execute and this one has taken years in the making. With the ascended Masters like Buddha, Mohamad, Allah, Yeshua, and many many more, our success is already assured. There may be some collateral damage but it will be minimal. We need to keep the Military, the Alliance, the White Hats with their boots on the ground, our real President, Donald J Trump, Charlie and Simon, and a long list of others as well, in our prayers. Send forth our Gratitude and love to them for all the work they are doing, so that they may always come home to their families as they fulfill their Divine Callings. The Divine is on the move and nothing can stop this force. It has been decreed, and so it will become our reality. We get to win this war that most don’t even know existed. I decree that all lightworkers are kept beneath the Divine Umbrella of Protection as we got through the Storm together. We may not even get wet.

Leave it in God’s hands, He’s got this.

Keeping the light on Ron Giles

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(link unknown)

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that the UST (and DoD and Homeland Security) yesterday Thu 6 May at 2:35 pm PST gave the go for Tier 4-B to start AFTER the main upper level bonds (led by German bonds and Yellow Dragon bonds with multiple zeroes in their redemption proceeds amounts) complete being processed and funds released into accounts (to be released and moved only when T4B notifications come out).
. . .

He confirmed again that DoD (Department of Defense) is in charge of the USA, the RV release, and DoD is running the interim military government under President Trump as commander in chief at Mar-A-Lago, Florida (he said that more than enough evidence has been cited with links proving the claims in past updates of Mr. Fleming over the past 9 months [!!] and further evidence proving this is below–see reference to US Air Force Special forces soldier named Drew below).

He is confirming Simon Parkes’ info that as of last Tue 4 May the QFS (Quantum Financial System) was the sole financial system globally and SWIFT had been retired completely. [Caveat: SWIFT is still functioning. I think they mean it was “decided” to retire it; and seamlessly replace its best functions with the QFS, as quickly as feasibly possible without disrupting positive global commerce.]

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the first week of May there were only 2 countries still using SWIFT for specific activities, and Trump, DoD, and the Alliance told them they needed to get off SWIFT COMPLETELY and become compliant with the QFS system or there would be arrests and/or worse for them and their countries; these countries quickly complied, needless to say. [We will see.]

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources reporting that the 4000+ cabal arrestees the first week of May were taken to military detention centers around the globe, as GITMO is ALREADY FULL and the Antarctica detention center is nearly full; the military detention centers are in various other global locations (Puerto Rico, Greenland, San Juan Islands, El Salvador, etc, etc–see past updates from Mr. Fleming for specifics confirmed by our guy and by Monkey Werx), and as Mr. Fleming’s source said “You do NOT want to be in any of these military prisons, but they will be the final resting place for most of the Deep State worker bees that are being held in them pending their military tribunals”);

Our military intel contact arranged for one of the team on the west coast that helps Mr. Fleming interface with him to meet a special forces medic named Drew [NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT HIS IDENTITY] at a truck stop just 8 days ago, and Drew confirmed ALMOST ALL THE INFO ABOUT THE DEEP STATE BEING DEFEATED over the past 15 months BY TRUMP AND THE MILITARY UP TO RIGHT NOW–info that has appeared in Mr. Fleming’s updates from the military intel contact over THE PAST 9 MONTHS:

(1)   Drew is in his 30s. He is an Air Force special forces PJ (Pararescue Jumper), the Air Force’s special forces personnel that parallel Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, and Delta Force special forces personnel;

(2)   Drew did two tours with the Air Force in Iraq over the last decade as a PJ special forces medic; he had shrapnel wounds in his chest and one leg from IED’s that exploded as he was helping rescue downed pilots during those tours of action–he is a hero and a Patriot!

(3)   Drew said he is normally assigned to the crew in the MH-60 Blackhawk helicopters patrolling the east coast from the DC and Norfolk VA areas to southern FL (including Mar-a-Lago where President Trump’s winter White House estate is);

(4)   Drew has also been deployed on the MH-60 Blackhawks patrolling the west coast of CA;

(5)   Drew did not share his name until our team member revealed all the info we received from our military intel contact about Trump and the DoD fighting the Deep State for the past 15+ months– then Drew felt confident to quietly share only his first name and some of the info he had been briefed on with other US military special forces personnel when it matched what our team member shared from our military intel contact.

(6)   Drew confirmed that he had been briefed about:

[a]   DoD, comprising the interim military government, will remove the fake Biden administration as early as this August 2021 and–pending the shifting battle with the Deep State–as late as Jan 2022;

[b]   Drew knew that the real White House in DC HAS BEEN EMPTY FOR ALMOST 4 MONTHS SINCE THE 20 JANUARY 2021 fake Biden INAUGURATION and he confirmed that the fake Biden White House is in the Amazon Castle Rock movie set in Culver City CA with duplicate FAKE White House sets in Baltimore MD and in Atlanta (Tyler Perry Studio set);

[c]   Drew confirmed that he had been briefed that the National Guard is still in DC in order TO REMOVE THE FAKE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION at the right time and TO BRING PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK IN AS THE ONLY TRULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. Drew confirmed that ALL other special forces personnel HAVE BEEN BRIEFED ABOUT THIS PLAN;

[d]   Drew confirmed that President Trump is working with the DoD interim military govt and with 866 active military personnel in a compound next to the Mar-a-Lago FL estate. He confirmed that during the Tue 3 Nov 2020 election he was briefed that President Trump was, as reported by multiple other sources, with military generals in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) WATCHING THE ELECTION FRAUD REAL-TIME BEING PERPETRATED IN POLLING CENTERS IN GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ, and NV.

Drew confirmed that the Kraken that Sidney Powell said was released was the real time blockchain recordings of the election fraud and vote switching from Trump to the fake Biden as well as the Kraken supercomputer at U of TN used by military intel. He confirmed that the current AZ vote audit will BEGIN TO COMPLETELY EXPOSE THE VOTE FRAUD TO THE PUBLIC and other audits are known to be planned for MI, PA, and GA that will ALSO EXPOSE THE DEEP STATE HALF-WITS WHO did the vote fraud SO SLOPPILY that A DRUNK HALF ASLEEP COULD SEE THE VOTE SWITCHING EVIDENCE IS UNAVOIDABLY REAL!!!

[e]   Drew confirmed that he knew that right after the election fraud was perpetrated on Tue-Wed 3-4 Nov 2020, special forces on AH-64 Apache helicopters and MH-60 Blackhawk helicopters apprehended known vote fraud perpetrators in each of the swing states, took them up to 5,000-to-10,000 feet altitude, hung their bodies out the doors of the Blackhawks and told them to reveal names of their superiors or they would drop them to a sudden impact end-of-life experience. Needless to say most of the Deep State worker bees sang like canaries, Drew confirmed, and special forces then went after the traitors and their networks domestically and offshore too.

[f]   Drew confirmed that the Deep State actors–politicians and agency bureaucrats–still in DC are play-acting, as Ezra Cohen-Watnick and QAnon said long ago, most of whom are playing their roles (to save their own necks from the hangman’s noose) to DISGUST the public with the Biden administration actions and congressional lunacy till the public opinion polls (the real polls behind the scenes, not the fake stream media polls) are 60+% against Biden and the rest of the Deep State lunatic politicians and bureaucrats in DC.

[g]   Drew confirmed that Trump and the military are intentionally trying to turn public opinion away from the Deep State lunatic policies pushed by the Rockefeller-Rothschild pedo-satanist Wall Street banksters, big Pharma, Big Tech, Media and Social Media, and federal, state, and local judiciary, politicians, bureaucrats and law enforcement that the Deep State put into leadership positions over the past 75 years as Freemason pedo-satanist worker bees to facilitate the Rockefeller Deep State handing over of the USA to CCP Chinese Communists through bribes, honey-pot traps, and blackmail, and murder.

[h] Drew confirmed that he knew of the thousands (that’s right, thousands!) of children rescued from the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) and tunnels UNDER THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE CAPITOL BUILDING IN DC. He confirmed that the Navy SEALs and other Marines that rescued the children were TRAUMATIZED as reported and were WEEPING UNCONTROLLABLY at the HORRORS THEY SAW IN THE TUNNELS!!!

[i]   Drew confirmed that there was gunfire and a firefight between special operations forces rescuing the children from the tunnels under the White House and the DIRTY CIA HALF-WITS DEFENDING THE PEDO-SATANIST OPERATIONS in these tunnels–the CIA needs to be BURNED (along with FBI & NASA) and NEVER RESURRECTED our guy agreed;

[j]   Drew confirmed that there have been three (3 – count ’em) aircraft carrier groups off the west coast of the USA intercepting Chinese tankers carrying containers many of which have contained weapons, AK-47s, missiles, bombs, etc, BOUND FOR DOMESTIC TERRORISTS IN BLM, ANTIFA, AND CHINESE SPECIAL FORCES UNITS INSIDE THE USA. Drew confirmed that the weapons were happily removed by U.S. Navy and special forces from the Chinese tankers and added to US military weapons caches.

[h] Drew confirmed that the tunnels under the White House and the Capitol Building in DC had been blown up over past weeks and flooded with water from the Potomac River so they could never be used by the Freemason pedo-satanists again to torture, rape, kill, traffic, and eat children as part of the sick pedo-satanist religion of Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, and 70% of Congress and DC agencies (!!!–how could we have allowed this for soooo looonnngggg????)


The pedo-satanist power and control of the cabal / Deep State is FINALLY ENDING – – THANK GOD!!

And our military intel contact agreed, THANK GOD for special forces personnel like Drew, who have been on the front lines of fighting the Deep State to set us and the 209 nations free through this RV/GCR RELEASE happening IN REAL TIME RIGHT NOW!!!

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We challenge anyone to view all these videos and read all these articles 
and still remain in the dark!

Deep State Desperation Hitting a New Level! – Must Video. REPORTER: John Rolls: Things are heating up for the audit. Deep state is doing illegal activities around the audit and come to find out they are now putting Trump in their crosshairs more so than they have thus far. Israel is ramping up their campaign to stop the Palestinian/Hamas terrorism and has taken out a couple key pieces of infrastructure. It is truly game on right now and we are likely very close to the Storm is upon us statement.

X22Report: The Hammer Is Coming Down! At This Point They Have It All! They Caught Them All! – The [DS] is in a deep panic, the hammer is about to come down and they are making preparation to make their move. They are preparing for indictment to come out against Trump. They will do anything to stop what is coming, but nothing can stop this, nothing. The Maricopa Supervisor board is in trouble, a database was deleted. The AZ audit has uncovered fraud and that the numbers are not making sense. 



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Stock Market Report 
from Swami Beyondananda
•    Helium was up, feathers were down. 
•    Paper was stationary. 
•    Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading. 
•    Knives were up sharply. 
•    Cows steered into a bull market. Pencils lost a few points. 
•    Hiking equipment was trailing. 
•    Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow decline. 
•    Weights were up in heavy trading. 
•    Light switches were off. 
•    Mining equipment hit rock bottom. 
•    Diapers remain unchanged. 
•    Shipping lines stayed at an even keel. 
•    The market for raisins dried up. 
•    Coca cola fizzled. 
•    Caterpillar stock inched up a bit. 
•    Sun peaked at midday. 
•    Balloon prices were inflated. 
•    Scott Tissue touched a new bottom.
            Two police officers are having coffee and chatting about their new recruits.
            “You won’t believe how dumb my new constable is,” says one.  “Oh, I bet mine is worse than yours,” says the other.
            So the first officer calls his constable.  He comes in and salutes, “Yes, sir!” 
            “Here is a dollar, go and buy me a Rolls Royce.” “Yes, sir!” says the constable and he goes out.
            “That’s nothing,” says the other officer, and he calls his constable.  “Go immediately to my house and see if I am there.”  
            “Yes, sir!” says the constable and he goes out.
            The two constables meet in the corridor and one says, “Boy, you won’t believe how dumb my officer is.  He gave me a dollar to buy him a Rolls Royce.  Doesn’t he know it is Sunday and the shops will be closed?”
            “That’s nothing,” says the other.  “My officer told me to go to his house and see if he is there.  Can’t he just make a phone call himself?”
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