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  • This Tweet from January 7 pretty much sums it up
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Fabulous intelligence unfolding + upcoming trust webinar

Special Ally Friend,

The way continues to be paved towards the Solar Flash and the Golden Age in this generation.  Enjoy the disclosures herein and the links in the News Around the World section herein.  And put the Natural Law Trust Webinar with Randall Hillner on your calendar for January 13.  See the attendance details herein. 

And now to continue with the Garry Davis material . . .

The World Government Ideas of Garry Davis – Part 7
Excerpted from the 1997 book “Sovereignty Consciousness”, by Taansen Fairmont

~ More relevant today than ever ~

Passports, Other Official Papers, & World Guards

Mundialization: All Land is World Territory

Consistent with the ideas of universal respect for individual rights, property, and freedom, and the dissolution of the institution of the nation-state, the old idea of conquering and dominating areas of land through force is now obsolete. Using the “might is right” approach to claiming and defending land is backward and barbaric, having many more disadvantages than advantages. Damaging the land through warfare ruins the environment and the ecosystem planetwide, which is stupid and self-defeating.

In such cases, like the U.S. crusade in Vietnam, the logic is that a country might have to be destroyed in order to ‘save’ it. Insane as it seems, nations even treat their own alleged ‘property’ as if it were expendable. Obviously such ‘ownership’ is no more legitimate than the primitive practice of slavery — domination in a crude disguise.

“Territory can be viewed in another way, however, one which is both holistic and absolute. In the holistic sense, territory is not ‘property’ but rather part of one great living being that includes land, sea, air and all living species. Looked at this way, destruction of territory is self-destruction, an act bordering on suicide. In the absolute sense, territory cannot be ‘owned’ by any limited group, whether a people or a government. Everyone owns the Earth — and at the same time, no one does.

“This holistic and absolute approach to the notion of territory is the basis for a revolutionary claim: that the entire surface of the planet is, in reality, world territory.

– – Passport to Freedom, Ch. 26

Accordingly, wherever there are World Citizens, areas of land around them are being declared “World Territory.” Davis’s house called “Chaggara,” on a small piece of land near the French-Swiss border, in the community of Hesingue, was declared “Territoire Mondiale” — a territorial base for World Government, in 1976. Many other groups have claimed their locations “international territory” — from the United Nations offices in various locations and the Holy See of the Vatican in Rome, to the “Free City of Danzig,” the “Free Territory of Trieste,” and others.
In the south of France, by early 1949 a community of 300 called Trouilla decided to become a “world town.” Most of the residents had declared themselves World Citizens. In July of that year, another town, Cahors, with a population of 15,000, became the first major community to be officially “mundialized.”

Over the next months, ‘mundialization’ spread quickly to other towns in France and Germany.
“Mundialization is, essentially, a grass roots movement for world citizenship. The word is derived from the Latin word for world — mundis. For a place to become ‘mundialized’ means to become ‘worldly,’ to adopt a holistic world view. It means social maturation . . .”
Mundialization was also taking place in Japan and elsewhere:

“Since the ’50s, hundreds of places have declared themselves ‘mundialized,’ including Toronto, Bordeaux, Nimes, and various holy sites. By the late 1950s, the movement had reached major Japanese cities such as Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo. In the 1960s, Richfield, Ohio became America’s first ‘world town,’ followed by Los Angeles, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Boston, among others.

“The city of Dundas, Ontario, joined as the first mundialized Canadian community in June, 1967. . . With the UN Secretary-General in attendance, Ottawa became a World City in 1970 . . . In the United States, four state governments — Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois — made declarations of world citizenship . . .

“As of 1988, there were about 1000 mundialized places around the world. The list includes communities in at least 15 U.S. states, countless towns and cities across France and Japan, and communities in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and India.

“. . . Each community that makes its declaration helps to extend an atmosphere in which global cooperation replaces force as the way to resolve the world’s complex problems.

— Passport to Freedom, Ch. 26

(This topic to be continued in future editions of the Brilliance in Commerce Newsletter).

The key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harm, and the attraction of all good, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

If you like drinking killer poison, keep paying attention to the mainstream media!
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New LDES 47-minute Video – 

Full Introduction

This Tweet from January 7 pretty much sums it up

You are invited:
Trust Zoom Video Webinar on January 13

The Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

Online Webinar Series

January 13, 2021

Ascending Evolution of Trust Knowledge

The Law of Trusts – Further Understanding

7:00 PM USA Eastern
4:00 PM USA Pacific
2:00 PM USA Hawaii Time

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Expected length of each webinar – 1 or 2 hours
(depending on questions & answers)

            For those who cannot make these times, playbacks will be available and announced in these newsletters.  The advantage to live attendance is the ability to ask your own questions live.

Enrollment Fee:  – – $0.00 – – (for now)


How to Attend
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 One-tap on your mobile smart phone (Video and audio):

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Or click here to find your local number anywhere in the world

After calling your chosen number, then when prompted, key in the meeting ID:

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Playback of November 18, 2020 Trust Webinar 

November 18 – The Interest of the Beneficiaries

If You Wish to See Other Past Trust Videos,

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Next trust webinar with Randall Hillner, open to the public – 
January 13, 2021 (see attendance details inter alia)
Put it on Your Calendar
Next Trust Study Group Webinar with Dominique Hackett
(for BIC NLT trust clients only) – February 10, 2021
How to successfully attend 
Wednesday’s trust webinar
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         The link is:
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        If you don’t wish to bother with this, or don’t need to see the visuals because you plan to listen while driving in your car or something, then just use the telephone connection.  By telephone it can’t be any simpler . . . just dial the number, put in the access code, and you’re in.  No software to download.   All the details are repeated below.  See you on the webinar! 


Playback of Past Trust Study Group Classes
(for those who already have a Natural Law Trust)

These study group classes are being posted in your customer account under login at :
Thus if you missed the last one, or wish to see it again, you can see it there.

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Our Golden Age Expansion of Essence Sessions

Offered by Katherine Lia 
~ Available remotely via telephone, Skype, Zoom, etc. ~

Katherine Lia provides an exceptionally rare and state-of-the-art quality of sessions that can reveal past lives, future lives (or the future of one’s spiritual self), and sojourns in the heavens between Earth embodiments.

Profound Multidimensional Healing

Past life therapy has a myriad of benefits. Memories revealed from a past life allow individuals to alter their perspectives on their current lives. This therapy for the new age helps people to understand who they are, learn how past life events have affected present life circumstances, and to offer insight into hidden conflicts so that repeating patterns may be stopped.

Endorsement from Taansen: Having been a successful yogi with daily access to Ultimate Reality and Supreme Wisdom since the age of 19, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to the spiritual and natural healing marketplace. So for me to say that I was favorably impressed with the session Katherine gave me is significant. Unlike typical so-called psychics, she doesn’t presume to tell the client things. Instead, she comes with an interesting formula that works like magic to invite the information out of the client himself.

Beyond that, very quickly and effortlessly, the specific type of information drawn forth is of the highest order – – immediately bypassing potentially hundreds of layers of lesser importance, and penetrating directly to the essential center of being.

Hence in the shortest time and with the least words, the process she facilitates delivers the insights of the greatest importance. These are the insights that are central to all others – – and are thus the ones most potent for achieving the widest variety of noble purposes most effectively for the client.

For further information, please read the PDF at this link

Ace Credit Restoration

Guarantees removal of at least 80% of the negatives from one’s credit report within 90 days. They often achieve 100%, including foreclosures and bankruptcies. (Ace Credit Restoration was formerly referred to in these newsletters as “Anthony Gaalaas Credit Repair”).

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We challenge anyone to view all these videos and read all these articles 
and still remain in the dark!
“2020 was perhaps the worst year we have seen in America since the period of World War II. We all got to see, feel, taste and experience what the dark cabal’s agenda is really all about — and then some. And it was really, really awful!!

“Now it is time for the blowback and the payback, as the patriots unleash their ultimate counter-attack against the deep state, Joe Biden, the infiltrated and corrupted Democratic Party and all the traitors to America who have used and abused our country for decades.” – – Scott Mowry

Benjamin Fulford 1/4/20 Report: Showdown at the DC Corral as the Demonrats make their Last Stand 

Military Intelligence Operations Have Exposed the Cabal’s Plan to Take over The USA 

Cobra gives a very good recap of the success of the 12-21-20 Jupiter-Saturn alignment meditations worldwide, and a bunch of other fascinating news. Age of Aquarius Activation Report 

“The Greatest Movie Ever Made: Cutting the Head Off the Hydra” – January 2, 2021 

Hundreds of news sources all distilled into one: If you want to save your time and sit back and enjoy a grand tour of hundreds of up-to-the-minute news sources about what happened in DC January 6, exactly why all the apparent chaos and confusion is part of the Q Master Plan, what is happening to save the Republic, and where it is all leading, listen to Scott Mowry’s 2-hour Miracles and Inspiration call Wednesday evening Jan 6. 

 Playback Recording Number: (USA) (+1) 605-475-4957 – Access Code: 810201# / followed by # again

Trump recently signed into law “The Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021″ which authorizes the intelligence agencies to reveal the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials to the people within the next 180 days

Urgent: Ongoing Meditation for the Situation in Washington D.C. – Cobra at The Portal 

Fauci is SOOOOOO busted on Covid (7 min) 

YALE SCIENTIST: Fauci ‘in Bed with Forces,’ ‘Decisions not Based on Science,’ ‘Killing Americans.’ Why Is No One Investigating This Man? Harvey Risch isn’t just anybody. Risch is a professor of epidemiology at Yale University. He has an M.D. from UC San Diego, a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and he’s published over 300 papers in a career that spans four decades.

100,000 doctors & medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccine

Calif. doctor successfully cures 1,700 COVID-19 patients (5 min) While the media continues pushing hype around the coronavirus, actual medical experts say we already have the tools we need to combat the virus. One America’s Pearson Sharp spoke with Brian Tyson, a doctor in Southern California who has successfully treated over 1,700 patients with the drug hydroxychloroquine. 

Fantastic News – NEVER Doubt! Events that happened at Washington DC Wednesday looked awful and some feel that “we” are losing. This is nonsense. Couldn’t be more wrong. There is more here than meets the eye. This is military planning and strategy at its finest. It is “the art of war.” Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward GREAT video – Jan 7 

ANTIF@ BUSTED! He did not CONCEDE! Stay away from MSM! 

The Trap That Trump Set on Jan. 6 Was Ingenious – Pelosi Horrified Over What Was Stolen from Her

Charlie Freak 1-06-21: Today was the Show, Tonight the Game is ON!

Michael Jaco and Jay Campbell – two former US Navy SEALS (who are quite enlightened & Spiritual) – 1-07-21 – As Trump moves to the Military Control Center, he states there will be a peaceful transition of power 



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            A man was telling his neighbor, ‘I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it’s state of the art. It’s perfect.’
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            ‘Twelve thirty.’
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            The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, ‘Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.’ 
            The gentleman replied, ‘Oh, I haven’t told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I’ve changed my will three times!’
Little Emily was complaining to her mother that her stomach hurt. Her mother replied, “That’s because it’s empty. Maybe you should try putting something in it.” 
The next day, the pastor was over at Emily’s family’s house for lunch. He mentioned having his head hurt, to which Emily immediately replied, “That’s because it’s empty. Maybe you should try putting something in it.”
A man, his wife and mother-in-law went on vacation to the Holy Land.
While they were there the mother-in-law passed away. The undertaker told them, “You can have her shipped home for $5,000, or you can bury her here in the Holy Land for $150.00.”
The man thought about it and told him he would just have her shipped home.
The undertaker asked, “Why?” Why would you spend $5,000 to ship your mother-in-law home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and spend only $150.00?” 
The man said, “A man died here 2000 years ago, he was buried here and three days later he rose from the dead. I just can’t take that chance.”
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