Overflowing end of year news and celebration of the giving season

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Overflowing end of year news and celebration of the giving season

Illustrious Friend,

It is very fulfilling to celebrate that the ability to look past the surface and see the deeper truth in all things is going viral!  Soon it will reach the majority of the population.  You are thus invited to celebrate the joy you can get from viewing 100% of the links in the News Around the World section herein . . . Happy Holidays!   Enjoy!!!

And now to continue with the Garry Davis material . . .

The World Government Ideas of Garry Davis – Part 5

Excerpted from the 1997 book “Sovereignty Consciousness”, by Taansen Fairmont

~ More relevant today than ever ~

Transformation, then Evaporation

In Chapter 13 of Passport to Freedom, Davis says, “
Government ought to function as humanity’s brain, fulfilling the needs of the individual and the entire organism.” One might ask, then, how would individual free will be maintained?

This still leaves open the question of where does individual free will come in? How is the mistake of mankind’s past history, the infamous coercive and exploitative dictatorship, avoided in the future? Should government be really so much like a brain, or should it even exist at all?

The answer to all of these questions is the same as has been realized before. The awakening of personal power and personal intelligence in each and every individual . . . is the only way. Each and every individual must evolve, become more intelligent, more responsible, more powerful, and more self-directing. Sovereignty consciousness must dawn in each individual.

Then government’s “baby-sitter” and “taskmaster” roles diminish. People give it less power, less funding, less respect, less importance. People stop giving it significance over their lives, because they gradually realize they can get along quite well enough without it, thank you.

As this spreads to more and more people, whatever government is left may function more like a “friendly brain,” in that it may serve useful “central clearinghouse” and informational functions. For example, some area of the world has too little food; some area has too much food. Rather than dumping the excess in the ocean and letting the needy starve, the government simply provides the administrative information necessary to arrange transfer. Nothing is done against the will of anyone; coercion has long since been abandoned, having been recognized for the ineffective and self-defeating mechanism that it was.

In this sense, government functions rather like the post office, and its “president” is like the postmaster general. Most people don’t even know his name, and he certainly doesn’t receive much media or press coverage. It’s just an administrative function; not a dominating source of dictates or coercive directives. It’s more like a free-market business, and in fact, business would be best suited for such functions. So, in this light, why even continue to call it by the name, “government?” Call it a business — “World Cooperative Services,” or something like that.

Later in this process, as billions of individuals awaken further, intelligence becomes so highly advanced and universally achieved that even the coordinating and administrative role of “government” becomes unnecessary. Everyone just “knows” from within; there’s no need for an outer mechanism. Then anything even remotely resembling government can finally evaporate altogether.

This is where those in sovereignty consciousness look beyond the vision expressed by Garry Davis. Then the focus of those in sovereignty consciousness is not on creating any interim governmental function, but rather on going ahead and creating the new world of freedom, individual sovereignty, personal power, the free market, inner directedness, and the replacement of government per se, with more beneficial and efficient decentralized arrangements.

As an interim function, however, it is at least reassuring to see that Davis’s “World Government” operates according to voluntary and mostly noncoercive principles. Like a creative and life-supporting merchant, it offers products, for which customers voluntarily choose to purchase, or choose not to purchase, as they like.

Unlike most governments, which are heavily in debt, World Government is self-financing. Citizens who request services pay modest fees to cover its operating expenses.
“. . . In essence, World Government is a sustainable and self-sufficient community of sovereign individuals who have given their prime allegiance to an emerging body of ‘common world law,’ including various human rights covenants, the Stockholm Environmental Declaration and the Nuremberg Principles. It is neither a parallel government nor a supra-national federation. It is a ‘meta-government’ of individual human beings.
” — Passport to Freedom, Ch. 24

The question, then, is why even call it a “government?” Why not just call it a business, an institute, or just some kind of service organization? Is it because if we don’t call it a World Government, some other group will come along and create another world government anyway, but with far less noble qualities, and therefore we should beat them to the challenge and show them how it should be done? Or is it because people are so conditioned with looking up to territorial governments for thousands of years, that they can’t just make the sovereignty consciousness quantum leap directly to a global decentralized free market, absent of government altogether? That an interim period is necessary, where all political divisions dissolve into a consolidated one world government, before the arrival of mankind at a utopia where government disappears completely? And if national governments were difficult to dissolve, will it be even more difficult to dissolve a world government, or will it somehow be easier?

These are all needed questions to ask, and there may not be any one final answer. One thing is for sure: that many of us consider it entirely possible for the world government phase to be skipped. We could go right from the extinction of the nation-state governments directly into the decentralized global free market. There is no built-in requirement that world government be a temporary bridge in between. Whole segments of the world population are already building decentralized free markets, anyway.

So whether the whole world comes to recognize a single world authority called a World Government or not, either way the free market is already multiplying. As it exponentially expands, it is inevitable that it will eventually out-compete all governments for every one of their good functions, and put them out of commission. This is the crest wave that those in sovereignty consciousness are riding.

If, as an interim mechanism, Davis’s World Government can play a non-coercive role to assist in this process, and contribute to the liberation of all people, then we support his choice and celebrate our alignment, our parallel missions, and our shared destiny.

World Citizenship Theory and Practice

For Sovereigns who travel, Chapters 9, 10, and 11 of Davis’s book “Passport to Freedom” provide a lot of useful, important, and interesting information on understanding bureaucrats, learning bureaucrats’ language, and ten steps on how to overrule bureaucracies, particularly as it relates to the right to travel. His ten steps are quite lengthy, detailed, rich with useful practical tips.
Chapters 14 and 15 provide an excellent understanding for World Citizens of the destiny of the nation-state. A November 1990 issue of the Washington Post is quoted as having the headline, “Is the nation-state headed for the dustbin of history?” Davis observes the multiplication of nation-states, from only nine of them two centuries ago, to over 160 in 1980; simultaneous with the gradual demise of the nation-state as an institution, as indicated by the political, social, and economic trends of the world.

A world of nation-states is essentially a lawless, anarchic world in which conflict is the defining political and social force. For the nation, ‘national security’ is another word for repression. War is a way to protect the ‘common welfare,’ often by destroying it. Environmental degradation is defined as merely a ‘trade-off’ for progress. And ‘human services,’ managed by government and dominated by a repressive ethic, are programs that quite often promote moral and social disintegration. Leaders are commonly liars and criminals; commercial institutions are machines that market violence for profit. In the nation-state, the social contract called ‘national citizenship’ becomes a collective suicide pact. We simply don’t know when we’ll be asked to die — or for what.”

Clear understanding of the backward, retarded, barbaric characteristics of the nation-state, and the national citizenship that goes with it, is a prerequisite to fully appreciating the superior nature of universal citizenship, and ultimately sovereignty consciousness. Davis points out that “. . . national citizenship is actually a form of imprisonment. If you don’t believe that, try not paying your taxes, or try leaving the country without ‘proper’ papers. Endless other restrictions and abuses of a nation’s ‘subjects’ occur every day.”

Likewise, the so-called “benefits” the government provides, such as national security, are greatly exaggerated. National security would actually be much better without the institution of the nation-state and its government. So in conclusion, the benefits of the nation-state are none, and the disadvantages are countless. Seeing this, it doesn’t take much intelligence to prefer universal citizenship, or worded more plainly, pure individual sovereignty.

One of the services of Davis’s World Service Authority is defense of World Citizens. “If the rights of a registered World Citizen are violated,” he says, “the WSA takes up the defense.” For example, “In countless cases, refugees have succeeded in remaining in the country of their choice with WSA intervention.

As a perfect example of how World Citizenship resolves serious practical problems, Davis brings up a fascinating story about Fred Haas, who was a Conscientious Objector (CO) (someone who objects to being conscripted into the military, for moral or religious reasons). The U.S. military Selective Service Board at Forest Hills, New York had rejected Haas’s CO application because it was based on philosophical and political, rather than religious, beliefs. Then Fred met Garry Davis, and Davis provided some solutions.

Haas became a World Citizen, and sent copies of his World Citizen and World Government documents to the head of his Selective Service draft board, to the UN Secretary-General, and to President Eisenhower.

Though the draft board responded coolly to his letter, ordering him to report for induction and threatening charges of desertion if he didn’t, his deadline passed without incident. By June his case had been passed up the Pentagon line, but still no decision. The more the government lawyers studied the issue, the more intriguing — and troubling — it became.

“This was no longer just a simple CO case. First of all, there was the question of World Government: what the hell was it? That was a political issue they preferred to ignore. A second, related question was whether a U.S. citizen could pledge his allegiance to this so-called World Government. And third, if he could do it, was he still a U.S. citizen? They didn’t want to get into that one either.

“If Fred Haas was prosecuted as a deserter, he could bring up international law to justify his actions. The Pentagon was already having problems with the Nuremburg Principles. Lawyers for the Selective Service certainly didn’t want to defend national soldiery against human rights. Of course, they were also afraid of publicity. Once the case went public, thousands of other draft-age men might try to use the same route. Even people already in jail might turn to World Citizenship as a defense. Finally, the government could not forget the international implications. In short, it was a can of global worms.

“Clearly, geo-dialectical logic was at work. By pledging allegiance to World Government, Fred Haas was able to neutralize an oppressive law in his nation. His simple, sovereign act exposed just how weak the nation actually was. In Civil Disobedience, Thoreau had likened the state to an old lady counting her spoons — so weak it could be bent to one person’s will. Sometimes the resistance of a single person can bring change to an entire government — witness Gandhi, Gorbachev, and Nelson Mandela.

“. . . a constitutional lawyer working for the Pentagon provided the final argument . . . against the government. If Fred Haas was prosecuted, this attorney predicted, he could use the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as his defense . . . the ‘sleeping giant’:


The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Fred could simply claim that one of those rights was his right to claim a higher civic allegiance. Although there was nothing in the Constitution about delegating power to a world government, there was also nothing about denying or prohibiting it. . . . This was, at the very least, a legal bombshell, one the U.S. government did not want in court.

As you might guess, Fred Haas was never prosecuted. He left for India several years later, became a disciple of Guru Nataraja, and adopted the Sannyasin way of life.
– – Passport to Freedom, Ch. 25

(This topic to be continued in future editions of the Brilliance in Commerce Newsletter).

The key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harm, and theattraction of all good, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

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~ ~ The Giving Spirit ~ ~
Beautiful Story from Katharine Hepburn
The famous movie star from the mid 20th century, Katharine Hepburn, related this story from her childhood:
Once when I was a teenager, my father and I were standing in line to buy tickets for the circus.  Finally, there was only one other family between us and the ticket counter. This family made a big impression on me.
There were eight children, all probably under the age of 12. The way they were dressed, you could tell they didn’t have a lot of money, but their clothes were neat and clean.
The children were well-behaved, all of them standing in line, two-by-two behind their parents, holding hands. They were excitedly jabbering about the clowns, animals, and all the acts they would be seeing that night. By their excitement you could sense they had never been to the circus before. It would be a highlight of their lives.
The father and mother were at the head of the pack standing proud as could be. The mother was holding her husband’s hand, looking up at him as if to say, “You’re my knight in shining armor.” He was smiling and enjoying seeing his family happy.
The ticket lady asked the man how many tickets he wanted? He proudly responded, “I’d like to buy eight children’s tickets and two adult tickets, so I can take my family to the circus.” The ticket lady stated the price.
The man’s wife let go of his hand, her head dropped, the man’s lip began to quiver. Then he leaned a little closer and asked, “How much did you say?” The ticket lady again stated the price.
The man didn’t have enough money. How was he supposed to turn and tell his eight kids that he didn’t have enough money to take them to the circus?
Seeing what was going on, my dad reached into his pocket, pulled out a $20 bill, and then dropped it on the ground. (We were not wealthy in any sense of the word!) My father bent down, picked up the $20 bill, tapped the man on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me, sir, this fell out of your pocket.”
The man understood what was going on. He wasn’t begging for a handout but certainly appreciated the help in a desperate, heartbreaking and embarrassing situation.
He looked straight into my dad’s eyes, took my dad’s hand in both of his, squeezed tightly onto the $20 bill, and with his lip quivering and a tear streaming down his cheek, he replied, “Thank you, thank you, sir.  This really means a lot to me and my family.”
My father and I went back to our car and drove home. The $20 that my dad gave away is what we were going to buy our own tickets with.
Although we didn’t get to see the circus that night, we both felt a joy inside us that was far greater than seeing the circus could ever provide.
That day I learnt the value to Give.
The Giver is bigger than the Receiver. If you want to be large, larger than life, learn to Give. Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.
The importance of giving, blessing others can never be over emphasized because there’s always joy in giving.  Learn to make someone happy by acts of giving.”

~ Katharine Hepburn
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The [CB]s and the [DS] thought they had the upper hand; they thought that their plan was moving forward. They will soon realize that their plan was a trap by the patriots. The MSM is still pushing the idea that the economy is about to implode. X22 Report Episode 2343a  

The [DS]/MSM are now being backed into a corner. The evidence is about to be produced. Barr places Durham into position. The storm is about to hit, the [DS] is now panicking, their [e] fraud did not work, people are waking up and now they are trapped. The raid on their system is about to happen, hold the line until the right moment. SP announced that the white hat hackers got it all and the connection to other countries is being produced. Trump makes one of the most important speeches about [e] fraud. X22 Report Episode 2343b – Barr Moves Durham Into Position, [DS]/MSM Panic, Hold Position Before Executing Raid

Forced COVID vaccinations violate UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights 

Vaccinated Children Are Sicker, Study Shows 

Beware of cell phone public charging stations – hackers can take over your phone. This 4-minute video provides a $7 solution

The Covid-19 vaccine ingredients 

Trump & the Patriots Have Full Control, Great Reset Is Being Blocked – X22 Report [Note: He’s talking about the cabal’s so-called “great reset” to enslave the world, discussed at the Davos Summit – – NOT the Global Currency Reset (GCR) that would liberate the world] 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin (Castro) Trudeau Complicit in American Election Fraud 

“Trump Card” – full length movie – A specter is haunting America-the specter of socialism. At first glance, this seems incredible. The twentieth century is seen as the century in which capitalism defeated socialism. Socialist regimes collapsed around the world. Today socialism is confined to failing societies such as Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. Yet leading candidates and media figures are enthusiastic about moving America toward socialism. They have a raft of proposals for doing this: Medicare for all, universal basic income, free college, and the Green New Deal. This movie exposes the ideology and tactics of the new socialism. It explains the temptation of socialism – – a so-called age of abundance in which we all get something for nothing – – and shows why the socialist society is a mirage. Socialism produces deprivation, conformity, and tyranny. More than a critique of socialism, the movie also makes a moral defense of capitalism and shows how capitalism, not socialism, is the best way to have prosperity and social justice. Narrated by Dinesh D’Souza and featuring eye-opening interviews, dramatic recreations, and comical animated illustrations, this film is a timely, riveting, and entertaining look at the biggest issue dividing America today. Rent it or purchase it at this Amazon link 

Maker of COVID-Tests Says Pandemic is Biggest Hoax Ever Perpetrated – Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Hodkinson, who is the CEO of a biotech company that makes COVID tests, says “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.” 

Mexican President Becomes a Voice for COVID Freedom: Says pandemic lockdowns are the tactic of dictators 

Here is a member of the Austrian Parliament demonstrating to his colleagues how a can of Coca Cola is “testing positive” for Covid-19

Breaking: Dems Blindsided After GOP Electors Rise Up with Game Changing Move to Cast Votes for Trump 

A Message from President Donald J. Trump – about delivering life-saving Covid cure free of charge – 12-12-20 

December 21 Planetary Alignment – Entering the Aquarian Age – Grand Conjunction December 21, 2020 by Ana Otero – 15 mins – (She gives one of the best explanations – – very grounded and optimistic)

What will happen on December 21st, 2020? Here are the answers! – 8:44 – by Lori the Positivity Princess (Another of the best explanations – – full of specific details and graphics) 

COVERT-19 – Foster Gamble (maker of the Thrive movies) has researched the so-called Covid pandemic for hours a day since it was declared. This summary article condenses what he found into a dialogue that unveils the coherent but chilling story emerging from behind the mainstream narrative. Foster addresses: What’s really going on? What’s the evidence? What are the implications? And, finally, what can we do to actually resolve the medical, economic, political, and personal challenges assaulting all our lives?

Benjamin Fulford 12/14/20 Report: West faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese 

Luciferase Quantum Dot COVID-19 Vaccinations – The Bill and Melinda Gates Satanic Agenda 

Human ageing process biologically reversed by giving humans oxygen therapy in a pressurized chamber 



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            No wonder it is difficult to keep my weight under control… 
            When taking a shower, I often use the rest of my shampoo to lather my whole body. 
            Well, yesterday, I read what was written on the bottle . . . 
            ***What a shock!!
            “For extra volume and body!!!!” ~
            As from now on, I will be using my dish-washing liquid for showering. 
            It claims, “Dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove!”
            A Montana senior citizen drove his brand-new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he pushed it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left.
            “Amazing, ” he thought as he flew down I-90, pushing the pedal even more.
            Looking in his rear-view mirror, he saw a Montana State Trooper, blue lights flashing and siren blaring. He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought, “What am I doing? I’m too old for this! “and pulled over to await the trooper’s arrival.
            Pulling in behind him, the trooper got out of his vehicle and walked up to the Corvette. He looked at his watch, then said, “Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a new reason for speeding–a reason I’ve never before heard — I’ll let you go.”
            The old gentleman then said: “Three years ago, my wife ran off with a Montana State Trooper. I thought you were bringing her back.”
            After the cop finished laughing, he let the driver go, saying “Have a good day, Sir” . . .    
            We who have taught, or love children who have been taught, know this happens.
            My five-year old students are learning to read…. 
            Yesterday one of them pointed at a picture in a zoo book and said, 
            “Look at this! It’s a frickin’ elephant!” 
            I took a deep breath, then asked…”What did you call it?” 
            “It’s a frickin’ elephant! It says so on the picture!” 
            And so it does…. 
            (***ELEPHANT PICTURE WITH CAPTION): ‘ African Elephant ‘
            Dean Martin was thanking his audience at the end of one of his shows.  He thanked the TV viewers for sending gifts.  He said, “I really appreciate all the cards and letters, and especially the expensive gifts.  And I really want to thank the lady in Wyoming who sent me a knitted garage.  The only problem is, it rained last night and the garage shrunk.  Now I can’t get my car out of it.”
            My dog is worried about the economy. Because Purina dog food is up to $10.00 a can.  That’s almost $70.00 in dog money.     – Joe Weinstein
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