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News about the $5,000 BIC Affiliate Opportunity

Consulting to Millionaires about the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust
~ Special $10,000 Price for Millionaires and Multi-Hundred-Thousandaires ~



Distinguished Friend,
Three weeks ago, on November 12, the last edition of this newsletter informed BIC affiliates for the first time about the new $5,000 commission opportunity for selling the $10,000 VIP Natural Law Trust. 
Since then, many new affiliates have joined us – – WELCOME!!!  And for everyone, seasoned and recent, THANK YOU for being a treasured part of the BIC community and for working with us to bring a few of the world’s greatest freedom technologies to mankind.  Now in the approaching grand conclusion of a dramatic year, 2020, we wish to share with you more about this special opportunity.  Very simply, you have two (2) affiliate links to use. 
For existing affiliates who joined prior to November 12, 2020:  You no longer need to register a second time to get the link to market the $10K trust.  You automatically now have two links, found in your back office.  A simple way to know what your new link is – – you can add “natural-law-trust.” before “” into your URL, and that creates your second URL for marketing the 10K trust.
For all affiliates:  The link, where “xxxx” is replaced by your 3- or 4-digit affiliate code, sends customers to the $2.5K trust and the LDES.  Very simple. 
Along with that, your link sends customers to the $10K trust.  Send that link to the wealthy and high income market. 
As you can see, the only difference between the two links is that the one for the 10K trust has natural-law-trust.” before “”.
All new affiliates automatically get both URLs.
Please be aware that our genius webmaster has installed a cookie system both at the site and at the parent site – – meaning the cookie system is active at BOTH of your links – – such that if a prospect clicks on your affiliate link, that will be recorded as a cookie on his computer which will track him wherever he may navigate on the site. 
This means that even if the prospect were to later erroneously go to the generic link without your affiliate code, you will still be commissionable. The cookie matches that prospect with your code so that for six months, any visits of that prospect to our site will be commissionable to you, regardless of whether the prospect continues using your link or not.
And now to repeat what we said on November 12:

Year after year, various marketing people have told me BIC is selling our Natural Law Trust too inexpensively.  They have also said we’re selling the Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES) at too low of a price.
I have consistently resisted increasing the prices because of there being so many people in need out there.  Especially when it comes to the LDES, already $450 is difficult for some customers to afford.  We are keeping it at that price for the foreseeable future.  We want people to be able to afford it and at the same time for BIC to keep the lights on. 
But when it comes to the Natural Law Trust, it is, after all, presumably for people who have assets that they need to protect.  Quite a number of marketing people have said the price, and the commission, on the trust are too low. 
As you probably know, more and more of my time, interest, and attention have been going into consulting on the BIIPs (Bank Instruments Investment Programs) via the PPPs (Private Placement Platforms).  As a result, for the past couple of years, I am having many conversations every week with millionaires and billionaires.  The BIIP space of activity has brought me regularly in contact with wealthy people. 
One of our Intake Officers who also deals with the wealthy told me our price is too low, and he said there is a statutory trust that sells for $10,000, and it is totally inferior to our NLT.   It has nowhere near the benefits that our NLT has, and on the contrary, it has a lot of headaches and problems that come with it.  Furthermore, he said that statutory trust company pays its affiliates a $5,000 commission out of the $10,000. 
As if that were not enough, he said he would like to offer our NLT to our network of BIIP intermediaries and investor clients . . . but only if we could increase the price at least to $7,500. 
He wanted to offer the investors a choice – – either the statutory trust or our NLT.  He wanted them to have the option of choosing one or the other, to satisfy the different types of preferences out there.  But if one costs $2,500 and one costs $10,000, it would not be a fair comparison. 
So it made sense to increase the price of our NLT to $10,000.  We don’t want to give the prospective clients the impression that our NLT is not worth as much as an inferior statutory trust.  Furthermore, we didn’t want the affiliates to send all their customers to the statutory trust because it pays a much higher referral fee or commission.   Just imagine . . . you’re an affiliate with millionaire clients and you could earn a $5,000 commission referring them to the statutory trust, but you would have only some much smaller dollar amount referring them to the NLT. 
On the other hand, we don’t want to eliminate our $2,500 price for the NLT. 
Therefore, the solution was to leave the $2,500 where it is – – available on the main BIC website – – for lower income people who cannot afford $10,000 or who would find that price intimidating – – and at the same time, create ANOTHER website – – a totally different one that is unrelated and unconnected to the main BIC site – – with the $10,000 price on the NLT. 
Have you ever heard about the stories in marketing where company owners were brainstorming with their marketing and advertising people, trying to figure out how to increase sales, and they had a breakthrough when they increased the price of the product? 
That’s right – – when they raised the price of the product to twice or three times its original amount, sales actually went up!!
It’s all psychology.  People tend to place more value on things that carry higher prices. 
There is also an old saying:  Rich people like to shop in rich stores
It’s true.  If you try to sell a rich person on something by offering it at too low of a price, so they can save a few pennies here and there, you are likely to lose the sale, because they will figure it doesn’t have much value.  Of course, if that particular rich person is a Scrooge – – a stingy and greedy miser, then yes – – you might succeed with a low price.  But most rich people are not like that.  They “like to shop in rich stores“.  They expect to see prices that reflect their status. 
This means there is absolutely nothing unethical about increasing the price for the same product for a specific market.  And Randall has agreed to throw in some enhancements to the 10K trust – – such as printing the client’s trust out on beautiful paper and putting it into a nice 3-ring binder and mailing it to the client, and maybe some other perks and extras. 
As a matter of fact, when you realize that there are many trusts out there selling for $10,000 all the way up to $50,000, the truth is that we have been under-pricing our NLT due to a kind of benevolent motive and humanitarian mission.  A large number of our NLT clients have been in the lower income brackets, even though they are of higher consciousness and intelligence.  Randall and the rest of us at BIC have been enjoying a mission of being in service for these wonderful and worthy people, without asking of them to pay higher prices. 
At the same time, there are millions of millionaires out there, and thousands of billionaires.  According to the latest statistics, there are 46.8 million USD millionaires in the world today.  And every single one of them can easily afford $10,000 to protect their assets without blinking an eye. 
Will they find out about the lower $2,500 price offered at our main BIC website?  Why would they?  There is no link and no connection between the new site and the old one.  So unless you tell them, it isn’t likely they will find it.  But even if they do, no problem.  Just tell them that it is like a sliding scale.  There are many products and services out there that are priced on a sliding scale, according to how much the customer can afford.  Tell them the NLT is really worth $10,000 or even $50,000 . . . and we expect people who can afford it to pay $10,000 . . . but that we also have a humanitarian mission to price it at $2,500 for those of lower income who can’t afford 10K.
Accordingly, of course we are not offering the installment payment plan on the 10K price.  That is only featured on the main BIC website for the $2,500 trust.  Those who can’t afford even $2,500 can pay $250 a month for ten months with no interest.  But on the 10K site, we are marketing that to the wealthy set . . . so we don’t want to insult them by offering a payment plan.  Either they can shell out 10K without batting an eyelash, or they don’t have much to protect. 
Last but not least for you, assuming you are reading this because you are a BIC affiliate, we realize that you can’t make much of a living with $250 commissions.  We wanted to give you 50% of the sale price so that you can take this type of trust marketing and consultation seriously.  Even one or two sales a month at a $5,000 commission would pay the bills of most people, with no other income from any other source. 
Likewise, there is an $800 Tier 2 override, if you sponsor another affiliate who brings in business. It is nowhere near the $5,000 Tier 1 commission, but it is substantially more than the $100 Tier 2 override available on the $2,500 trust.  So that gives you a nice incentive to bring in other marketers, and empowers you to spark the interest of influencers. 
The same marketing materials that you would use to market the trust in the past are available to market this trust at the new price.


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce




To the high end market, send your link.  Or better still, send your words-of-choice domain URL that points to that link. 
To the rest of the average income world, send your link.  Or better still, send your words-of-choice domain URL that points to that link.  For explanation of that, see “Ideal Domain possibilities for Brilliance in Commerce affiliates” below. 
Ideal Domain possibilities 
for Brilliance in Commerce affiliates
They’re kind of long
                  When you receive a Brilliance in Commerce affiliate link, it will be . . . with the “xxx” representing your unique affiliate 3- or 4-digit number.  That’s kind of a long and complex URL to give your prospects, especially if it is read out loud verbally on a radio show or a conference call, etc. 
Here’s one solution
                  We can arrange to give you a customized URL with your words of choice as the extension.  For example, if your words of choice are “Pure Light”, we can give you
                  But even that is long and complex.  Suppose you have it announced on a radio show and listeners are driving in their car when they hear it.  It would be hard for them to memorize. 
Here’s a better idea
                  Therefore, the best option is to spend $8 to $12 a year and purchase your own custom domain, one that is short, sweet, simple, and easy to understand.  Herein we will show you how to do that.
                  Companies like or are good sources for domains.  They usually cost around $10 to $20 a year. 
Choose your extension
                  The examples below don’t have the “.com” extensions because you will have a long list of choices, such as .com, .net, .org, etc.  If a domain with one extension is taken, you can usually find the same domain available with another extension. 
Add your own word(s) of choice
                  Single link suggestions that apply to both include examples such as these below, but please remember that adding your own short business or spiritual chosen word(s) of choice can make all the difference in customizing your link.  For example, if your name is Jones, or your words of choice are Pure Light, then adding those words into any of the suggestions below would customize your link that much more so.  Keep in mind, though, the shorter the better
Examples and Ideas of Words of Choice




(But of course, make up your own.  Use your imagination.)


Pointing your domain to your affiliate link
                  In case you’re not familiar with why you need to point your domain to your affiliate link, what it means, and how to do it, here is a simple explanation. 
1              A prospect clicks on your domain link, for example, .
2              Since you will have pointed that domain to your affiliate link, the server that hosts www.heavenlytrust.cominstantly forwards your prospect to your affiliate link .  This happens in a split second.  So, what was advertised was, and that’s what your prospect clicked on.  But what he or she arrived at was (where “xxx” is actually the three digits of your affiliate number).
3              When your prospect makes the purchase, our computer system automatically credits you with the commission.  Voila!
                  “How” do you “point” your custom domain to your affiliate link?  Simply ask the tech support people at the company from which you purchased your domain.  If your domain is, for example, simply tell the company you purchased it from that you want it to point to (where “xxx” is actually the three digits of your affiliate number).  They will either do it for you or they will walk you through it over the phone.  It only takes a couple of minutes – – long enough to log into your account, navigate to the settings for the domain, click on the pointers section, paste your affiliate link into it, and save the settings.  That’s it!
                  And so, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, as we create a new age of peace and prosperity, use your imagination to create the very best channels of communication . . . and communicate with us if you have questions!
For Your Success, 
The Benefactor and the Management at Brilliance in Commerce
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