2020 grand climax and more victories unfolding

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               December 2, 2020            
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2020 grand climax and more victories unfolding
Friend and Ally,
We’re saying “2020 grand climax and more victories unfolding” in the Subject of today’s newsletter because of the sum total mountain peak revelation you get from viewing 100% of the links in the News Around the World section herein . . . and from yet another court victory received by one of BIC’s LDES customers, also exhibited herein.  Enjoy!!!
And now to continue with the Garry Davis material . . .
The World Government Ideas of Garry Davis – Part 4
Excerpted from the 1997 book “Sovereignty Consciousness”, by Taansen Fairmont
~ More relevant today than ever ~




Davis’s Brilliant Insights on
 “Paper Power”


The more people advance in intelligence and awakening, the more we realize that what we’ve been calling “governments” are really just illusions. They’re really just groups of people with no intrinsic superior status; no intrinsic right to dominate. The same is the case with the groups of people they pretend to dominate, called “nations” — they are also illusions. These illusions have been supported by nothing more than the thin, ephemeral communication of concepts and ideas — usually via pieces of paper — which can change at any time. Tomorrow morning, if a billion people wake up and think differently, all those concepts could disappear — and the pieces of paper that register them could be shredded. Government could evaporate overnight.

“Nations are a myth, perpetuated by the slavery of tradition, blind loyalty and pieces of paper that pretended to legitimize the existence of human beings. I would survive without papers, I thought. I would cross frontiers without a passport, acting as a free being without national credentials of any kind. I would strike a blow at the very heart of nationalism and prove that the nation-state didn’t really exist but was only a creature of our minds . . .

“Who or what gains most in the document game — the individual or the authority that issues them? . . . In each paper transaction, the individual is actually surrendering freedom. Instead, the documents legitimize the existence and privileges of the institution that provides the paper.

“Whether it is a passport or driver’s license, a degree or license to marry, the dynamic is the same. You surrender the right to assume command or determine your own direction by accepting some outside authority’s power to grant these things. A person who hangs a degree on the office wall unwittingly admits that he has forfeited his power of discernment to an institution. The document says he is educated; education itself is thus vested in the institution. The degree is the graduate’s receipt for having bargained away his intelligence. The person who provides the paper, usually a bureaucrat, doesn’t think about such issues. Enmeshed in hierarchy, bureaucrats surrender their humanity and substitute anonymous power for individual personality. Ask for a bureaucrat’s name and you’ll often receive a brush-off. Personalizing the process is considered offensive, since the official is considered merely part of the machine.

“The cog in the machine is anonymous, and acts without personal responsibility. The machine itself, meanwhile, has the power to dominate and punish anyone ‘inside’ its domain. Documents are the central tools that consolidate and extend this power. 

“. . . Like a foreign country, I had become suspect simply because no national law or regulation covered my actions . . . In the eyes of the nation-state, I no longer ‘existed.’

“On the other hand, by permitting me to give up my nationality, the United States had also done something quite profound. It had denied its exclusive sovereignty and, in the same stroke, had recognized the sovereignty of individual human beings.” 
                 — from the book “Passport to Freedom”, by Garry Davis, Chapter 5


Sovereignty and Identity


Davis brings out an important observation about the contradictions in most national constitutions.

“Virtually all modern constitutions refer to ‘the people’ as sovereign . . .
“When we agree to act in a reasonable way toward one another, something ennobling and profound occurs: we become a community . . .
“So far, so good.

“But most national constitutions also contain a crucial caveat. In some places it is called ‘national security,’ in others ‘public order.’ Whatever the label, it essentially overrules sovereignty and nullifies human rights. When human rights collide with national security, the result is typically outright violation, with disastrous consequences for any citizen in the way. Ultimately, security becomes a euphemism for aggression, an excuse for violence against nature and other living beings.”  — Passport to Freedom, Ch. 6

Davis thus pinpoints a fundamental weakness in most national constitutions, created by the conflict between two opposite, coexisting, and irreconcilable principles. He then continues with an on-key discussion of the paradoxes in various other social agreements, including the Nuremberg Principles and the International Court of Justice.

Davis then further develops the theme of identity. He faced the irony that, although he wanted to prove that he could live and travel without national identity papers, he ended up having to create his own papers anyway, to replace the others. His individual human-beingness was more important than nations, but in practice, the obsession of the bureaucrats with nationalism was so complete that they made his life nearly impossible. He eventually had no choice but to create his own papers.

“In essence, I had been told to live perpetually in international waters, seek asylum on another planet, die, or go to jail . . .
“There was no longer much choice. I had to take the bureaucratic bull by the horns. If I was going to battle bureaucracy with any hope of success, I would need documents of my own.
“The first was a simple white paper — the United World Citizens International Identity Card . . . By creating papers and staking my claim to world citizenship, I was exercising individual sovereignty . . . .
“Over the next five years several hundred thousand people joined me as World Citizens.”
        — Passport to Freedom, Ch. 7

He then identifies and describes four levels on which people find identity.

“As human beings, we communicate on four levels of Dynamic Identification. The first is to One, the most intimate relationship we have with our spiritual nature. Our whole life is spent identifying with and identifying this dynamic.

“The second is with the family. As we pass through life, our family takes many forms: biological, legal, social, and spiritual. It is always an intimate group identification, the place where we apply our value system, where we test our strength and expose our weaknesses.

“The third level moves us beyond the family and into a personal area of immense variety. While stimulating cooperation and sharing, communication on this level also breeds fear, aggressiveness, and distrust. . . . Alliances, treaties, and charters between sovereign states also stem from this dynamic identification, the political manifestation of the accumulated debris of war. Although we live in a ‘global village’ of information, we are prisoners in exclusive ‘villages’ called states.

“Virtually all governments express fear or paranoia of some enemy; for most this is the rationale for a suicidal arms race. Expressing fear, government deprives its citizens of individual freedom in the name of security. The legal term for this is Inter armes, silent legis; or ‘Between armed states, the law is silent.’ When law is silent, humans become mere subjects of dictatorships, either overt or covert. This is the point at which communication between citizen and government breaks down. The nation-state itself becomes part of a dictatorial system of government.

“The way out of this trap lies on the fourth level of Dynamic Identification. Holistic, or fourth level, values have been defined throughout human history. In the past, this was the province of sages, prophets, poets, philosophers, artists, and pirates. Before the technological and electronic breakthroughs of our age, each of these innovators demonstrated the concept of inalienable rights. They related the individual to his or her humanity, often under pressure from exclusive, third level regimes.

“Today the key to re-establishing communication between citizen and government is available to everyone. Human rights, world law and world citizenship are fourth level expressions of a new and primal sovereignty. They recognize humanity and the individual human being . . .”
         — Passport to Freedom, Ch. 8
(This topic to be continued in future editions of the Brilliance in Commerce Newsletter).
The key to infinite safety, unbounded security, the repulsion of all harm, and theattraction of all good, is the daily experience of samadhi in deep meditation. More information on how to experience this is available at this link


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce


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ON TURNING 100 – ‘I don’t feel old. In fact, I don’t feel anything until noon. Then it’s time for my nap.’ 
ON RECEIVING THE CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL – ‘I feel very humble, but I think I have the strength of character to fight it.’ 
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ON HIS SIX BROTHERS – ‘That’s how I learned to dance. Waiting for the bathroom.’ 
ON HIS EARLY FAILURES – ‘I would not have had anything to eat if it wasn’t for the stuff the audience threw at me.’ 
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