Exposed: Liars falsely criticizing legitimate OnPassive opportunity for their own benefit

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Zoom Meeting Playback

August 19, 2020

Featured Speaker: Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis was one of the early members of OnPassive, and was contacted by the CEO, Ash Mufareh, to give presentations and conduct meetings. 

Because of this, he has a good working relationship with the CEO.  Mike is the direct sponsor of James Griffin, who sponsored BIC.  Mike has made many of the introduction videos and training videos.  Questions were asked and very well answered during this meeting. 
Exposed: Liars falsely criticizing legitimate OnPassive opportunity for their own benefit


Fortunate Friend,
Be aware of the mental sickness and poverty mentality in the collective consciousness, and the inability of people to believe that creating wealth for anyone and everyone worldwide could be so easy.

It contradicts thousands of years of poverty mentality conditioning. Those who are awakened don’t suffer from that mental block – – and that is why we are open to these Big Visions being plausible and possible when they come along.

That’s not the same as being gullible or naïve. Prosperity consciousness is extremely discerning. One has to be alert and aware to be successful. One must avoid scams and pitfalls.

At the same time, one must recognize false criticisms when they appear.  See below. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce


If you have questions about the content of this newsletter, please note that it is best not to write to BIC Customer Service.  Instead, please write directly to our OnPassive sponsor, James Griffin, as stated at the end of this newsletter. 

For questions and further information, contact:

James Griffin


Text or call – 646-210-8269

~ ~  Thank You ~ ~
Exposing “Legitimate Job from Home”

On July 13 and August 17, this BIC newsletter featured information on the OnPassive opportunity. Many were fortunate enough to join, but we suspect some were confused by the conflicting information on the Internet. For example, this site says OnPassive is a scam:

Our sponsor, James Griffin, sent a very good response to this:

James Griffin writes

Yes, I know of him. I posted a reply a few months back and he did not allow it. He is not interested in the truth. He is pushing Wealthy Affiliate at the expense of OnPassive and other programs. A friend of mine was once a member of Wealthy Affiliate. He was told to use that very method in promoting his business. He has too much integrity and left them. He now has 15 Founder positions in OnPassive.

Scams such as “LegimateJobFromHome” and their likes know full well people will do a Google search on companies like OnPassive and are ready and waiting for their bait. The more hits they get, the higher up the search engine ranking they go. If one does a search for “OnPassive scam”, one will find their sites. They are well aware of this and that would be one of their keywords. I will never go to any of their sites again because it is supporting their cause.

As Mike has already stated, Ash has explained his past businesses in detail for us members. He has never scammed anyone.

Hope this helps, James

Exposing “Behind MLM”

This site –– accuses CEO Ash Mufareh and OnPassive of running a scam.

James Griffin writes

Heard about BehindMLM probably two months ago. They are being sued by a number of companies for fraudulent statements. One of the owners has been found out for even lying about his own identity. Nothing to see here. I would not even waste my time digging up what I found out about them back then, a total waste of energy. The only reason I looked into them is because a GoFounder member sent me the same article. He now knows that it is BehindMLM who are the fraudsters. Have the head of your legal team go and investigate BehindMLM; he will come up with the same results as I did. That article is from April 2019 and Ash is still here.      – –  James

More on Exposing “Behind MLM”

This site – – accuses CEO Ash Mufareh and OnPassive of running a scam.

Mike Ellis writes

I was at all of these webinars and the guy is misrepresenting what happened at these meetings. I could spend the next 2 hours responding to this guy, but I won’t. I will touch on the first item:

After collecting GoFounders fees for almost a year, Ash Mufareh has told affiliates he’s taking their money and quitting.

I was at this meeting. Ash came on and said he quit. He did this to get rid of the dead weight, those people who complain all the time. He gave everyone who was not happy with OnPassive the opportunity to leave with a full refund. What that guy wrote above is untrue. Each statement he has made are just as untrue. I was there for all of them. Right now, as I write you this response, Marty, Dan and I are talking to Ash. He even asked if I wanted him on your zoom. I told him not this one. He’ll come as we need him.

The naysayers and haters will always be there. I don’t pay attention to them anymore. I’ve heard all the stories and researched them all; they are all false. I don’t try to talk anyone into OnPassive. Everyone makes their own decision. Whatever that is, I’m fine with their decision.

Here is a recent video of Ash’s (August 19). He goes over his successes and failures; it is very good for those people who want to know the character of Ash Mufareh. I hope it helps…


Please Don’t Support the Fear-Mongers

Many are already comfortable financially. Our concern has been for the large number of beautiful brothers and sisters out there who are loving and caring, who have good attitudes, who are productive and creative, who are giving and generous, and who are kind to everyone – – but who for various reasons have been hit hard financially and are having trouble paying basic bills.

Our concern is for these wonderful and deserving people who could be deprived of a bright future with OnPassive, all because of scammers out there calling other companies scams – – like the pot calling the kettle black. They find legitimate companies like OnPassive, write persuasive-sounding lies about them, and then like a spider web luring its prey, suck in leery opportunity seekers and divert them with untruths.

Like James said, it makes their own Google ratings go up, and they siphon off rivers of prospects into their own enterprises this way – – innocent prospects whose lives could have been changed radically for the better had they not been deceived by these lying scammers. So please – – be aware of them and don’t be deceived by them. 

Salient Excerpts from 
8-10-20 OnPassive Update
from Ken Russo – Leadership Council

Live Webinars

Until further notice we will hold live webinars each Thursday at 5 PM US Eastern Time. Please see the details by clicking on “Webinars” and selecting “Live Webinar” from the drop-down menu. (Available in your back office after joining as a member). Those who cannot attend the live webinars are highly encouraged to listen to the recordings. You will also find a recap posted by Michael Williams on the Leadership Council page.

We Are Dynasty Builders

Presented by Dr. Bill Williams

When we think of the Vanderbilts, the Carnegies, and the Hearsts, we think of family dynasties – – families who built wealth through unique industries. What they also built with that immense wealth were charitable organizations and foundations to help many others.

As we focus on the next phase of growth for OnPassive, leave no one behind in your family. Leave no one behind whom you consider a friend. Bring forth the positive, optimistic, purposeful people into OnPassive. The most unique thing about this OnPassive family is that you get to create it as you like it. Whom do you want to come with you? Whom do you wish to serve?

We have been waiting for a time such as this. Those who have struggled to make it big, they need a hand up. Those who have been there for you when you needed help, they deserve a hand up. With OnPassive, we are all in it to win it. And, it’s all hands on deck.

Consider this: if you were to go on an around-the-world cruise and you had to pick the people to be on the trip with you, to fill up the boat, sit at your dinner table, be on the beaches and sit next to you at the bar. Who would you want there with you? Now is the time to ask them to come along. Build a team with those you want in your life.

My prediction is that there will be several bucket list vacations, around-the-world cruises, mountain get-a-ways in your future. Your grandchildren will be educated at the finest colleges and universities. You will solve some of the world’s most perplexing problems. You will leave a mark upon future generations. Your legacy will go on and on and on. The foundations you form will be giving back for hundreds of years. Your reward will be knowing that spiritual treasures are being stored up in heaven. Your reward will be knowing that medical needs were met, financial needs were met, and societal needs were met because of your efforts today and in the coming months. You will all be winners. Let the celebrations begin. We are Dynasty Builders.

Member Questions/Comments

Question – Please can you explain me the concept of 3×10 forced matrix? I still don’t get the concept of spillover, in 3×10 forced matrix. If somebody joins by paying 25USD & then is not able to get even a single person under him, then how will his own matrix grow . . . how will he get a share of income from the system?

Answer from Ash – There are certain things that will surprise you inside ONPASSIVE after signing the [non-disclosure] agreements. We consider them IP data, and only available for ONPASSIVE Resellers.

What we can share with you today is: it’s not 3X10 matrix. It is a unique pay structure that is predicted to spread ONPASSIVE virally. Not every customer is a reseller; however, every reseller must be a customer.

If you like what you learned so far about this topic, then you are going to love the official “math” inside your upcoming ONPASSIVE back office.

Question – I would like to find out which countries are available to us to invite founders to our teams?  Look forward to hearing from you.

Answer – You can click on your own registration link and then click on “Select Country” to see a list of available countries.

Question – Our links no longer have our names on the website to them . . like when you give someone a link it doesn’t show so & so name. So is each link coded to you as the person who referred that person?

Answer – All 32 of your “Invite” links with the exception of #16 do display your name.

All 23 of your “Invitation” links do display your name.

All 7 of your “Webinar” with the exception of #7 do display your name.

All 22 of your “Presentation” links do display your name.

None of your 47 “ONPASSIVE.COM” links display your link.

Your “Registration” link does not display your name.

All 132 of your links do contain a unique code which identifies you as the owner of the link. For example, all of my links contain these 4 characters at the end >>>> 8u5A . Make sure you are aware of your unique code and that it is displayed properly when you send any link to someone or when you are using the TrimURL feature.

Comment – Hello, Thank you for the beautiful OnPassive eBooks. I want to share them and the file size is very large. I tried compressing it with Adobe but it was too large to compress. Please may we have reduced file sizes for ease of sharing with prospective business partners. Gratitude!

Response from Leon Daniel – The OnPassive eBook is not intended to be shared with prospective business partners. You can share it with those who have already submitted their verified email address and name through your marketing efforts, including use of the Invite, Invitation,, and other links within the back office. The eBook by Jeffrey Morlock is most useful to educate those who have already chosen to be a Founder. It is an excellent tool for extending a new Founder’s knowledge of GoFounders and / or OnPassive.

Comment – Facebook has 3.1 billion people and 180,000,000 businesses that use their platform, and we’re going to tap in to that market share. I hope all you founders really know what you have in your hands and are sharing with others you’d like to see be a part of this amazing platform. No need for all these separate apps. All under one umbrella, All done for you, complete business suite…. COMPLETE AUTOMATION ….Amazing….. Beautifully done! – – Key Wendell

Response – Thank you Key for reminding everyone as to the vast marketplace that awaits the launch of ONPASSIVE.

Question – In the process of inviting my friends, they all ask me the same question which I struggled with, “what product(s)/services are OnPassive going to be offering”. I watched many of the recorded webinars but still couldn’t figure out the answer(s). Will sincerely appreciate any itemized services/products. Thanks.

Answer – Jeffrey Morlock discusses the products/services offered by ONPASSIVE in this video….

Public Webinar Recording

Here again is the link to one of the final public webinars which was recorded on September 3, 2019. Many of our fellow Founders agree that this is one of the best resources to share with your family, friends and associates. 3%20Webinar.mp4

21 Steps to Success

Success coach Brian Tracy discusses his “21 Steps to Success“. The first 7 steps were discussed in my July 30 update. Here are the next 7 steps . . .

8 – Associate with Positive, Successful People – Step away from the masses and do not associate with unmotivated people. Their common goal is to keep you at their level . . . misery loves company.

9 – Be Teachable – Do not fall into the intelligence trap. Ask your way to success. Always be “green and growing”.

10 – Be Prepared to Climb from Peak to Peak – Understand ebb and flow. It never stops. There are always ups and downs, peaks and valleys.

11 – Develop Resilience – No matter how hard you get hit you can always bounce back and continue forward.

12 – Unlock Your Inborn Creativity – Duplicate yourself . . . demand more of yourself.

13 – Focus on Personal Development – Become an expert on success, time management, goal setting and problem solving. Personal development is the key to great accomplishment.

14 – Develop A Positive Mental Attitude – Successful people maintain an attitude of confident expectation. If you expect to be successful you must avoid negativity at all costs.

Watch for the final 7 Steps to Success in our next General Update.

Community Comments

As always, I will close each update with 1 or more of the more recent comments from our Community forum which I find especially informative and/or inspirational.

“A Solution to the World’s Financial Problems”

by Steven M. Smith
Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Hi GoFounders / Onpassive Members, a lovely day to you all. 

Am sitting at home reading all the wonderful postings in this community of sincere dreamers and believers, thinking in a beautiful way, that if the world could only unify with such positive perspective to life pressing situations that are faced daily by people the world over, how much friendlier and more loving planet earth would truly be. The powers that be who control the money systems of the world in the past dictated that for one to survive, one must tread on another, and see how best to keep another under one’s feet to succeed.

But the difference is being clearly seen here at GoFounders/Onpassive, where one pulls for another to succeed. It is a fair play world of go-getters, where everyone wins. Wow! This blows my mind.

Mr. Ash Mufareh will be cutting many years of struggle from the lives of thousands, and soon to be millions of people around the world, by a simple equation of love, respect, unity, and fair play. This is uniquely setting people’s hearts on fire with charity – – the way it was intended to be towards others, regardless of their color, age, gender, or creed.

GoFounder/Onpassive is indeed the solution to eradicate poverty at its roots. Now every mother and father can truly gain their sense of respect, and honor they deserve from their family. Money doesn’t have to be a pressing issue any longer. Working two jobs to make ends meet to feed the family will be a thing of the past. Affording high medical bills, vehicle and life Insurance coverage, mortgage payments, children college fees, vacation expenses, and the list goes on and on. What is being presented to us, is a shift in social, political, and spiritual attributes. No wonder it is called ‘ONPASSIVE’!

I can feel you Mr. Ash, the more I journey with GoFounder/Onpassive, the more the light comes on in my thinking, now I can truly be my ‘Brother’s Keeper’. Thank you again Founding Members for making this dream become a reality . . . and thank you Mr. Ash for not sitting on the dream . . . but going forward with the vision to help all people around the world selflessly. My prayers continue to go up for you and your family, and all the team players of GoFounder/Onpassive to make the world a better place to live in.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – – Carl Sagan

Of course, from the perspective of a renowned astronomer, Carl is referring to something beyond our planet. For us, that “something incredible” is ONPASSIVE which is waiting to be known by millions right here in our world!

Stay safe everyone. 

Ken Russo

Leadership Council 


Passive Income from Mind-Boggling New Technology

Get a Founder’s Position in OnPassive for only $97 
(Going up to $149 at launch)

“Will be bigger than Facebook, Amazon and Google”

Available to Citizens of All Countries




From James Griffin

*Chance of a Lifetime Passive Business!*

If you have not joined OnPassive as a GoFounder yet I highly advise you to take a very serious look at this. I truly believe that this will be huge!

OnPassive is an Information Technology (IT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company catering to everybody worldwide with access to the Internet.  It is expected to be bigger than Facebook, Amazon and Google within 3 to 5 years because of its unique mind-boggling new technology.

Here is a list of other powerful items that you can be part of right now!

  • 100% AUTOMATED!
  • 100% HANDS FREE!

This means Driving Traffic for you to your OnPassive business.


* * *  100% guaranteed or your money back * * *



– – USD, BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH accepted – – 

There are just a few days left that these founder’s positions will be available at $97!  Please take advantage of this offer as the income potential with this program will be outstanding.

Please note that at any time you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the program – – something unheard of in this industry!

The marketing campaigns will start during the soft launch for the founding members. That means the company will start building your team!!

You will have four products to choose from starting at $25 when OnPassive launches in full.

There will only be a ONE TIME out of pocket fee – – again unheard-of in the business, making success readily achievable.

(That is the link to register in Brilliance in Commerce‘s lineage.  If you already have a sponsor, then use your sponsor’s link instead, to honor the line of introductions.)

(If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this into your browser:

1. Fill in your first and last name and email address. If signing up as a business place first part of business name in ”First Name” remainder in “Last Name”. I suggest you use a gmail address. Then just follow the directions to pay for your founder’s position.

2. You only have to pay the $97 (or $149) ONE TIME to become a founder.

USD, BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH accepted when registering

For questions and further information, contact:

James Griffin


Text or call – 646-210-8269 

Time zone for texting or calling: New York City (Eastern Daylight Time USA)

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