Stories of benevolent gemstones on the cosmic beach

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April 28, 2020 
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Stories of benevolent gemstones on the cosmic beach
Respected Friend,
The book "Rose Colored Glasses" tells the story of the little girl who was always kind to all the animals in the forest.  One day, she found a butterfly had caught its wing on a thorn, and the little girl helped liberate the butterfly wing from the thorn.  At another time, she saw an ant carrying a heavy load on its back.  The little girl grabbed a leaf and carried the ant's load on the leaf for it to its destination.  The word spread throughout the forest about how kind she was. 
The rest of the book reveals how the animals got together and rewarded the girl with a magic stone, and then a pair of magic glasses, looking through which she could suddenly see and hear the subtle dimensions.  It shows how one is rewarded for having the open heart and the giving nature.  Thus today our topic "The Environmental Benefits of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga" shows the one thing that anyone can do to give the greatest benefits to everyone around. 

The Environmental Benefits of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga

(This continues the topic from the Physical Benefits section last month)

Some of the most wonderful, unusual, and encouraging benefits to the environment have been documented with Sri Vidya Raja Yoga as well. It all started in the early 1960s when Maharishi predicted that a small percentage of any population practicing this yoga would have measurable effects on the surrounding community, including a drop in crime and violence. Finally ten years later in the early 1970s some scientists began actually measuring this.  What they found was astounding. In 24 towns across the USA where the percentage of the population practicing this yoga had accumulated to 1%, the previously increasing crime rate suddenly reversed its course and began declining. This won some converts, but caused many other scientists to be skeptical. Therefore further research was commenced.

Presently over 40 or 50 very well-funded, well-researched, elegantly conducted, rigorously verified, and professionally reviewed studies have unanimously confirmed those original results. Replications of the original results became the rule. Never was there a failure of the results to appear when the percentage of the population properly trained in Maharishi’s TM reached 1%.

Further, an advanced course called the TM-Sidhis program is even more powerful. It was found that as little as the square root of 1% of a population was sufficient, if the meditators were trained in the TM-Sidhis program. Thus small groups of meditators trained in the TM-Sidhis were sent to war-torn areas in 1978, like Nicaragua, Rhodesia, Iran, and elsewhere. I was in the group that spent two months in Iran. At other times, groups were sent to Israel, and in more recent years, to Bosnia and other areas of conflict.

Inevitably, in every case, reductions in war violence were documented when sufficient numbers of meditators arrived and began practicing in the vicinity. All the skepticism around this effect has been nullified by repeated confirmations on the most sophisticated levels of scientific research. World peace is now a permanent possibility, if only enough people would show an interest in adopting the practice.

Statistics have even showed a reduction in hospital admissions, automobile accidents, and business bankruptcies in towns where a sufficient population of practitioners of TM have gathered. The controls on these studies show that the effect didn’t exist before the meditators came, but it did disappear after they left. The controls further validate that the benefits could not have been attributed to any other cause, and nor were they merely coincidental. Very careful analyses of these studies have considered all these factors.

Even stories such as averting natural calamities have occurred. One teacher of TM in Peru was informed of the storms that were coming to his country. He went around the countryside trying to convince many towns to establish TM groups, but none were interested. Only his own town showed sufficient interest. As a result, the storms wreaked much destruction across Peru, but the village where the TM teacher and his groups of practicing meditators lived enjoyed no damage at all.

The same thing has happened repeatedly in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, the location of the largest population of TM practitioners in America. Many times storms and other natural calamities have damaged many parts of Iowa, but they always bypassed Fairfield, leaving it safe.
Books have now been written on this subject, and more information is available in Transcendental Meditation News magazine, which carries news of the TM movement and often documents studies and stories of these phenomena. In short, the practice of TM brings benefits far beyond the individual sphere. It can help balance the environment and bring world peace.


All these benefits and more develop from one simple thing - - making daily conscious contact with the center of one’s being in deep meditation. Effortlessly allowing the attention to rest in the peace of unbounded pure consciousness is all that is necessary to open the cornucopia of benefits to flow. It is due to the loss of the habit of mankind to contact this field deep within, that has resulted in all the problems mankind has experienced in the last few thousand years. All that is necessary to dissolve stress, solve problems, and enjoy life is to begin opening one’s awareness to the transcendental plane of existence, accessible effortlessly in deep meditation. It is very easy for anyone to practice.

Other benefits include:

  • Development of Intelligence
  • Increased Creativity
  • Broader Comprehension
  • Improved Ability to Focus
  • Improved Perception and Memory
  • Greater Orderliness of Brain Functioning
  • Latent Reserves
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduction of Atherosclerosis
  • Improved Health
  • More Positive Health Habits
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Reduced Need for Medical Care-1
  • Reduced Need for Medical Care-2
  • Decreased Stress Hormone
  • Reversal of Aging Process
  • Natural Change in Breathing
  • Physiological Indicators of Deep Rest
  • Improved Health Among the Work Force
  • Reduced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Relations at Work
  • Reduced Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Increased Self-Actualization
  • Increased Strength of Self-Concept
  • Increased Relaxation
  • Decreased Stress
  • Decreased Violent Fatalities
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Increased Positivity, Decreased Crime
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Reduced Conflict 

 (For more complete information, the above is excerpted from this collection of articles)


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
Bank Instruments Investment Programs (BIIPs) are for those who wish to make a better world via humanitarian projects


The global tide has turned.  The quantum empowerment systems have been taken from the destructive intelligence and are now in the hands of the harmless creative intelligence. 

And with the present rapid world changes taking place, the BIIP industry is not being made obsolete. On the contrary, it will only come into greater and greater service and prominence.

Anyone can get major projects funded by learning how to introduce the right parties to each other. 

“William Penn Patrick once said, ‘Those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it’. And let's add, those who have been condemning wealth in the dark ages are also most of the priests and politicians who praise it and horde it privately, but who condemn it publicly so that they can keep people in as much misery as possible -- the better to keep them dominated and subjugated.

“A loving heart open to the receiving and sharing of greater wealth equally for oneself and everyone else . . . has always been the enlightened way. An old proverb is that ‘The wise do not struggle for money; neither do they make poverty a virtue’. By simply connecting in with the unlimited supply that is available, one will be opening great new channels through which Love may flow into the world and bring blessing, peace, healing, comfort, and joy. You may say, unlimited supply? Where is this unlimited supply? This question will be answered a little later as this unfolds, when mention of some knowledge from Dr. Buckminster Fuller is shared.”
- - from the book “Sovereignty Consciousness”, by Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, 1997

If you have read the Industry Overview, you know that the BIIP industry is the largest financial market on Earth by far, by many orders of magnitude. The Forex market is the largest public market, trading several trillion dollars per day. But the BIIP industry is not public. It is private, and it is much, much larger. In addition, it is in this space that the vast off-ledger funds can come on-ledger. That can typically be $500 billion at a time.

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) in general are the world’s greatest sources of financial blessings and increased prosperity and well-being. And the BIIPs are the kings and emperors of HYIPs. The problem previously was that both were hijacked and dominated by dark forces. But in recent years, the dark lords and their minions have been getting arrested, killed, disempowered, and removed from the control panels. The forces of light have been taking over. This has especially accelerated with major accomplishments just since the turn of 2020.

Groups that are creating housing for the poor, giving shelter to the homeless, feeding health foods to those who are starving, rescuing disaster victims, rescuing and liberating slaves, bringing natural medicine (NOT harmful vaccines) to the sick, teaching Transcendental Meditation to bring peace and enlightenment, creating pure water delivery systems, installing electrical power systems based on free energy, removing harmful people from political, financial, and corporate power positions, defeating weaponized 5G systems, saving the rain forests, cleaning and protecting the oceans, improving the environment, planting trees, helping to stop cruelty to animals, and so on . . . 

Groups that are making the world a better place in a thousand and one ways deserve funding.  The ones that have already $5 million or more in their accounts, but really need $100 million or $1 billion or more to do what they really want to do . . . can have that with the BIIPs, with absolutely zero risk to their existing capital.  They can leave their capital in their own account and watch it multiply quickly to reach their goals.  In this way, BIIPs are the greatest generators of life-supporting wealth on the planet. 

This writer began getting involved with these programs in 1992, but in the 90s, much of the magnificent cleverness of the trading mechanisms was being wasted on cabal-dominated egomaniacs. Profits were being funneled into black ops programs and the stated purpose of funds going to humanitarian projects was largely window dressing, with a precious few exceptions.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that the fault was not in the trading activity itself. That is simply a neutral mechanism which is destructive in the hands of the spiritually ignorant, but tremendously beneficial and universally life-supporting in the hands of those of higher consciousness and awakening.  In properly conducted bank instruments trading, no one loses.  

It is the only trading market on Earth where no one loses.  Quantum computers are used to transact arbitrage at lightning speeds.  So not only is an investor client's capital never placed at risk.  Even the trader also has no risk.  All parties win.  There are no losers.  It is the largest and most continuously successful win-win-win operation in the financial world.  

Today we are witnessing that this marvelous pinnacle of global financial power generation is quickly moving faster and faster into the hands of those of enlightened purposes and benevolent intentions.  It has been taken over by the Light.  After all, it originated with Ascended Master Lord Saint Germain in Europe in the 1700s.  He knew the cabal would misuse it.  But he had to give them a chance.  They had their chance.  They blew it.  Everyone has free will.  Now the Children of the Elite are taking over.  Now the great Changing of the Ages is occurring.  The Dawn of Aquarius is pouring out the new streams of distribution.  The meek are inheriting the Earth.

Now instead of misdirecting the proceeds to campaigns to kill or enslave mankind, they are being directed where they belong - - to harmless, creative, productive, and unconditionally life-supporting causes. The day will come when the world is so abundant that money will no longer be needed. It will be redundant and useless, because advanced technologies such as replicators and materialization devices will make anything that doesn’t violate the rights of others freely available in unlimited supply at will. But in the meantime, on the way to that world, HYIPs and BIIPs are needed to lead the way to the distribution of the medium of exchange so that poverty can be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Some people believe that HYIPs and BIIPs just create money “out of thin air”, and therefore are not benefitting the economy. Money is just the medium of exchange, and they think that such money isn’t real wealth. They think that just multiplying the medium of exchange only creates inflation and is actually bad for the economy. Such people are ignorant and blind to the truth of what is going on. Anyone who argues that way may be suffering from several different illnesses and delusions:

1      Due to insufficient consciousness, they may have subscribed to the ancient meme that “There aren’t enough real material goods and services to go around. There is always a shortage of good water, good food, good housing, good clothing, good medicine, electricity, and the infrastructure to deliver all these things.” Therefore since money is supposed to be the claims on such things, they think that producing too much money exceeds the available resources and thus diminishes its value.

This idiotic idea has been disproven so many times by so many intelligent people, both ancient and modern, that there is no longer any excuse for someone carrying around such a blind misconception. One wise man, for example, Dr. Buckminster Fuller, before he passed on in the early 1980s, was considered one of the West's greatest geniuses. He had something like 48 Ph.Ds, was a professor, mathematician, economist, philosopher, author, lecturer, inventor, and more. In the 1970s, he calculated that if the estimated total world man-made production already in the marketplace -- basically the "gross world product" -- was evenly divided amongst an approximate world population, every man, woman, and child on Earth would be a multi-millionaire.

This was not to advocate a contrived or forced unnatural redistribution such as has existed in socialist and communist countries, but it did dramatically illustrate that there is not a problem of shortage. As you know, shortage has been the mentality of most people for centuries. Everyone has assumed a world of scarcity, that there isn't enough to go around, so some will have to do without, and most who get more will have to fight for it. So as you can see, Dr. Fuller's calculation blows this myth to bits. There is no shortage -- only a question of distribution, not supply.

Hundreds of other sources have further obliterated this myth in recent years, including the revelations of Swiss-Indo, the St. Germain World Trust, the Collateral Accounts, White Spiritual Boy, the off-ledger accounts, the Philippine gold, the Indonesian gold, the Heritage Funds, the revelations in the book “The Treasure of El Dorado” by Joseph Whitfield, Maharishi’s Inauguration of the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment and his plans for the Reconstruction of the Whole World, and on and on and on.

In addition to all that, there are the hidden and suppressed advanced technologies, including antigravity machines, teleportation machines, instant healing technologies, mass organic food generation systems, mass eco-housing fabrication methods (some invented by Bucky Fuller), free energy technologies, water and air purification technologies, replicators, and so on. The wealth all these things could generate would go so far off the charts as to make money meaningless. THEY ARE ALREADY HERE. They have been hoarded and suppressed, but not for much longer. The blind monopolists hoarding them are being removed.

This means even if every human being alive were to become a trillionaire from the BIIPs, it still wouldn’t be enough money to adequately represent the potential of these collective technologies. Therefore anyone who thinks that just multiplying the medium of exchange and improving its distribution to all harmless people in the world is bad for the world economy is either innocently ignorant, at best, or deliberately mischievous, at worst.

2      Due to insufficient consciousness, they think “If everyone were rich, no one would work.” The reason this idea stems from low consciousness is that anyone with a higher baseline level of awareness realizes that human beings are sparks of divine spirit in a temporary human form. This is not some religious belief or philosophical theory. It is an absolute existential fact, proven by a perfect consensus of all the greatest wise people who have ever lived, and by anyone’s own direct insight in a high enough level of awareness.

When one knows this, one sees that given freedom and opportunity, very few humans remain lazy. Humans evolve, given the opportunity and the right conditions. They don’t remain as animals. Given dignity, respect, honor, a high standard of physical living, and access to the unified field-based technologies of consciousness, hearts open. Minds awaken. New energies rise. Creativity blossoms. Productivity develops spontaneously - - not because one is forced to be productive - - and not because one has no choice. Freedom engenders spontaneous benevolence and effortless productivity. The divine awakens in man. The universal awareness dawns. This has been proven millions of times for millions of years. It is not going to stop now.

3      Again due to insufficient consciousness, many people oppose the idea of HYIPs and BIIPs distributing money and multiplying wealth because they lack the basic understanding that wealth can be good and virtuous. They think all wealth is due to greed. They think all wealthy people took it from the poor. They use terms like “filthy rich”. They fill their minds with violent movies depicting robber barons stealing wealth. They see wealth as a tool of egomaniacs to lord it over everyone. They justify this by pointing to examples of tyrants who did just that. They see wars fought over wealth, and so they assume that it is in limited supply, that it must be hoarded, and one has to fight for it. They see it as the tool of evildoers and demons. They further assume that anyone who has it is automatically going to become addicted and indulgent in decadent pleasures, and use it as a status symbol to appear superior to others. In short, they have been brainwashed by false religious teachers and their divide-and-conquer psychology. They have no idea what “prosperity consciousness” is.

By contrast, those of higher consciousness also favor and create wealth - - but for entirely different reasons. Those of awakening create wealth and favor its proper use to help others, to relieve suffering, to spread happiness, to spread joy, to give love and compassion, to honor everyone’s freedom, to improve the living conditions of the world, to improve education and medicine, to strengthen protection, to provide favorable environments for spiritual practices, and generally to make the world a better place for all beings. They are humble and egoless. They often perform random acts of kindness, and give without any concern for recognition or credit. (See the movie “The Magnificent Obsession”, 1954). They have no interest in decadent indulgences that would be harmful to the body and mind, but they do most certainly favor and support beauty, celebration, festivity, culture, ceremony, the heavenly arts, and any influence that would increase the sum total of happiness in the universe.

4      Last but not least, there are classes of people who are negative towards HYIPs and BIIPs because in their own past, whether in this life or a past life, they have violated and abused others. Deep down they still carry the guilt about this, whether they are conscious of it or not. Hence they don’t feel deserving of wealth. Even if they possess a couple of million dollars in cash, free and clear and available for a BIIP, they don’t join a BIIP because deep down, they are afraid of their own past shadows. They sense that increasing their net worth quickly to $100M or more would bring out their inner demons and amplify them.

There is actually some truth in this. The saying “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, is false. It is false because the only thing financial power or political power can do is amplify what is already within the person. So yes - - if the person is already corrupt, the new power would reveal, expand, and express that corruption a thousand fold. But on the other hand, if the person is pure, innocent, harmless, and benevolent, and if those qualities are rooted in a permanent attainment of established higher consciousness, then the acquisition of power would only amplify those qualities. It would never degrade.

Thus for the people with a dark past, it may actually be a good thing to refrain from increasing their wealth, until they get cleansed deeply and profoundly. What is funny, though, is that only very rarely would a person tell you what I just wrote above. Even if they have a dark past, they would not admit it. Either they have developed amnesia and don’t even remember it, or they would avoid talking about it. In both cases, they would still suffer from the lack of self esteem because of it. They would feel a lack of deservingness.

But most of them wouldn’t say so. Instead, what they would say is that the BIIPs are no good. They would come up with a hundred and one criticisms of the BIIP itself. They would pin the blame outside of themselves - - on the object of wealth generation. They would argue with you, object to the whole idea, criticize it, and invent all kinds of fabricated condemnations of it - - none of which would really be true - - but they would defend such silly ideas with their lives.

Such people are saying nothing about the BIIPs. Instead, they are saying everything about their own character. As one teacher put it, “If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t, either way, you are correct.” In other words, you create your reality with your beliefs.

If a person chooses to believe that the world’s greatest system of wealth generation is somehow a bad thing, then by that silly belief, they have just written themselves out of the benefits of that system in their own destiny. They wrote their own destiny by the voluntary adoption of that belief. We can only wish them well, and hope that someday they cleanse their karma.

For more information on BIIPs, see the Industry Overview.

Help Wanted - Business Opportunity

Be a Law Course Marketing and Enrollments Manager

The USA-based law coaching classes by Charles Miller teach people how to establish perfected pre-judgement TORT CLAIMS, how to properly document one’s status in relation to government, how to harness enforcement against public officials who violate the law, and how to properly free oneself from just about any kind of abuse by the systemites.

He needs someone bold, energetic, smart, and determined to publicize the existence of his remote conference classes, handle the marketing, coordinate the registrations, collect the fees, and assist with various class scheduling duties and administrative assistance. 

The ideal candidate would have a good command of skills such as:

❖    Knowledge of educational course marketing websites
❖    The ability to locate and create relationships with more educational course marketing sites
❖    Some successful experience in, and enjoyment of, sales and marketing
❖    Some experience and knowledge of advertising and how to write ad copy
❖    Professional English writing skills such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation
❖    A passionate desire to see Americans quickly mature in their ability to properly self-govern
❖    Good communication, computer, and telephone skills
❖    A willingness to work from home five days a week plus be reachable occasionally on evenings and weekends

Compensation consists of 25% of the class tuition fees plus free admission to the classes for oneself. Example of potential: If 50 people per month were enrolled at $500 each, that would be $25,000. 25% of that would be $6,250 per month. 

At, see the overview of the classes. Scroll about halfway down the page to see the biographical description of Charles Miller. 

To see an example of one of his tort actions, see

For further information, call Charles directly at 253-326-1010,‬ face time or WhatsApp as he lives on the edge of cell service in the country ‬. Or click here to send email. 


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Did you see this video?

The link to it was included in the 3-01-19 BIC Newsletter, in the "News from Around the World" section, almost fourteen months ago:

Now with what Nyla Nguyen, David Wilcock, Scott Mowry, and others are revealing, including the fact that Italy is the number one most locked down country in the world, and it is the hotbed of the Vatican, the Mafia, the P2 Masonic Lodge, the Illuminati, the Black Pope, and other nefarious influences . . . does it appear that the Italian people knew something most Americans didn't know a full fourteen months ago? That carnival Trump float was prophetic of exactly what is going on right now in Italy!

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