From the cocoon to the butterfly – planetary transformation accelerates

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April 28, 2020 
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  • The Physical Benefits of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga
  • The BIIP industry is booming due to the so-called “pandemic” hysteria
  • Disease Deaths Per Day Worldwide
  • From Higher Worlds We Came; to Higher Worlds We Return
  • The Yellow Submarine - PERFECT analogy for today’s events
  • Trust Webinar - April 15
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  • All over the world, people are waking up
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The Physical Benefits of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga


Empowered Friend,

(This continues the topic from the Mental Benefits section last month)

Improvements in the health and wellness of the body have been equally abundant with the practice of this yoga. This is so well documented that health insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield offer substantial discounts on their insurance premiums to clients who practice Sri Vidya Raja Yoga. They have found that their clients who practice Sri Vidya Raja Yoga need much less hospitalization, less doctor visits, less medicines, and have less accidents and illnesses. Thus they cost the company much less in claims.

The human physiology functions far more efficiently when it is given regular periods of unusually deep rest. Scientific research has shown that deep sleep only delivers about an 8% increase in restfulness. This is indicated by the reduction in metabolic rate, as measured by oxygen consumption. By contrast, in Sri Vidya Raja Yoga, the restfulness increases by an average of 16%, twice as deep as deep sleep. And yet, in this yoga, one is not asleep at all; one is more awake and more alert than in the “waking” state. Further, this profound state of rest is arrived at in just a few minutes, rather than hours as in deep sleep.

The effect of exposing the nervous system to this profound state of deep rest on a regular basis every day is seen in decreased frequency of illness, increased immunity to disease, and a general improvement in overall wellness. Benefits documented in research include reduced heart disease, reduced high blood pressure, reduced dental diseases such as gingivitis, reduced or eliminated addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs; normalization of weight, and the reversal of aging.

In the field of the reversal of aging, studies have been conducted indicating two measurements of age, the biological age and the chronological age. The chronological age is the number of years since one’s birth, but the biological age can be different, depending on one’s relative wellness. With the practice of this yoga, the indicator of biological age has been found to decrease substantially, sometimes by decades, in comparison to chronological age - - thus demonstrating a tangible increase in youthfulness.

Likewise, athletic performance has been documented to improve substantially with the regular experience of this yoga. A whole new philosophy came out which does away with the harmful “no pain, no gain” idea; and replaced it with an approach that is more respectful of the body’s needs. Exercising to about one-half of the body’s capacity, and then taking rest, became the rule. This coupled with the twice daily practice of this yoga and the utilization of some of the other aspects of Maharishi’s Vedic Science resulted in runners predictably achieving the “runner’s high”, also called the “zone”, as well as many other breakthroughs and athletic awards, excelling beyond non-meditators in their respective fields.

 (For more complete information, the above is excerpted from this collection of articles)


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
The BIIP industry is booming because of the so-called “pandemic” hysteria


Viewed correctly, the chaos and hysteria in the world right now are simply the temporary appearance of disorder while the caterpillar emerges from its cocoon into a butterfly. A global transformation is taking place, leading to a beautiful Golden Age globally. 

This has been very good for the Bank Instruments Investment Programs (BIIP) industry. While some of you have asked whether the BIIPs via the PPPs (Private Placement Platforms) may be slowed down, impacted, interrupted, diminished, or made obsolete altogether, due to the global changes, the truth is that the industry is only getting better and better. 

Remember, these platforms operate at the pinnacle of the global system. They feed the planetary monetary system. So they’re not going away any time soon. On the contrary, the need has never been greater for the trading of bank instruments and the quantum-speed multiplication of capital that they facilitate. 

This is being made possible because the last of the bad actors in global power are being removed, the dark forces are being disempowered and eliminated, the corruption being cleaned up, the sources of obstacles and delays being dissolved, and therefore the proceeds of the quantum-speed money multipliers are being released for purposes that are more universally beneficial than ever before. 

Better decisions are being made, more high consciousness masters of unconditional benevolence are moving into power, and greater compassion is winning. 

Simultaneously, with the global economic downturn happening due to the virus scare, more and more large corporations are in desperate need of bolstering their multi-billion dollar finances. Just like Lee Iacoca who used his $1.5B in federal loan guarantees to multiply his money in PPPs in 1980, which “miraculously" brought Chrysler Corporation out of bankruptcy, so CEOs today need the PPPs to compensate for their revenue losses. This has resulted in a big increase recently in the demand for bank instruments. 

We assume that is why signs are already appearing such as the unprecedented bullet programs appearing recently. Rarely have the triple attractor points been combined - -

  • The highest yields in an industry that already has unsurpassed yields;
  • Tear sheet - client’s capital can stay where it is - the #1 most desirable arrangement;
  • Minimum all the way down to $1M.

Clearly, this is a sign that the program managers are seeing the need to accelerate the expansion of the money supply to meet the needs of the global situation.

From Higher Worlds We Came; to Higher Worlds We Return

All souls originated in Brahman, the Great Central Sun, and descended through many higher heavens before arriving in third density. Even on Earth, there have been higher ages in the past, and we are in a transition to another Golden Age now. The ages were named accordingly:

In our solar system’s rotation around the Milky Way galaxy, it traverses not only regions of space, but also vibratory frequencies and dimensions. On the higher frequencies, it passes through the Silver and Golden Ages. On the lower frequencies, it passes through the Bronze and Iron Ages. 

Earth is presently at the end of a Kali Yuga (Iron Age) and is transitioning into a new Krita Yuga (Golden Age). Because all humans originated in the higher planes, we instinctively return to them after finishing the educational periods of the dark ages. Our amnesia ends and we Remember. 

As part of this Awakening into the Golden Age on Earth, Hollywood and the worldwide entertainment industry will graduate from the duality themes of the dark ages. The new themes will revolve around Oneness, and will be infinitely more diverse, while at the same time being totally revealing of the underlying unity in the Unified Field. Unity in Diversity = University. 

Watch future editions of this newsletter for further information on this topic, including the forthcoming book on this subject, “Cosmic Renaissance - Enlightenment in the Arts”, as well as the Enlightenment Channel, the Empyreal Creations production company, and related disclosures. 

The Yellow Submarine - PERFECT analogy for today’s events

The spiritually ignorant and asleep Illuminati, the Dark Agenda, the Cabal, whatever you want to call them - - planned and conspired and created the Corona Virus years ago, and finally released it in 2020. However, the Alliance, the Ground Crew, the Light Beings and the Ascended Masters are overseeing a hijacking of this would-be disaster and transforming it into a perfect opportunity to arrest the perpetrators and roll out the changes needed to liberate spaceship Earth. 

The 1968 classic animated movie by the Beatles, “Yellow Submarine”, perfectly prophesied this time! The dark forces are symbolized by the hilarious “Blue Meanies” - - and the People of Love and Light win in the end by overwhelming the Blue Meanies with Music, Beauty, Happiness, and Wisdom.

Did you know? This movie is far more spiritually significant and insightful than most people would have ever thought at first. A review of it by Taansen Fairmont Sumeru was published in around 1987 in the Seattle New Times in which it was explained how Pepperland represents higher states of consciousness, the submarine is the mantra or "vehicle" of consciousness, and the Blue Meanies are defeated with love, peace, music, wisdom, and light. 

How many good-versus-evil stories out there show evil being defeated NOT by violence, but instead by love, peace, music, wisdom, and light? Did you know that that is precisely how it IS being most finally done by the Divine TODAY - in this very present end-time period we are in? In this way, "Yellow Submarine" was actually quite profound and prophetic.

Yes, you could call the mass arrests of criminals taking place right now as violent, but it’s not really violence. Rather, it’s just the positive use of strength, power, and force. It is being done with the absolute minimum of violence, and certainly no bombs or mass destruction of innocent people. It’s about as humane as you can get. 

"Once upon a time -- or maybe twice, there was an unearthly paradise called Pepperland, a place where happiness and music reigned supreme." - - from the cover

Did you notice that that statement refers to the First Time - the First Phase of World History? It refers to ancient Golden Ages, the Garden of Eden, and the origins of our Divine Sparks emitting out of the Great Central Sun.

"But all that was threatened when the terrible Blue Meanies declared war and sent in their army led by a menacing Flying Glove to destroy all that was good."

That refers to the Second Phase of World History and the Soul's Journey, when we left the First Phase, the Garden, the State of Oneness, the Tree of Life, the Heart . . . and entered the Second Phase, characterized by duality, opposites, pain and pleasure, war and peace, right and wrong, love and fear, light and dark, and so on.

"Enter John, Paul, George and Ringo to save the day! Armed with little more than their humour, songs, and of course, their yellow submarine, The Beatles tackle the rough seas ahead in an effort to bring down the evil forces of bluedom." - - from the cover

That refers to the conclusion of the Second Phase and the beginning of the Third Phase . . . when we have graduated from the elementary school of opposites and duality, and returned to the purity and innocence of the First Phase . . . while retaining the new knowledge and wisdom of the Second Phase. 

"We shall not cease from exploration . . . and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started . . . and know the place for the first time." - - T.S. Eliot

The Third Phase of World History is Enlightenment . . . the permanent Golden Age in each individual's soul journey. The Third Phase is endowed with the best of the First and Second. 

The Second Phase must end with the defeat of life-destroying negativity, and the dawn of the reign of life-supporting positivity. And this end must happen by such a powerfully overwhelming blaze of positivity that life itself overwhelms the negativity. The Forces of Light, by definition, cannot issue darkness and negativity to defeat the negativity. As the old saying goes, that would be "fighting fire with fire". 

It doesn't work, and is indeed not possible. The forces of negativity will defeat each other . . . and so all the Light Beings have to do is Shine the Light that accelerates the quarantining and dissolution of the dark. And that's exactly what the "Yellow Submarine" demonstrates, in a funny, cartoonish, hilarious way . . .

The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" humorously displays this theme in a fabulous animation for mature spiritual beings. Although the animation and film techniques of 1968 are dated by today's technological standards, the spiritual and philosophical content of the film is still way ahead of its time. Its prediction of the victory of Light over dark using Love and celebration, and its magnificent manifestation of a Golden Age at the end, are more relevant today than when the film was made in 1968. It is exactly how things are unfolding NOW!

Find it on Amazon, Netflix, or wherever you shop for videos - - and watch it, with this illumined perspective in mind! 

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Apr 15, 2020

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New LDES 47-minute Video -  
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All over the world, people are waking up

(author unknown)

Yes there is fear.
Yes there is isolation.
Yes there is panic buying.
Yes there is sickness.
Yes there is even death.

They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise
You can hear the birds again.
They say that after just a few weeks of quiet
The sky is no longer thick with fumes
But blue and grey and clear.

They say that in the streets of Assisi
People are singing to each other
across the empty squares,
keeping their windows open
so that those who are alone
may hear the sounds of family around them.

They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland
Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.
Today a young woman I know
is busy spreading fliers with her number
through the neighborhood
So that the elders may have someone to call on.

Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples
are preparing to welcome
and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary

All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting

All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way

All over the world people are waking up to a new reality
To how big we really are.
To how little control we really have.
To what really matters.
To Love.

So we pray and we remember that
Yes there is fear.
But there does not have to be hate.
Yes there is isolation.
But there does not have to be loneliness.
Yes there is panic buying.
But there does not have to be meanness.
Yes there is sickness.
But there does not have to be disease of the soul
Yes there is even death.
But there can always be a rebirth of love.

Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.
Today, breathe.

Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic
The birds are singing again
The sky is clearing,
Spring is coming,
And we are always encompassed by Love.

Open the windows of your soul
And though you may not be able
to touch across the empty square,

Karatbars News

There is a great deal of detailed information in this email. Take the time to review and understand how the new changes work. 


Knowledge is power... This is very important information for your overall understanding of what is going on and how to protect yourself, your family, and your assets. Continue saving in gold.  Click on the following videos and articles:

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Karatbars Multi Packages and How I Think They Fit into My Business (Brian McGinty)

It is vitally important to keep yourself "mentally engaged" about what is happening in the financial marketplace in our world. The following 2 video links will help you understand the current financial landscape and will be something that validates the need to have a plan to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

Start and/or Keep protecting a portion of your earnings and wealth every week/month in physical gold and help others learn to create the good habit of doing the same.
Your homework is below...

Important information regarding the K1 Impulse Phones . . .

K1 Impulse Tutorial #1 - Unboxing

K1 Impulse Tutorial #2 - Start & Setup



Cryptodata Technology - What is B IPFS? Blockchain Interplanetary File Storage

The following website is an informational site for the all affiliates in Karatbars... new updates, corporate webinars, tutorial videos, and more has been/will be put on this website. Make sure you visit the website regularly.

Regarding the phones, the orders are going out in the order they were placed. They approached deliveries at a steady pace until we had enough feedback from how customs would handle the phones entering all the different countries. Delivery has gone smoothly thus far and now they will become more aggressive with shipments of 1000 to 1500 per day into the US.


New Multi Packs
There are some wonderful enhancements to the new Multi Packs that will be explained shortly. E-Points (short for "Exclusive Points") that you receive by purchasing your own Multi Pack, and those E-Points earned from volume produced through your business organization, are going to have options for exchange into: K1 Impulse Phones, WHIM laptops, CEMs, other future up-and-coming products, Gold, the Karatbit Exchange, and K-Merchant benefits. These will also be explained in the coming weeks.


From Latest News section of your Karatbars Site...

On Saturday, 1st of February 2020, we changed all available Business packages from printed/physical content to digital content. The complete content of all packages is now booked in your account.

We deliver your gold on first request in your back office to the given delivery conditions. If you wish to receive pins for your status, please inform us by email in connection with your order. We will then be happy to enclose them.

With this step we support the sensible handling of natural resources by reducing the resource consumption, along with reduction of delivery costs on your side. We of course offer you the most actual business documentation in the download section of your back office.

Thank you for supporting this decision.

Kind regards

Your Karatbars Team


More from Latest News . . .

We are happy to announce that the KBC smartcontract has been changed today for safety and security reasons.  It’s a completely normal process, so please do not worry if you notice unusual behavior of the KBC. It is all being done to protect the community and increase the trustworthiness of the infrastructure and the circulating supply.

This will normalize in the next few days.

All available exchanges that currently list the KBC are cooperating and therefore withdrawals and deposits are currently disabled until the change has finalized.

Trading however remains unaffected by this – feel free to keep trading.

Moving forward, withdrawals and deposits will automatically be done over the new smart contract.  So if you are a KBC holder on one of the exchanges, there is no action you must take.

Meaning, all owners who have their KBCs on exchanges, including Karabit, do not need to do anything as it is automatically done for them.

All owners who hold their KBCs in private wallets such as MEW, ledger, trezor, metamask etc. are prompted to deposit them to Karatbit in order to exchange them for the “new” KBCs.

There is no time limit or deadline for the exchange of “old” KBCs to “new” KBCs via Karatbit.

If you currently see funky numbers regarding all characteristics of the KBC like market cap, etc., please do not panic! It's part of the process.

For your reference:

The old smartcontract address was: 0xf3586684107CE0859c44aa2b2E0fB8cd8731a15a

The new smartcontract address is: 0xd67b1Db49801b6F4c96a01a4F7964233150dc58b

Please note that this solely affects the KBC, not the KCB! All remains the same with the KCB.

Also Node holders are absolutely not affected.

Thank you and we wish you happy and safe trading!


Please keep yourself abreast of what is happening in the financial marketplace in our world. The following video link will help you understand the past and current financial landscape and will be something that supports the idea protecting yourself, your family, and your assets in this highly volatile environment.
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Ace Credit Restoration


Guarantees removal of at least 80% of the negatives from one’s credit report within 90 days. They often achieve 100%, including foreclosures and bankruptcies. (Ace Credit Restoration was formerly referred to in these newsletters as “Anthony Gaalaas Credit Repair”). 

Our BIC associate Anthony Gaalaas, founder of Ace Credit Restoration, has new techniques for wiping negatives off your credit report - - techniques that have exponentially accelerated the speed and effectiveness of cleaning up credit reports. Mr. Gaalaas has already been our favorite credit repair professional, due to his high integrity, low prices, accessibility, responsiveness, excellence in communication, and generous customer service. And his techniques all along have been reasonably good. But now with his new methods, we have a breakthrough in the power and potency of credit wipe effectiveness. For more information, see his website.

Click on the Titles

The Trump administration has now pushed back the filing date for Federal Income Taxes (IRS) beyond April 15. This is a really huge development and it is likely signaling the end of the Internal Revenue Service as we have known it for good!

Nyla Nguyen - Mainstream media taken over by White Hats, DUMBS bombed by Alliance, Vatican Arrest Updates, & more

Note from Taansen: I was a speaker twice at the Prepare for Change conference in L.A., in 2015 and 2016, which was organized by Edward Morgan - - whose name you see at the top of the article. Play the video in the middle of it - 58 minutes. If you watch to the climax at the end, you will see what I mean. Nyla Nguyen is awesome!


Scott Mowry’s March 15 call - about 2 hours 15 minutes -
Replay Number telephone number (USA): 712-770-5402
When prompted, enter Access Code: 767664#
When prompted, enter Reference Number 118

Scott Mowry’s March 22 call - about 2 hours 15 minutes -
Replay Number telephone number (USA): 712-770-5402
When prompted, enter Access Code: 767664#
When prompted, enter Reference Number 124

Scott Mowry, of Yelm, Washington, is a personal friend of mine who is one of the best compilers and interpreters of the events behind the Trump administration and the global cleanup going on. He does calls every week, but that March 15 one was a classic - - it packed more substance of priceless value into two hours than 1000 hours of most other commentators out there. It was ahead of its time. Two hours of your time may seem like a lot, but believe me, if you listen to it you will see what I mean.

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