Positive global developments this past week

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January 20, 2020 
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Positive global developments this past week


Dear Friend,

The events reported in Scott Mowry’s brilliant newsletter below indicate the average evolution of global collective consciousness rising out of the reptillian brain and into the social brain.

Trump is the consummate businessman, and business is all about exchange, commerce, give and take, and mutual enrichment. It is a big improvement on the previous warlike administrations which were more about the reptillian attitude of only taking. World consciousness has ascended out of the reptillian phase, and is now rising through the much more positive and life supporting social brain phase. 

Earth is on its way to the Enlightened State of the prefrontal cortex, in which oneness is perceived. When consciousness is seated in the prefrontal cortex, one sees that everything and everyone is really My Self . . . and anything I do to hurt anything else, is only hurting myself – – My Self. Likewise, anything I do to help others is also helping My Self. The minority of mankind who are in this state are pulling the rest of the world up with them to this higher state.


In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
by Scott Mowry

FINALLY, we have now witnessed a number of very real and tangible economic developments this past week which are pointing towards a total transformation of the global economy and out of the hands of the New World Order cabal. Hallelujah!

Many, many other BIG DEVELOPMENTS ARE YET TO COME! Nonetheless, the seminal events of this past week are nothing less than total game-changers!

• On Wednesday, January 15, the US and China signed a massive and momentous Phase One trade deal which is the first ever between the two nations with the largest economies in the world. Realize, this new US-China trade deal is historic on so many levels and will improve the lives of the American people, and the Chinese people.

• Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President back in June 2015, he has made it very clear one of his primary missions was to secure a new trade relationship with China. And now he has done it, as he continues to add to his remarkable legacy after only 3+ years in the Office of the Presidency.

• Ever since President Richard M. Nixon became the first U.S. President to visit Communist China back in February 1972, the New World Order agenda has sought to empower China at the expense of the United States, and the rest of the world.

• Numerous corporations, factories and jobs were relocated from the U.S. over to China due to cheap and exploitative labor costs (among many other factors), in order to build up the Chinese economy and hurt the American people, most particularly the middle class.

• During this process, the Chinese Communists outright stole American innovation, intellectual property and superior technology, wherever and whatever they could get their hands on. And every single American President since Richard Nixon allowed the Chinese to get away with it.

• Now, the stealing of American wealth by the Chinese has come to an abrupt and ceremonious end. In fact, the new US-China contains many enforcement mechanisms specifically embedded within it in order to ensure the Chinese honor this landmark agreement. Secretary Wilbur Ross Cheers Trump’s Historic Trade Deals

• And, as if one major trade deal were not enough, the U.S. Senate easily passed the United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal (USMCA) and President Trump signed the bill into law on Thursday, January 16. Senate Approves USMCA Trade Deal in Landslide Vote

• President Trump and his stellar economic team have now re-negotiated brand new trade deals with not only China, Mexico, and Canada, but also, Japan and the European Union. Next up will be another new trade deal with the United Kingdom, as well as, many other European and Asian nations.

• We are now clearly witnessing the White Hats and President Trump great accomplishments in reforming the global economy to set the stage for many, many other big economic developments to come. These developments include not only the Global Reset, but also the death of the Globalist’s Federal Reserve system along with the U.S. Petrodollar, and the emergence of GESARA (the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act).

Again, let me repeat — what a FANTASTIC week it was for the American people. God Bless America!

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