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December 5, 2019 
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Ascending the Physical Body into Light

When I was in India in 2001 and 2002, one day a close friend gave me this wonderful book — Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition, by Marshall Govindan. Those of you who Love Saint Germain and all ideas leading to the transformation of the body into light, will LOVE this book.

Of the three main ways in which Enlightenment appears on Earth — Enlightened Masters (reached Self Realization – -also known as Cosmic Consciousness — after birth), Avatars (were already God Realized before birth), and Ascended Masters (Avatars or Enlightened Masters who transformed their physical bodies into light and never died), the third is the category of Saint Germain and Mahavatar Babaji.

These are Ascended Masters, and when you read or hear various teachers talking about “ascension”, please be aware that there are at least a couple of different definitions for the word. By “ascension”, some merely mean the general overall evolution of consciousness to higher and higher levels. But in reference to the experiences of the Siddhas, “ascension” means the physical body actually rising in vibratory frequency to the point where it becomes luminous, and at higher stages actually turns into light and disappears from the visible range of the physical eyesight.

This is the event so famously described in the legend of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ, as well as in the tale of Elijah in the Old Testament, who turned into Elisha, who was taken up into the sky in a “flaming chariot”.

Today, in India and Tibet, there are hundreds of thousands of documented cases of people transforming into the “light body”, also known as the “rainbow body”. 

In the Babaji book, Ascended Masters are called “Siddhas” – – those who have manifested the complete range of supernormal powers while in the state of God Consciousness in the human body, and who include in that range of powers the translation of their bodies into light. Rather than leaving the body, the body just vanishes into thin air. That certainly would save a lot of graveyard space or trouble of cremating, wouldn’t it?

The alchemical elixirs made from metals like mercury to assist in the physical transformation are mentioned several times in the book, but the main ingredient to the success of their attainments is Love and devotion to God – – combined with years of yogic practice, primarily Kriya Yoga.

Many thousands or even millions more have been touched by Mahavatar Babaji in one way or another throughout the last many centuries. It is even said that he has invisibly influenced great scientists such as Einstein and given them the telepathic suggestions that resulted in their breakthroughs and inventions.

Boganathar is one of the most remarkable Siddhas described in the book, who was born around 12,000 or 13,000 years ago, and attained an immortal body way back then. He then interacted with great souls for the millennia following, and later became known as Lao Tzu in China, the founder of what is known as Taoism today.

Ramalinga is another fascinating Siddha. Photographers could not photograph Ramalinga in the 1800s — their photographs showed only his clothing. Hundreds of people witnessed the fact that his body cast no shadow. At the end of that sojourn he disappeared in a flash of ultraviolet light.

Perhaps in these wonderful stories there are some ideas for how we might best live our lives.

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

How Corporations Can Qualify for Bank Instruments Platforms

These Q&A have been added to the Industry Overview

Q: May a public company be a client for PPP? Would it not be considered collecting money from many people?”

A: The public company can be a client for a PPP, yes, but the CEO and/or executive management empowered as signatories for the corporation would be under a nondisclosure agreement. In fact, all clients of any kind from anywhere, with any kind of organization, or as individuals, are all under nondisclosure about it. This means a public company must not disclose exactly from where the new money has come. All they can say are vague sources like “investments”, “banking”, “consulting”, “sales profits”, or things like that. It is not allowed to say “bank instruments platform”, because it is not a public market. It is a private market, and it wants its existence kept quiet. 

Further, the executive management of the company need not get the permission of the shareholders before placing funds in the platform. The executive management have the discretion to use company funds for investment in whatever they feel will benefit the company. Of course they are held responsible for the results, but if the company profits from their actions, no one will complain. 

A story will illustrate this. Chrysler corporation was failing and heading towards bankruptcy in 1979. The CEO at that time, Lee Iacocca, secured $1.5 billion in government loan guarantees. But that was not enough to turn Chrysler around quickly. How were the loans to be repaid?

Miraculously, in just a year or two, Chrysler was back on its feet and thriving in surplus. Everyone was like, “Wow! How did you do it?” Article after article was published marveling on how it was done. 

Iacocca wrote in his book two words which gave the hint about what he did. He said he was able to turn Chrysler around and repay the loans by investing in “banking programs”. He almost blew the lid on it. Back then, nondisclosure agreements were not as strict as they are today. But this gives you an example of how a public company was able to participate in a PPP and benefit the world thereby. 

Q: The same question exists for a private company. May it be a client for the PPP if it has several investors? 

A: Investing pools made up of multiple smaller investors are not allowed in the platforms. Therefore the company must apply as a single entity, with one or two authorized signatories. Just like with the public company, those signatories are not allowed to spill the beans about exactly what they are investing in, and how they are profiting so handsomely. If they do, they will be removed immediately from the program and will be blacklisted from ever participating again, in ANY BIIP worldwide. 

Q: Does a company have to be long established, or can new companies be clients in a PPP?

A: When it comes to the likelihood of acceptance to the bank instruments trading platform, being new or long established doesn’t matter. What matters for getting accepted are things like:

1.  Do they have the sufficient capital?
2.  Is the capital liquid and unencumbered?
3.  Does the capital’s history of derivation indicate that it is clean, clear, and of non- criminal origin?
4.  Is the owner or authorized signatory clean or blacklisted? 

All of these things will be determined quickly by the platform’s compliance officers as soon as the client has submitted the KYC and POF file. How long the company has been in business is of no concern to them.

Safe, Profitable, and Automatic Forex Trading Starting with just $1000


Several of us have been running a rare one-in-a-million special plug-and-play software that automatically generates small profits safely and consistently every day (Mondays through Fridays) in the foreign currencies (Forex) market.

For more information, see Forex Software

For Americans



Debt Elimination


~ Free Gift of LDES to qualifying people ~

Please know that regarding the Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES), yes we do give away free copies sometimes. This generally is merited if the prospect fulfills criteria like these:

  1. S/he tells a compelling story that sounds sincere, genuine, and authentic.
  2. The story indicates that the writer just absolutely cannot come up with the $450 purchase price for the LDES – – has nothing to sell, has no assets, no income over bare survival, and is being burdened and hounded by qualifying debts – – i.e. U.S. institutional unsecured lines of credit, credit cards, student loan debt, etc.
  3. The story isn’t showing any sign of skepticism about whether the LDES will work.
  4. The writer isn’t sounding “high maintenance” – i.e. that s/he would need a lot of hand-holding.
  5. The writer has done his or her homework – i.e. has read the eBook and the website and watched the videos.
  6. The writer appears to have a strong mind – i.e. is able to show a determination to defeat the bank’s fraud.
  7. The writer appears bold and fearless.
  8. The writer has access to a computer and the Internet and knows how to use Microsoft Word.
  9. The writer has enough money to print out the letters and send them Certified Mail.
  10. The writer’s compelling story genuinely demonstrates real hardship, and not just that s/he is trying to get something for free.

In cases like this, we are very happy to give the LDES without charge on the following conditions:

  1. That the recipient promises to follow the instructions completely and try to minimize support questions;
  2. The recipient is willing to be a testimonial for us after the system has worked for him or her; and
  3. The recipient is willing to consider referring paying customers to BIC to purchase the LDES. It is totally acceptable to do this as a commissioned affiliate . . . thus rewarding the recipient with commissions for the referrals.

If you are that person, please write to us at this address, and tell your story, covering all of the above points. Thank you! 

For the right recipients, may this be one of the best and greatest Holy Day Season gifts and beginning of a new decade EVER . . . 

If this doesn’t apply to you, but you can think of someone to whom it may apply, please forward this to them. If they haven’t read the LDES eBook, they should do so, at this link
Imagine the stress of some families, pounded by the incessant demands of the money lenders. Think of the great good to society you can facilitate just by passing this on to them! It is such a GREAT JOY seeing the burdens of debt lifted from more and more people! 
– – for USA only – –
100% Financing Real Estate Loan Program

Know anyone looking to buy real estate in the USA? Or anyone in the real estate industry in the USA?

ICS has secured 100% financing via a very high profile, reputable lender on residential and/or commercial real estate structured as follows:

  • 80/20 mix of capitalization
  • Funding as soon as 30 days
  • $100,000 to $5,000,000+
  • Up to one year then refinance or sell the property
  • Bad credit is not typically an obstacle
  • Tax returns are not necessary for the 100% Financing Real Estate Loan Program.
To access this, simply enroll in the Capital Ready Program today.
See full explanation and link to register at Guaranteed Capital Funding for Your Projects


To be an affiliate for it, read this compilation of affiliate information
Debt Elimination – – the Victories Continue
Note of reassurance: We estimate up to 98% of our Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES) customers never have to go to court. The victories in court reported in these newsletters are the successes enjoyed by the few who did go to court. Everyone else who implemented the LDES according to its instructions had their victories too – – administratively, out of court.

What happens to all the loans that banks make? Securitization, that’s what.

Securitization explained – Watch this 7-minute video

Our legal counsel is now recommending this video to all debt elimination customers.

If you haven’t read the eBook, click the image below.

Another Liberty Debt Elimination Success Story

Happy to report that the LDES helped me eliminate roughly $20,000 worth of pretend credit card debt. The process is simple and very thoughtfully designed. I sent the dispute letters to two banks roughly 8 times each over the course of 7-8 months. I was challenged by both to provide more information and with other tactics to throw me off course, all to no avail. I continued sending the dispute letters until both banks gave up and ceased all efforts to collect on the non-existent debt.

The key is understanding and internalizing the truths in the dispute documents, and recognizing that there truly is no lawful debt to begin with. This system helps teach you to stand your ground in a way that is polite and professional. Quite simply, the system works. Thank you BIC! – – Aaron G., New York, New York

See additional testimonials at

Send your testimonial to (click on it to open it in your email browser):

Our deepest thanks go to you on behalf of the entire society!


Would you like to operate a foundation?

The House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust is the most perfect vehicle for creating a private foundation. A foundation is essentially a trust. Most foundations are statutory. The NLT Is superior because it is based on natural law, a more perfect expression of common law. And common law is superior to statutory law. The NLT can easily be designed to operate as a foundation and can even be called a foundation.

Consultation on the legal aspects would be handled by our trust writer, Randall, and his assistant, Dominique. In addition, the head of our legal team, nicknamed “Red”, is educated and experienced in common law trust law, so he too can provide legal guidance regarding a foundation.

Playback of November 20, 2019 Trust Webinar 


November 20– More on the Abstract and the Indenture 

If You Wish to See Other Past Trust Videos,

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Next Trust Webinar: January 22, 2020(stay tuned for details)
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“I want to create 20,000 millionaires in the next 2 years”
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Karatbars News

Here is the newest updated Introduction video . . . very good. Watch and share.
Karatbars Karatgold Introduction October 2019 – Brian McGinty

Incentive until the event in Madrid

Short Update Video with Derek Wiersma 11-14-19 – This is an important week for the Madrid Incentive. Watch this 11-minute video.

Fantastic… New… Very Professional Introduction Video- 9 minutes long


Thomas Valet in Brazil at the gold mine
Wow! You Need to Hear this History-Making Karatbars News
Here is a Major Portion of the Global Currency Reset Already Happening – – Dynamically in Action Right Now
Watch these videos:
Karatbars is better than ever! In the 85-minute training video, my friend Derek Wiersma explains some of the changes that have taken place since late December 2018. Derek has the largest organization in the world in Karatbars, and works closely with the top management. 
Many changes have taken place with Karatbars gold, much more substantial than before, that has been created and implemented by CEO Harald Seiz. The infrastructure has been designed for long-term success for anyone who wishes to take advantage of it (personal to you only) and/or implement it in his or her business (sharing it with others). Both options are available. 
The information in the 3 videos may seem overwhelming, but if you join the BIC Karatbars community, we will help you understand the potential we see coming in the very near future. Time is of the essence concerning the benefits available to you presently.
If another Karatbars member has already invited you to join, consult with him or her for further information. You can also see the BIC full information on Karatbars at
The Greatest Defeat of Evil in the last 150 Years
by Scott Mowry ~ 11-23-19

FINALLY, after months and months of false alarms, delays and extensions, we have an actual real date for the release of the OIG Report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz — which we are now being told is set for December 9.

The Office of Inspector General Report will merely be the start of a massive dump of the most devastating and incriminating evidence against the entire Deep State operating in the United States of America over the last 150 years, or perhaps longer. This massive dump of evidence will be THE BIGGEST DISCLOSURE OF TRUTH ever attempted in the history of the modern world.

And the disclosures will come in wave after wave after wave from many different ongoing investigations, and will likely unfold over the next year at the very least — if not longer.

• BREAKING NEWS TONIGHT: Expect the Deep State to pull out numerous distraction events with all the bad news set to come out in December. The health status and/or death of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a very strong possibility to be employed in order to pull attention away from the OIG report. And now tonight, November 23, we are seeing clear evidence of this possible scenario.

• It appears, after many months of inactivity, we are finally seeing Senator Lindsey Graham springing into action as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. For months if not years, Senator Graham has promised to hold hearings in the Senate of some of the co-conspirators of the coup on President Trump, and this week he announced Michael Horowitz will be testifying in the Senate on December 11.

• On Friday, November 22, President Trump appeared on Fox & Friends morning show and dropped numerous carpet bombs in preparation for the release of the OIG Report in December. President Trump once again firmly put the spotlight on former President Obama as the ringleader of the coup of the US Presidency!

• Attorney General William Barr spoke out this past week in defense of President Trump, and then dropped a bombshell of his own regarding the “suicide” death of notorious pedophile and child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein at the Manhattan Correction Center in NYC.

• The Democrats impeachment scam inquiry continued to implode during a second week of testimony in the House. All of the new so-called “whistleblowers” brought forth by Shifty Adam Schiff had no evidence of quid-pro-quo, no proof of any impeachable crimes by President Trump, and no first hand knowledge of the call with Ukraine President Zelensky. What an utter fiasco this has been!!

• As a result, Adam Schiff’s impeachment circus has given President Trump even more ammunition against the Deep State; has emboldened Republican members of the House; and has severely damaged the credibility of House Democrats. It has been nothing less than a massive disaster and backfire on the Deep State Democrats, and a gigantic boost for President Trump and the entire Republican Party. Great job, Shifty Schiff!

• And now, the entire Democratic Party, including its sorry lot of Presidential candidates, are absolutely reeling and in such a state of crisis, they are all but admitting their inevitable total defeat. It cannot happen soon enough!

• “Q” has delivered a number of new and significant drops this past week including a stunning direct message on November 20 to Lindsey Graham: “Chairman Graham, it’s time. Senate was the target.”

Once again, we will have A LOT of breaking news to cover on this very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598
Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402
Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

We greatly appreciate your donations which directly support our work and you can do so through PayPal by clicking on this link:

(Please make sure to go to the “Services” section of PayPal to make a donation and not the “Send money to Friends” section)

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry
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Editor’s Note: While this article is shocking and depressing, it is a fantastic education for demonstrating the folly of socialism. When this is well understood by the masses, the world will be a better place. 


How the Nanny State Feasts on the Poor
by Mark Nestmann

Should you have to pay thousands of dollars before you can legally work? Or be imprisoned because you don’t have the money to pay a fine?

Economic liberty – the right to support yourself without needless government interference – is a bedrock principle of what was once called the “American Dream.” And debtor’s prisons were supposedly abolished in a federal law Congress passed in 1833.

But if you’re poor, economic liberty can seem more illusory than real. A case in point is the war many states are fighting against natural hair braiding – a beauty practice popular with African-American women. This type of braiding doesn’t require dyes, coloring agents or any chemicals at all. It’s much safer than bleaching hair or giving manicures.

But seven states require hair braiders to obtain a cosmetology or hairstylist license to practice their craft. That can cost up to $20,000 and require up to 2,000 hours of coursework. Eight more states require hair braiders to obtain a specialty license. Those seeking the license must obtain up to 500 hours of training.

Texas hair braider Isis Brantley has spent more than 20 years fighting for the right to practice her craft. In 1997, she was arrested for braiding hair without a cosmetology license. But she persevered and opened a hair braiding school to teach African-American women her techniques. In 2007, Texas began regulating hair braiders and hair braiding schools. To teach the required hair braiding curriculum at her school, according to the Institute for Justice:

Brantley had to do three useless things: (1) install ten barber chairs that she was not even required to use; (2) obtain at least 2,000 square feet of floor space she was not required to fill; and (3) mount five sinks (even though Texas braiders were prohibited from offering services that required a sink). Texas also told Isis Brantley she had to become a licensed barber school instructor, which meant spending up to 750 hours learning to teach barbering and passing written and practical exams on barbering instruction.

There are countless other examples of big government standing in the way of working people trying to make an honest living. Whether it’s banning young girls from selling Girl Scout Cookies in their own front yard, requiring day care providers to get a college degree to babysit children, or shutting down a seven year-old boy’s lemonade stand for not having a required permit, economic liberty is under attack by the Nanny State.

It’s even worse for the poor once they get caught up in the justice system. Cash-strapped cities and municipalities routinely impose “taxation by citation” on people charged with minor offenses such as jaywalking or putting out a trash bin for collection on the wrong day. Ferguson, Missouri, is notorious for this practice. It routinely fines people – primarily its poorest residents – for offenses ranging from “illegal walking” to wearing saggy pants in public. The crackdown has been so successful that 20% of the city’s budget is now paid with municipal court fines.

And if you don’t pay up, or miss a court date, you go to jail. That’s what happened to Qiana Williams, a homeless single mom living in Ferguson. In 1995, she missed a court date after being cited for driving without a license. The judge issued a warrant for her arrest, and a few months later police threw her in jail when she didn’t have $250 to pay a bond for pre-trial release. Williams became part of a Kafkaesque cycle of unpaid tickets, arrest warrants, imprisonment, and ever-increasing fines that she couldn’t afford. When she enrolled in college to pull herself out of this nightmare existence, police arrested her again for unpaid traffic tickets.

States defend licensing rules as necessary to protect the public from harm. And taxation by citation is supposedly needed to bolster city budgets. But in nearly all cases, the poor are the victims of these laws.

Any politician who needs an issue to excite the most vulnerable Americans could do worse than declare war on the Nanny State. Yet the leading Democratic contenders to unseat Donald Trump from the presidency want to dramatically expand it. Elizabeth Warren has declared that no American “succeeds on their own” because they rely on government. Bernie Sanders wants to impose a “meat tax” to fight climate change. Of course, poor people will pay this tax with a larger proportional share of their incomes than anyone else.

Americans don’t need a Nanny State to babysit them from cradle to grave. It’s time to allow the poorest and most vulnerable Americans to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Mark Nestmann
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